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Painful Revenge – Episode 8

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I didnt know if to get in on not,I asked myself a lot of questions with no answer.Why is he so nervous?Why does it have to be the bedroom?I looked at him with a lot of questions in my mind.He breathed hard,looked at me and opened the door at told me to get in i hesitated.”Do you trust me Sharon?he asked.”You know I do but u look so nervous am even doubting if your intensions are good,”I told him.”If you trust me just come inside,he said this opening the door wider for me to get in.I wanted to show him I trusted him so I got inside.I didn’t believe what I saw his bedroom wall was decorated and painted with ‘Sharon will you be my girlfriend?’.”Please say yes Sharon you know I love you I have taken my time to learn who you really are and am convinced you are the one for me,”he said holding my hand and looking me deep into my eyes as if searching for answers.”Dave I love you,its a yes,”


I told him giving him the best smile i could ever afford.”I will forever love and make you happy hun,”he said and gave me a very warm hug.




We stayed in each other’s arms for a while then he loosed himself and him hands went for my chin he looked me in the eyes and he didnt say a word his smile spoke for him,he pulled me closer to him and kissed me so passionately I felt

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butterflies all over my stomach,it was my first kiss,I was shaking and of course I didn’t know how to kiss by then.Dave was really sweet this moment was magical he was caressing my back while kissing me i felt weak,I could hardly breath,i really wanted him i had lost all my self control,I was really wet down there.My heart was beating really hard that he had to stop.”Are you okay hun,”he asked me.This was the second time he called me hun.I could see love in his eyes.”Yea i guess am okay,”i said.



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He pulled me closer and hugged me tightly that i could feel his hard dick pressing my thighs and hear his heart beat.I loosened my self and sat on his bed


.”Lemmi bring u a glass of water i know u need it he walked out and came back with a glass of water i was really thirsty.I drunk the water and he took the glass back to the kitchen.I looked at his wall and the decorations.’He didnt have to do all this how could i have sayed no to him when he was all I thought off.I loved Dave I was convinced he was the one for me my better half,my Mr right.







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