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Painful Revenge – Episode 2

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I just stood there watching them kiss I didn’t know what to do.Was I supposed to go and slap them both?My heart was bleeding my body was numb the only active part was the heart which was beating really hard and my eyes tears was flowing down my cheeks. What did I do to him to deserve all this?Is this what he does



when am not with him? I didn’t have answers to this questions.Dave didn’t know I was watching him painfully he didn’t see my heart hurting so bad.He didn’t expect to see me that day I even don’t know how I decided to go to that party the previous day he had tried to convince me to go with him but I had a lot of files to compile and I was to submit to the manager the day after the party,but at around 8.00 pm I was almost done so I made up my mind to surprise Dave.But life is so ironic instead of me surprising him I got a shock of a life time.Dave kissing his best friend’s girlfriend. After been this loyal to Dave this is how he repayed me he betrayed my love, my trust and broke my heart.How on earth was I going to forget what I saw? I was deep in thought until I turned around and saw Tonie he saw what happened too I went to him and hugged him then the desire to revenge struck my mind.Tonie was holding me so tight he didn’t talk. “Hey it has already happened,” I told him.”I don’t believe it Sharon,”he said.He sounded hurt,”maybe we should do the same Tonie” I don’t know how this came from my mouth.Tonie just looked at me for some minutes then he hold my hand and took me to his friends room. I didn’t think twice about anything rage was consuming me I wanted to hurt Dave.Tonie locked the door and we started kissing before I knew it we were already caressing and undressing.I loved it,I knew this would forever hurt Dave he was the jealous kind I recorded everything using my phone. We just couldn’t hold ourselves the tension was too great I din’t think straight it wasn’t revenge any more but desire consumed us.


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