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Painful Revenge – Episode 10

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I didn’t know where to start.


Me:cate am pregnant,and


Cate:woow swirie,that’s why you are crying?


Me:I think it’s not Dave’s

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Cate:Whaaaaatt?Sharon I thought you only dated Dave..


Me:I think it’s tonie’s I slept with him that night I saw Dave kissing Stacy I was devastated I was angry and I wanted to revenge and kiss tonie too but things happened and no am pregnant.


Cate could not hide her disappointed face she came close to me and hugged me really tight I was crying like a child she hugged me telling me everything was going to be fine until I stopped crying,I didn’t expect her to help me but I knew sharing it with her would take away the burden from my heart cate was the sister my dad and mum never gave me she was always there for me.She was the likes who call a spade a spade not a big spoon.I knew she will never support me and tonnie its not like I loved the idea to but if he was really the father I had no option than to get married to him.My parents were so religious to let me give birth without the baby’s father marrying me first and they cared a lot about their reputation.


Cate:you are my friend and there’s no way am letting you go through this alone am gonna stand by you,but are you sure tonnie is the father?


Me:yeah cate am sure I had slept with Dave the day before but I was on my safe days theirs no way this pregnancy would be his.


Cate:what are you planning to do now?Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Me:I don’t know cate right now am reaaly stressed am really confused,


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Cate:how about you don’t say anything to anyone for the time being that will help you,take your time decide what you want first


We chatted with cate made jokes and laughed I had forgotten all of my problems we cooked lunch and ate cate was going to sleep in my place that night and I was glad I had a friend like her in the evening we had a knock on the door we looked at each other and cate told me to open it.I gathered all the courage and went to open the door in my mind I knew it was either Dave or Tonie.And I knew I wasn’t ready to see any of them but I had to do it of course I wasn’t going to hide forever.


I was shaking when opening the door I felt like closing my eyes while opening the door but couldnt. I opened the door and Tonie came hugging me”where have you been Sharon why did you leave without telling anyone why did you do that Sharon?”I didn’t hug him back I just stood there like an electric post Tonie was really concerned he noticed that I was not talking back and loosened himself from



me and looked at me”is their anything wrong Sharon talk to me”he took my hand and looked at me.Sharon if this is about what happened am really sorry we shouldnt have done that am sorry Sharon.”you are sorry for what and what did the two of you did,Dave asked us love looking at us with a lot of questions.”What are you doing here Dave you got the guts to come over to my place?I asked turning to look at him.”Before he could say a word Tonie hit him really hard on the face “I told you the moment you will hurt Sharon you will face me,didn’t I warn you that day I vowed to let you be with Sharon,” they were fighting.”Stop this Tonie we are brothers this is not right am here to say sorry to Sharon I love her you know that.”


We tried really hard to separate them but finally we succeeded and cate was hurt on the process. I told them I don’t want to see them anyone of them near me again.They tried to plead apologising but all of their apologies fell on deaf ears.Cate told them to go home first they didn’t have any option since I was already in the house and cate wouldn’t let them in.They left cursing each other and cate came inside I nursed her wounds and went to the bedroom.I wanted to sleep but I knew I wouldn’t sleep so I took some sleeping pills and slept.







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