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My Wedding Night – Episode 22

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Episode 22


“you guys should please call the police” Damian’s mother cried on my shoulder while one of the guys in the room left instantly to do her bidding. I also threw a look at my brother who quickly brought out his phone and called detective Jeremiah.



“the police will soon be here, please stop crying. You got to consider your eyes” i begged solemnly.


“let’s go to my room dear, we have a lot to talk” she said softly, pulled away from me, grabbed my hand and led me to her room while my brother stayed behind {with the other men in the room} to keep an eye on Esther and her so called cousin who hid his face with shame.


On getting to the old lady’s room, she prepared two cups of hot tea, offered one to me and drank the second one.


“i’m so deeply ashamed of myself. I’m so sorry for everything. Seriously i have known Esther for such a long time. I never believed she was capable of committing murder in a foreign soil” she apologized softly with tears in her eyes.

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“i have nothing against your behaviour towards me. Most women would do the same. So please stop troubling yourself” i begged.

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“we are heading back to the states in two days. Hope you are coming with us?” she asked. I breathed deeply and looked down.


Seriously i wasn’t expecting such question because all my focus was on exonerating myself to avoid standing trial in America but things now has changed. I had every reason to go with them, if not for anything else but to participate in my husband’s burial. But i just felt indecisive when she popped up the question. I couldn’t utter a word.


“you have to testify against Esther and her accomplice. They will stand trial in my country, moreover you also have a big role to play in my son’s burial” she pushed softly.


“i know mum, but i do have some unfinished things i have to take care of in Nigeria. I also can’t stand the courtroom. I know how the justice system in your country works. Esther’s defence lawyer will try to tear me apart. I really can’t stand any of it, not after all i have passed through already. My heart is very broken. I need time and space to heal. I believe the tape will be enough to convict her” i answered softly, tears filling my eyes.



“what are you saying?. You mean you are not travelling with us?” the old woman asked curiously. I dropped the tea cup i was holding, drew close and stared at her.


“i just need only three weeks to recover and tidy up myself. I will come over in the fourth week. Please” i begged. She breathed deeply and swallowed hard.


“it’s okay, i understand your position. I will keep the burial things on hold till you join us. But Esther’s trial will commence immediately we arrive the states” she said softly. I unsuccessfully tried to fight back the tears building up in my eyes. Detective Jeremiah walked into the room that very moment with a smile on his face.


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“the suspects are now in my custody but i’m afraid i also have to take Mrs Damian with me. You know she’s supposed to be in jail” he addressed the old lady who quickly sprang up to my defence.



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