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My Step Mother – (Season 2) Episode 23

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episode 23




“sky, how dare you barge into my room this afternoon” Amanda barked Immediately i opened the door to my house after her long loud knocks.


Her eyes were a mixture of anger and confusion, and the seriousness in her face was enough to scare a child.


“I was looking for you” I said in a calm way trying to sound as flirty as possible beaming with an untold evil smile.


Her facial expression changed in a second, she turned sharply and looked at me. “For me?”


her eyes didn’t blink with her gaze fixed on my face.


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“Yes for you” i answered going closer to her. my hands running upwards to her shoulders dragging myself towards her.


“Sky what are you doing” She moaned out as my lips were already touching the side of her neck, giving her soft bites and nibbles.


“Am tired of running Amanda, the truth is i have missed you, i thought i could stop myself but my whole body have been yearning for you for the past five years and i



cant help it anymore” i breathed out still kissing her neck and pulling her body deeper into mine.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen.


She let out a mild giggle, throwing her hands around neck.” But what about your fiancee”


“Leave that one, her parents words have gotten to her and she said she needs to be left alone now” i continued talking in small whisper tone biting her ears and slurping my tongue around. Her eyes blinked heavily.


“But she is pregnant for you” She moaned out with her eyes slightly closed.


“Yes and you already have a son for me” i countered intensifying the work of my hands on her back.

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I felt her hands drag my neck pulling my face into hers as our lips met in an explosive kiss.


My mind raced back to the events that bore out my actions; I had called Jessy immediately i left Amanda’s room.


“Hello, Jessy please where are you” I sang into the phone immediately she picked the call in the usual joking tone she always picks my calls with.


“Am in Wilson’s house with Ryan” She blurted out “Is anything the matter sky?”


“No please am coming there right away their are some things i need you to see” I ended the call in a whim and jumped into the car and off to Jessy’s house.


Sometimes in life you have to take the offensive and fight for yourself.


Amanda have complicated my life enough, she has destroyed my wedding which was supposed to be in 2days time now its impossible. who can muster up a wedding preparation within 48hours.


Wilson’s house; An ultra modern bungalow with designs and styles that would make any duplex jealous. the compound was equally elegant and enviable.


Jessy said Wilson was not a fan of Big upstairs; who would be a fan of upstairs if you have a bungalow that beats an upstair hands down with a wide margin.


“Sky what is the matter?” The always impatient Jessy asked immediately i stepped into the house.



Ryan was in her arms throwing a quick grin at me as a greeting of which is replied with a smile and perk on his soft cheeks.


“Sky talk na” Her impatience was getting the more of her like always, within her eyes lay that ever undying question and curiosity.


“J, not in front of him” i said in a kind of audible whisper casting a wink on Ryan’s side.


“Ryan, go and watch t.v” she said dropping him and we watched him run to seat in front of the television with the usual glee shouting “Spongebob!!!”


“Jessy i will like you to take a look at this” I still maintained my whispering tone.


Bringing out the little container of medicine.


Her eyes popped as she took the little transparent container from my hand, peered intensely at it, open it and took a whiff of a smell from it.


“Sky this is haimdal’s pills” She intoned casting a surprise and yet questioning look at me.


“Where did you get this?”


“I searched Amanda’s room and found it” i said checking to see Ryan still glued to the television set.


“And i found this too” I handed her the white folded piece of paper.


She hurriedly yanked it open, blinking faster than usual with the usual curiosity that is innate in her controlling her.


“Jesus Christ! ” she let out, her gaze still glued to the paper and her lips moving without words coming out.


“what is it, what did it say Jessy” I was now the curious one.


“Sky this result shows that your DNA and Ryan’s doesn’t match unlike the one we had. This one shows you are not Ryan’s father” Her voiced quaked and hands trembled along with the paper in them.


Her words sunk into my mind like an arrow, i didnt know how to react to it. Is Ryan not being my son supposed to be good or bad news.



I took another look at Ryan who was obliviously of the happenings. kindly More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


“And both results bears Doctor’s signature, sky do you know what this means?” “Both came from the same doctor” I said.


“Yes exactly and the same doctor was responsible for papa’s medication which some haimdal’s pills were found, same pills are found in Amanda’s possession, they are both working together sky” The excitement in her voice was uncanny.


“Their is enough evidence here to put both Amanda and the doctor behind bars for long, i am taking these results and pills to the National Doctors Association of which Wilson’s uncle is the chairman. play along with Amanda the association will handle it from here.” She sounded very confident and excited at the new development.


Having that this was both a criminal case of medical forgery and also a case of attempted murder, i knew it was a matter of time.


“Sky i need you to play along with Amanda, deceive her so she wouldn’t suspect a thing” Jessy winked at me knowing fully well i understood the context of her words.


Getting home, i relayed the newest development to Chioma, who was not only excited but also enthusiastic about it. I could notice how much she brightened up.


I told her Jessy’s plans, she first twitched at the thought after few seconds smiled “that’s really a brilliant plan, that your sister is a crook, i wonder how she got all the brains” She laughed out.


A sudden knock on the door pulled our attention.


“Who is that?”


“Its me, sky open this door now” Amanda’s voics shrieked from the other side of the door.


Jolting Chioma up immediately as she ran up to hide.


“Play your game well” she whispered. * *



Amanda’s hands travelling down towards sky jnr snapped me back with an electrifying surge of shock.


Her breathes were becoming heavier and heavier.


“Amanda, i need to rush to the office now to pick up an important file” i snapped breaking away from the kiss.


“Sky please not now” she made to resume the kiss again.


“I really need to do that now or i will loose a contract of 10million” i could see both disappointment and happiness written all over her face.


“Ok when should i come back” she asked wrapping her hands around me.


I gave her a kiss on the forehead still maintaining my smile.


“Just give me a call whenever you are alone in papa’s house, i will be there” i winked untangling myself pretending i was searching for my car keys.


The smile she wore as she left was superb, turning like thrice to look at me again before disappearing through the door and i watched through the window when she slid into her car and drove off honking excitedly at the gate.


Chioma rushed downstairs immediately laughing dumping her whole weight into me.


“Bad boy” she laughed out throwing a tiny blow on my chest.


“Lets show that your Father’s wife that two can play that game” she grinned.




..To Be continued..








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