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My Step Mother – (Season 2) Episode 20

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Episode 20




“Sky who is this?” That was the very first hello i got from Jessy on drifting back to consciousness.


She nudged her head towards licia’s direction to make me understand who she was talking about without her noticing.


Chioma was seating beside me at the right flank clutching my right hand in both her hands. the sagging eye bags and swollen face clearly showed she had being crying.


“Oh Jessy, she’s just a very good friend of mine i met somewhere” Jessy’s face twitched betraying the suspicion that she still harbored but she masked it with a smile, of course that was meant for chioma she could never mask her emotion from me even with a smile.


Jessy did some medical magics as usual, restoring my full consciousness, my blurry vision, the throbbing headache and severe wooziness all vanished.


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“Sky you had a severe case of stress coupled with depression and taking alcohol didn’t help at all. your body couldn’t take it anymore and it gave way, please sky don’t take alcohol again in such situation” it ranged like a warning and a command at the same time. but the little pinch of fear made it clear she was serious.


“Baby please am very sorry, forgive me” Chioma sang out bursting into another round of uncontrollable tears.


From the sign licia gave me from the opposite sofa where she sat, it was clear she had talked to chioma and told her everything while i was out.


“Please sky am so sorry forgive me” She made to kneel down, i held her in my arms and dragged her up in one fluid movement.



Here before me i could see my future, the ground from whence my little seed germinated waiting to say “hello” to a crazy world with a crazy short time.


My gaze moved from Jessy who was almost crying too, to licia who stood with a pouty smile on.


I gave licia a hard wink, and she handed me over the ring she took while taking the car keys from me.


The curtains around the house lay still as if they understood the anxiety that hugged the atmosphere.

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Only the buzzing sound of the air conditioner defiled all bid for quietness as it went on singing its own cold buzzing song.


I went down on both my knees again, my gaze fixed on the ring in my hand, it tilted up to Chioma who was mopped on tears still streaming down her face in fast successions.


“Life they say is full of raging tides” I began, “but a wise lady once told me” my face tilted to give Licia an appreciative smile.


“That what makes a successful life is riding with the tides” Chioma’s face grew reddish pale, her hands covered her mouth but they tears persisted.


“I humbly and sincerely ask again, Miss Chioma Ugwu, will you marry me?” My voice was shaky and a gulp of throaty air made it sound croaky. Chioma’s face went from weeping to a mixture of crying and laughing.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen.


She looks at Jessy and Licia this time, falls down on her knees too and threw her hands around me with a hard quick reflex.


“Yes sky, yes i will marry you” she blurted out the tears now streaming down harder than before but yet she was laughing hard.


**Na like so them deh take confuse us finish, which one you deh do abeg??**


I slipped the ring into her finger for the second time, this time i have a feeling it will never slip out.


Our lips met in a very explosive kiss, it was a combination of all the kisses we didnt have through out the troubling times. A huge chunk of passion smeared in a rush of intense affection.


Chioma got up and rushed into Licia’s arms, clasping her tight in embrace.


Their are times when people you least expects comes into your life and makes it better, mine was fixed not by papa or Jessy, but a call girl who would imagine that.


“Thank you and am sorry” Chioma whispered to licia but yet it was audible enough for Jessy and i to hear.


“Who is there? Jessy yelled at the door as a knock sipped in.


The whole scenario was changed again as a figure of Amanda walked into the sitting room with Jessy.


She had Ryan in her arms and his back pack in another.


The way she walked in, one would not help to think her steps were intentionally gentle and slow.


She was clad in a pink flowery tight leggings and a white top to go with complimented by a pink high heeled shows.


Her face was dragged to an expression of surprise and contempt immediately she stepped in and Chioma was standing there.


Chioma even clasped her hands around me immediately she entered. She shrugged and rolled her eyes slightly.


The atmosphere went stale all of sudden, it was like everyone held their breathe except Jessy’s whose heavy breathing could be mistaken for a raging waterfall.


“What is it Amanda” I asked, the black mascara line bordering her eyes gave her a sinister look before me.


“Is that a way to address the mother of your child, your son?” She returned looking at me squarely on the face then Chioma, she widened her eyes as she took her gaze down to Chioma’s stomach which still seemed as flat as a concrete wall to me.


“Please i am not in the mood for this, say what you want and get out as you can see am busy”.


The little chuckle she gave out made licia turn in her current seating position as she watched on possibly trying to add the pieces together the much she could.


“Your son have been disturbing to visit you” She intoned giving Ryan a gentle nudge as she stressed the word ‘son’ a little exaggeratedly.



“I can see you have a full house” she was now looking at licia who returned her gaze squarely.


“So i have to leave him here, cus i need to go somewhere now”


She nudged Ryan gently and he gently ran to me clasping his tiny small hands around my legs.


“Be a good boy” She intoned, not so sure if that was meant for me or Ryan, she dropped his back park and then cat walked out in a rehearsed manner.


Jessy carried Ryan off to play with him immediately the door closed behind Amanda.


I slumped back on my chair, my hands on my face and a loud sigh.


“Baby don’t worry, everything will be well” Chioma said throwing her hands around me, but i could see an unsaid worry written all over her face






..To be continued..







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