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My Step Mother – (Season 2) Episode 18

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Episode 18




Her body glowed, under the dim deep blue light that hung hidden in the little square champaign room of the club.


Faint music are heard mixed with shouts and howls of party-ers outside hitting the dance floor hard, the multi coloured rainbow beams casted by the disco lights around sipped in, struggling hard to find its way into the little champaign room.


The liquid sitting lazily on my long slim glass sparkled with the dim blue lights, a sense of familiarity between i and the wine.


I watched as her hands picked up the bottle of moet buried in a bucket of ice standing at a little table before me.


“Let me fill your glass” she whispered into my ears making sure the warm breathe from her caressed my face.


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She gulped down another glass of the now bluish gold liquor, her shimmering body clad only in a yellow bikini now glowing neon due to the blue beams.


A straight smooth legs with a high heeled shoe, hairless and shimmering ran straight up to a flawless thigh with only the bikini covering her mould.


A flat stomach complimented a well deserved round bum in a descent hip. Relatively large boobs that rested heavily on a matching bikini top which barely covered 30 percent of her boobs letting out a lot of cleavage.



Her hands ran from the base of my stomach up towards the capital of my chest, a tingling sensation surged through me, Was it the alcohol or the magic her fingers played on my chest.


I could feel her tongue running up towards my neck, her hands now grazing the upper region of Junior sky giving it passive nudges to which strangely it responded weakly.


My heart raced back to the events of a few hours rewind back in time.


Amanda’s smile into my face as she walked pass heading out of the hospital lounge into the car park. She wore a smirk while taking slow comfortable triumphant strides. A copy of the DNA result was in her hand still in a brown enveloped which she didn’t bother to open owing to the fact the first copy already said it all.


“Nnam, all will be well” Papa sang out on his way trailing behind Amanda, His eyes spoke exactly the opposite of his words.

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Philip was waiting beside the car to take them home.


My hope of getting Chioma back was shattered and my chances with her was now slimmer than an indomie strand.


Jessy showed total indifference about the whole thing, she was more concerned about the Haimdal’s pills found in papa’s medication.


MY legs wobbled under me, eyes dim and wet, heart blank.


I yanked the door of my car open, climbed into the bold seat of a heavy balanced TUNDRA. My head hurts but my heart hurt more.


Banging a clenched fist into the center of the steering wheel, which just gave out corresponding beep of horns as my fist landed on it meting out my frustration on the innocent wheel which still didn’t seem to care.


I dialed Chioma’s number severally to which she busied and ignored some without picking any. Jessy had gone home with papa and Amanda.


I could make out curious eyes from the hospital surroundings fixed on my car, who wouldn’t check if you see a parked car letting out uncalled horns and bangs with the driver having a boxing bout with the steering wheel.



Driving off with a death calling speed, i zoomed down to a Capitol bar just beside shoprite. Ordered for a few bottle of beers.


Spent hours there, gulping down glass after glass of crispy beers which gave a lot of soothing warmth to my already troubled mind, white stick of cigarette with glowing red ends and flying out smokes tucked between my fingers. I have never taken one before but i could try anything that had a possibility of blanking out my mind from everything.


Somehow i wish none of this ever happened, i wish i could just pinch myself and realized it was all a dream, that papa never married any girl called Amanda.


“Hey you don’t look interested” A slim milky voice jolted me out of my obvious oblivious thoughts. Part of her hands were boldly resting on Junior sky and from the minty sensation on my mouth she must have been kissing me.


The dim blue lights registered into my mind again, the curvely creature before me bathed in sandwiched beams from the blue bulb holes.


She peered into my face, holding the side of my cheek with her hands. “Sir what is wrong?” She asked, curiosity buttered in a spread of concern masking her look.


I have never seen such basic sense of responsibility from a call girl c-m stripper in a club before.


I entered the club after my long hours of staying alone in capitol bar with only bottles of liquor and sticks of cigarette and borrowed strange look from the attendants as companions.


A heavily expensive club that plays host to expensive people hoping to catch expensive fun. It had an enormous supply of call girls on bikinis serving drinks and other things the customer might be interested in.


Olumide was the one that introduced me to the club the very first time we met after i returned from london and this was my second time of being at the club.


“Hey can i talk to you” I intoned at a curvy bootilicious girl clad in a yellow bikini.


I was seated on the long bar seats as the bar tender mixed a shot of cocktail for me.


The look he gave me with a wink and smile as he pushed the drink to me while my gaze watched the creature in a yellow bikini draw near.



She wore a flirty look, and a mildly applied make-up unlike others in the club whose over exaggerated make-ups gave them a ridiculous look instead of adding a chunk of beauty.


“How are you beautiful, Am sky whats your name?” I sang at her rubbing my hand through her shoulder.


“Am licia” She said trying to achieve a flirty smile.


“Hhmm beautiful name licia, and fits a beautiful girl like you” I flirted throwing down a large portion of the drink before me watching her blush.


“Can i get a private service in a champaign lounge?” I shot at her casting a dirty look from the top of her body to her toes clad in high heeled shoes. kindly More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


“Alright” She intoned after almost a minute of silence which is really weird owing to the fact that she’s a call girl.


“Sir you have seem very absent minded since you brought me into this champaign room, what exactly is wrong with you?” Licia’s voice was growing bolder.


I slipped my hands into my pocket and displayed a ring before her, the little diamond tear on top of it glowing deep blue complimenting the light in the room.


Could notice her eyes popped as she cast a long confused look at me and the ring. “She left me!” I blurted out bursting out in a sudden moan of intense emotion. “My life is a mess now” i groaned


She watched keenly, then took her hands around my shoulder repeating papa’s exact words “All will be well sir. . tell me what happened?”


I poured out every vital detail to her from the problem with Chioma to Amanda and my papa.


She was a wonderful listener and just pouring what i tried to water down with alcohol gave me a more soothing sensation than all the alcohol’s i have taken.

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“Please call me sky” I interrupted her, my gazed still fixed at the ring in my hand.



“Sorry, Sky. In life challenges must come, the waves of our past will haunt us and the tides may weigh us down but what makes a successful life is riding with the tides and letting the effect the waves of your pasts bring to be a bedrock to shape your future. What is yours is yours”


I could hear Mama’s voice in her words and i trusted my mama’s voice and words more than anything.


“Thank you licia, i really appreciate” I whispered dropping a huge wad of 50 thousand naira on the table, dragged myself up, a sharp thud on my head sent me crashing back down into the bed in the room.


She jolted up asking what the matter was, the room was spinning round in a furious zig zag manner.


“You are drunk sky, you cant go like this” she intoned looking down on me.


I slipped my hand into my pocket again, fetched out my car keys, my head throbbed hard, furious headache engulfed me.


“Please drive me home licia” i groaned out handing her the car keys in my hand.


Licia went back to the back room where the call girls change, appeared back within a few minutes now clad in a jean trouser and top, took the key from me and guided me back to the car park.


The alcohols i had taken were taking a wild toll on me.


Watching my gate slide open immediately a figure of my newly hired gate man saw the headlights of my car approaching, a few drops of peace were dropped in me.


Licia parked the car just before the house, hurried over to the other side to guide me into the house as i staggered down from the seat.


“SKy!!!” A very familiar voice shrieked just in front of my door.


The white florescent light in the front door showed the figure brightly.


Chioma was standing in front of my door, it was obvious she had been seating there since she didn’t have the keys anymore.



I watched as her face turned from the look of surprise she wore when she yelled my name to a tearful one. she walked briskly past me the groaning cries from her now audible, Licia just stood beside the car looking on with a blank eyes.


“Chioma!!” I yelled after her looking on with shock as Chioma sped out of my compound crying




..To be continued..







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