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My Step Mother – (Season 2) Episode 1

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I can’t believe it’s actually 5years now, 5 solid years gone in a whim.


5 years of not seeing papa and my skybeauty, and 5 years of not seeing Nigeria.


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After my stay in the hospital, we were discharged when i was deemed strong enough by the




I spent a month without walking, using a wheel chair all that while.


That was the most tormenting period of my life, confined to just seat on a wheel chair, pushed


around by people whenever i wanted to step out, made worse by the haunting images of Amanda.


After many therapies and home check ups by doctors i finally stood on my feet again, it felt like


heaven to be able to use my legs again. Little wonder those little beads of crystal tears that fell


from my face.


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Few months after my full recovery, I was sent to London to finish my studies, away from any thing


that can bring memories of Amanda back.


The first few months in London were filled with such tormenting images that always made my


heart skip beats.


The day papa caught me with Amanda, her pregnancy, what would happen to her?


All these questions haunted me even in London.


After a year in London, my memories of Amanda began to wane and fade, i even forgot she was


ever pregnant.


My life pulled together again and i graduated from Sheffield University with 2nd class honour in




It was time to go home after all these years.


The plane touched down in Mutala Muhammed airport in Lagos, it taxied through the run way deaccelerating with each passing second until it came to a full halt.


Tele-like voice of the pilot flickered out through the speakers as he made some announcements


and uttered out some welcome back words. **am sure he must be really proud of himself now**


I was not even interested in whatever he was yapping, whatever it was sounded like an unclear


radio broadcast to me being among the first to rise from my seat, i was eager to see home.


Stepping out of the huge white flying shark, i drew a deep breath filling my lungs with as much air


as possible perceiving a mixture of freshness and a familiar soothing warmth.


“This definitely is Nigeria” i smiled to myself assuring myself that i wasn’t taken to the wrong




“Sky!” that ever familiar silky voice rang into my ears as i stepped into the airport lounge. It was


strangely slimmer now.

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My face tilted itself to the direction the voice came and their she was, tearing through the mazes of



people littering the airport lounge, a broad smile was glued to her face, eyes glued on me.


I almost lost my balance and fell as Jessy dumped her whole weight on me with a scream,wrapping her hands tightly around me. I could notice people’s watching eyes fixed on us. **People


no deh like mind their business shaa** But this is skybeauty; my twin or you can say my other half,


i don’t mind staying like that forever.


Jessy had changed remarkably, she was a bit taller and slimmer now, her face seeming a bit more


oval and an aura of pride and womanliness oozed around her in every sense.


She was a medical doctor now, i remember sending her a silvery stethoscope when she told me


she finished her final M.B.B.S exams and is now a graduate, that was last year.


Couldn’t be more proud of my Skybeauty who have grown into a fine young woman.


“Nnam nnoo (Welcome) ” I heard papa intone making me shift my gaze from Jessy to papa as he


walked up to me, Jessy must have left him behind when she ran to meet me..


As i last remembered, papa was as neatly and smartly dressed as always; adorning an ash


coloured jumper with senator collar.


He seemed a little older to me and his pregnant-like protruding stomach looked smaller now.


“Papa” I blurted out a smile sweeping across my face.


Papa took my right hands into his in a handshake, tapping my other shoulder with his left hand


“My little boy is now a full grown man” his voice filtered into my ears inducing a sense of pride and


self consciousness in me.


I still remember as a kid, how i used to complain he didn’t shake me too after he shakes his


visitors that always poured in.


he would always say “You are still a boy nnam, when you grow into a man you get handshakes”.


“Clearly i am now a man” my mind rang making me widen my already wide grin.


“Papa, you look strong” I said taking him in for a slight hug. 5years is not that near.


Papa and Jessy led me out of the lounge certainly to the car outside so we can start the journey


back to Enugu. Papa never liked travelling by air.


Jessy kept asking questions, giving me little exciting punches and nudges; This girl probably still


thinks we were still teenagers or even kids..**lol** anyway it’s good to be back home..


Welcome Back Johnysky.




..To be Continued..








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