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My Step Mother – Episode 22

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episode 22



Amanda brought in the chicken pepper soup 30minutes later with a new iphone6 pack with it..


The evil smirk on her face clearly showed her mind and the wild laugh she dabbled in on getting to my room.




Now clad in a short flowery gown as usual letting out a lot of thighs and cleavage giving junior sky a gentle nudge making it nod like a full grown agama lizard.




The sound of the t.v was heard obviously N.T.A as papa listened to his usual N.T.A boring news.

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“Shall we finish what we started dearie” Amanda winked on dropping the contents she came with, can see her perky nipples clearly pointing hard against the soft flimsy fabrics she wore.




She dragged me by the shoulder and pushed me hard into her crushing her beautiful boobs on me and the clearly bulged jnr sky grazing the base of her stomach..




Taking her face down she introduced her lips into mine with oozing amount of bolted in lust, twirling my tongue round with hers, my lower lip locked between her lips, her hands travelled down to jnr sky who was now throbbing hard inside my trouser.




“Oh God!!” i breathed out as i felt myself slipping, the poisonous lust Amanda had was more effective than that of a viper.


i could feel her tongue sliding down my stomach, her hands lifting my flimsy white singlet as her tongue attacked the base of my abdomen travelling downwards more towards jnr sky.

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My eyes were shut tight and knees jerking a bit as tingling sensations sent from the base of my stomach up to my brain then all the way down to my toes making them curl induced mild moaning from my mouth..




“Aunty please stop” I blurted out opening my eyes and looking down on her, my mouth still wide open and toes slightly curled not fully snapped out of the spell.




The surprise in her eyes as she lifted her face high up looking squarely into my eyes sent a chilly scare down my spine..


“Whats the matter sky?” she intoned still maintain a light grip on jnr sky through my boxer with her right hand.




Beads of sweat ran down my face in a weird succession.


“Just relax baby” She whispered, resuming her handy assault on junior sky sending my whole body quaking again in dire pleasure and obvious surrender.




“Aunty please it’s alright” i blurted out again this time a bit loud reaching down almost immediately to drag her upwards.


where ever i found such strength i don’t know, still surprised at myself even.




“Please aunty, i don’t think this is right” i announced tilting my face a bit downwards like a student called to the staff room to be questioned by teachers.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen.




“Sky what is wrong” she said peering into my eyes with a questioning and searching eyes almost Jessy-like.


“Nothing, i just don’t feel like continuing” a little boldness crept in now in my words inducing a surge of confidence and a will to stop once and for all.





Amanda gave a mild laugh with those boobs vibrating as she laughed.


“So sky you can fear like this?” she intoned bolting into another round of laugh..


“So because of this small thing that happened, you suddenly turned into a big wimp eeh kwa?” her laughy face was turning a bit serious now.




“No am not just in the mood anymore” another surprisingly bold words found it’s way out of my mouth.




“Common relax and stop being so paranoid” she said bringing her body close to mine again.


could hear those lips calling to me, those boobs yelling for me to touch them and jnr sky struggling to break free. Am sure jnr sky would have beaten me up if it could.




Her lips met mine again and her hands dragging my head deeper into hers with an unseen roughness.


“I don enter am today na, wahala gidi gan** my heart raced.




“What if papa comes to check on me again and he certainly will” the saintly part of my mind queried making me give her a gentle push taking a couple of steps backwards..




“Please aunty, its ok i don’t want again” I blurted out now with every air of seriousness looking into her eyes this time, squeezing my face to look serious.




Could make out huge surprise, disappointment and a buttered in anger all over her face and her eyes still bearing that questioning glow.




“Ok sky i can see you really not in the mood” She announced turning at the same time to leave.



I watched her walk gracefully with her feet seemingly not touching the ground and those ass more dangerously swaying that ever.




She disappeared into the hall way after a last disappointing but strangely flirting look at me with her lips slightly pouted as faint resounding footsteps took her further away from my room probably to join her husband..




I fell back on the bed with a thud heaving a loud sigh of mixed unsure feelings.


“How could i turn Amanda down?”


“Is she gone for good?”


“Did i even do the right thing?”




Jnr sky bulged hugely under my boxers strongly made it’s own opinion known that i stupidly f—-d up with hard throbbing nods it employed under my boxer.




I have even lost appetite for this pepper soup..




..To be continued..



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