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My Step Mother – Episode 17

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episode 17




A bright morning this morning was, the normal early morning fog of nsukka covered the whole environment making me peep the window every now and then to catch a glimpse of it.




This morning have set up on a more brighter note, i have had a wonderful dream where i was driving a newly bought range rover sport sniffing hard and taking in that heavenly new car smells.



Waking up to meet a whatsapp message from Amanda, announcing she has bought a new iphone6 for me with a picture of it attached and then pleading that i should come home, she misses me.


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“Is papa not enough?” I muttered to myself with a broad smile c-m laughter covering my face.




A new iphone6, Amanda missing me like crazy, a beautiful damsel in love with me in nsukka and other numerous girls that are potential catch from the way most eye me when they walk pass.


My life all of a sudden was wonderful and happy again with everything falling in place.




Chioma prepare a breakfast of egg and bread washed down with hot chocolate drink, Jessy as usual have rushed off early for school saying she had an early morning lectures.


I have always wondered ” Na only jessy waka come, why is it that Chioma doesn’t go to lectures as much as she does” .




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Cynthia dropped by on her way to lectures to say ‘Hi’ i noticed the aloofness in chioma’s facial expression as i joked and teased Cynthia who seemed like she doesnt want to leave anymore.


It was a happy morning, my mood was a happy one.




“Sky i don’t like it when that girl comes here” Chioma announced as i walked in after seeing cynthia off to the door, her face tilted down facing the floor.




I knew why and her thought for saying that, asking why was unnecessary.


“Cynthia is just being friendly and their is no need for you to be getting worried over nothing” I said softly taking hold of her shoulders slightly feeling her body shiver a bit.




I watched her right hand slightly travel up to the back of my neck, her eyes now tilted up and fixed on mine.


Unsurprisingly she pulled my tall frame down a bit to herself raising her heels to bring up her height more.




Missing such clues was not in my nature; I slid my hands down to her back and pushed her up more with my face dropping low into hers meeting her lips that felt like a supernatural bliss all over my body.




Her lips twirled and turned in mine, feeling the warmth the feel of her palm at the back of my head created with an intense spark.


Her other arm went round my back pressing the skin tightly making my back jerk a bit.




“Sky” Her mild silky smooth voice whispered into my ears dragging my eye balls straight into hers.


“Yes” i answered back in a tone slightly lower than a whisper.




“I love you” She breathed out again filling my nostrils with the strawberry-like scent of her mouth.


I dove my lips back into hers pushing her slightly and gently with my body making her step back towards the bed, with her slowly taking her body down into the bed but her lips were still locked into mine and her hands still on my back so my body had no choice but to follow.




She relaxed on the bed with my body now slightly on hers lips still locked and my hands straying and journeying down to the space between her boobs grazing her boobs through the flimsy yellow top she wore.



My lips dove to her ear lobes, taking them into mouth and twirling my tongue round it. A slight moan flew out of her mouth and made it’s way into my ears and from the sound of that sound track she was on a higher ground already.




i pushed my lips down to her neck nibbling away at it, my hands grabbing her boobs fully and it was perfectly the size of my palms fitted into it like it was created for it.


I ran my tongue round her neck biting on her skin and slowly lifting her top and two beautiful boobs stared at me as the top slid out of her body without much difficulty.




i pushed my shirt off and roughly took the boobs into my mouth sucking it a bit hard and at the same time caressing it with gentle squeezes sending more sound track out of her vocal cord.


my hands journeyed through her bare slighty hairy stomach, opening the iron button that held together the waist of her jean bum short.




The fly was open in not more than 10 seconds and she pulled it off herself revealing a glistening clean shaven mould of p—y skin, she was not wearing panties and my high blood pressure was dragged up drastically.




Junior sky was now trying to escaped from the white basketball shorts i wore like prison break.


my lips dug into her nipples again, twirling on it and giving them soft bites with my right hand now rubbing her c–t furiously sending juices smearing just a little below.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen.




her moans now became more frequent and breathe audible, her hands grabbed my head and pushed my head weight down into her boobs more clenching her teeth and her toes curled tight, my middle finger rub up and down he slit and then disappeared into her hole in a slippery motion.




Going in and out of her p—y with my middle finger while my lips now travelled up to muffle her moans that seemed to me was becoming a bit loud.




“Sky please make love to me now, i need you in now” She breathed out amidst the kiss..


I yanked off my short and boxer exposing junior sky who sprang out like nelson mandela released from prison shouting “Freedom!!”




Her legs wide open as it is were shimmering with her juices somehow smearing sparsely on her thighs.


I positioned my s—t just at the entrance of her p—y, the tip almost half way in and sparks of electric-like shock waves surging through me already.




“Sky wait”


“Ogini? whats wrong”.. My eyes popped.


**why this girl call me back from my trip to jupiter na**




“Please use a condom” She intoned looking into my eyes with a slight smile on. “I don’t have one and i don’t like it” I replied “Don’t worry ok…”



She relaxed again opening her legs wider than before giving jnr sky more nudge than was required..


I resumed my previous position with the tip directly almost in, rubbed jnr sky vigorously up and down her slit with juices smearing on the head giving it a shinny look.



I pushed my waist forward plunging my s—t into her wet canal, gaining ground inch by inch as her p—y gripped my s—t like tighter than tight making me groan a bit.


Her toes curled hard and mouth fell open with a facial expression that made it look as if she was crying.




I inched deeper until the whole length of my d–k was buried into her, her legs wrapped around my back as i began to t—-t in and out of her in long slow strokes


sending a pinch of pleasure on my body each time that always seem to make me increase my tempo.




“oooh aaah uuuhm sky, i love you, i lo……..aaaaahm” flew out of her mouth


pouring more fuel to the flames of my lust.


i grab her legs and shifted both to one side making her lie on her side with her ass facing me.




Plunging into her again with her raising her leg a bit for easy access.


The room turned black, curtains swaying round and bed seemingly turning upside down, my head feeling heavy and light at the same time if that is possible.




An orgasmic anointing hit me from head to toe, the bones on my body groaned and my legs went numb as my s—t blew its load deep into her, inducing a spell of o—- m in her.




Her body shivered and convulsed under me, while my whole structure felt unsteady as they funny zig zag motion my waist now moved dancing to the tune of one of the most intense orgasms i have had in my life.




I fell on the bed beside her savoring the sweet after effect of a good o—-m..



“I love you sky” Her voice came again and this was the third time she was saying that word.


I tiled my face to face her this time seeing her questioning eyes peering into mine like she was searching for something or expecting something.




“I love you too” I whispered feeling a cold wave pass through my stomach.




“Love is not what i need now”




..To be Continued..



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