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My Prince Charming – Episode 9

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Episode nine







Prince’s p.o.v




It been two weeks have set my eyes on Tomi ,I asked Tehmy and she told me she now work in Queen’s apartment



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“But why her ” I asked


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“She asked for it my prince” She replied




“Really? what’s wrong with her ?”




“I’m surprised too coz working there is just like a prison which all the maid run from ,but she said she love it there I really miss her too” Tehmy replied



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“Are you kidding me ,anyway you can continue with what you are doing” I said and walk away





I don’t understand this Tomi any more ,how on earth will she choose to work in Queen’s apartment ,you can’t move around or catch fun with friend ,even as a prince I dare not go there .Queen’s apartment is no go zone for male apart from Dad same with king’s apartment no female dare come in apart from Mum. Servants are always busy doing one thing or the other there like always busy




“Hey dude ” Ewa tapped me




“Oh you ” I smiled and sipped my drinks




“And what are you thinking, I’ve been here since you don’t even notice ” Ewa asked as she settled into the chair beside me




“Nothing, is anything wrong with me staying in the garden admiring the nature”




“You don’t have to lie bro ,it’s obvious you are disturbed”




“Yea ,I’m disturbed ,missing some one ” I replied and sipped my drinks




“Aduni right ” She teased




“No,someone else” I stood and handed the glass cup to her after I empty the juices








“Ask one of our maid to return that hmm” I replied before taking my leave






I stopped half way “What ever if you like cry ” I winked before going inside




As soon as I entered into my room ,I had a knock on my door




“Who is that ”

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“Prince can I come in ” I heard Dad voice




“Yea ” I replied then the door opened




“Should I sit ” He asked with smile on his face




“No Dad ” I replied laughing




“Okay oo ” he grinned




“Pls sit dad ” I said and adjust the chair position




“Thanks Prince ”




“Dad hope all is well ,this one you are here your self ”




“Yea ,all is well ”




“Prince ,It been some months now you ,what did you think about Aduni Prince coz your mum and I have been waiting since for this ”




“Dad I feel nothing about her ” I replied




“Really are you saying you hate her ” He asked




“Funny you Dad,why will I hate her ,She’s nice and beautiful ,a girl with pure heart I like her Dad, just that is not the way you think it is ” I replied with half smile on my face




“Hmm see his face ,but it should be the way we think it is coz you told us you want a wife from your father land. I think she’s good for you ”




“Yes Dad ,I said that but you just have to put that a side for now pls let’s say something else ”




“Okay oo Adetola said you should visit him too that he want you to visit his Kingdom and I think it’s right coz Aduni have been here always hmm,so by tomorrow you must visit him ”




“But Dad tomorrow!”




“Yes tomorrow I promised him that and you know what, get used to his kingdom coz you will take control of my company in his kingdom from next month ,you had enough rest hmm ” Dad tapped my shoulder and leave without hearing me out if it’s okay by me








I tried all my best to get in touch with Tomi just to let her know about my visit to Adetola’s kingdom but I fail,I would have asked Ewa to help me out but she’s this annoying type she will end up questioning me till I let the cat out




“Is not yet time to let her know ”






“Son I will miss you ” Mum hugged me




“Same here ” I replied and released the hug




“Bro ” Ewa called




“Sis ” I draw her closer and hugged her




“At least she will keep your company hmm visiting your love now just don’t end up forgetting about me” She whispered




“You guess wrong sis ,I will be back in a week time ,I love you silly sis ” I said and patted her shoulder then she released the hug




“Hmm son I can see you gonna miss your sis more than anybody here ” Dad grinned


“No Dad not even her ,well I’m missing her already before going there ” I said




“I’m lost ” Mum eyed Ewa




“Mum what ” she stared off




“Anyway Bro I understand that ” Ewa said as she started dragging me to the car pack while Dad and mum Waved at me




“You are going now ,I have to let you know that she said she wish you well and also she will always love you ” Ewa smiled and released my hand




“And who are you talking about ”




“Asking ,who else are you talking about too when Dad said you will miss me more


She stared off “Nobody” I lied


“You can’t even lie bro anyway I know about it you are in love with Tomi bro ” She said and my hit chest hard




“Ouch ” I shouted




“Did you want to wound him Ewa ” Mum shouted





“He can’t die mum ” she yelled




“How did you know ” I asked




“Never mind bro I’m in charge” She said and about to walk out of me,I dragged her back




“If you report to Mum and Dad I will kill you and if anything happened to her before I return Ewa I will never forgive you ” I whispered

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“Why not say it out ,leave me joor ” She said and used all her energy to released my grip




“Ewa” I called




“Leave me alone oo ,get me nice things or I will hmm you understand right (laughing)” She said and walked away




“What happened son” Dad asked




“Nothing Dad,I will call you Ewa okay,don’t worry I will settle you okay that’s why I love you ” I winked at her as I slide into the back seat and my driver zoomed off




Ewa can be so silly ,how did she know ,well I trust her she will keep it as a secret ,I know that about her since we are young she can keep secret for Africa only that she will end up demanding for expensive things from me just because she’s keepings my secret


Crazy sister








Tomi’s P.o.v




Since I can’t stand it seeing him every day that’s why I choose to stay away from him ,well I dare not choose Queen’s apartment that place is hell ,I only beg princess Ewa to let me work in the Royal Kitchen coz that’s the only place he doesn’t visit apart from Queen’s apartment. So I choose to go there and asked Tehmy and Yemi to lied to him if he ask of me and I make sure I avoid him too.




I was peeping when he was leaving,I felt heart broken coz he’s leaving even though is just a week I feel jealous coz I don’t know if he will still return back as my Prince charming or Aduni’s Prince charming




“Peeping” I heard princess Ewa voice




“Hmm” I smiled




“You miss him ” She asked




“Yes” I replied with that sad look on my face she draw me closer




“I’m sorry Tomi but trust me everything will be fine ” She said hugging





“Princess thank you ” I said hugging her too




“I know I separate you from him and you will hate me for that but don’t worry as time goes on everything will be fine ” I said




“I understand ,I shouldn’t have fell in love with him in the first place is just that I can’t help it out ,I miss him everyday princess,I really do ” I said crying




“Remember you promise to stop loving him ” She said and clean




“Yes ,but I can’t stop my self from loving him ,its been two weeks now I keep on loving him ,even when I stay far away from him ” I said




“My princess don’t mind her,she still love because she’s always peeping on him ” Yemi said while Tehmy started laughing




“I see ,Tomi your friend just say the truth ” Princess smiled




“Stop crying like I said everything will be fine ” she said and walk away




“Lover girl” Tehmy teased




“Mtcheeeeew” I just have to walk out of them they can’t understand ,they can’t




Adetola’s Kingdom




Aduni’s p.o.v


I was at the garden when I set my eyes on prince




“Prince” I called




“Princess” he smiled




“You don’t tell me you will be here ” I asked




“Hmm sorry just want to surprise you ” He replied all the savant gathered to welcome him




“Long live prince Adeyeye ” they chorus




“Amen thanks ” He smiled and waved at them they make way for Dad and Mum as they stepped out




“Welcome to our kingdom omooba Adeyeye (Adeyeye prince)Dad said with a smile same with Mum




Nice meeting you ,I’m glad I’m here “He replied with a smile “So you know he will be here Dad ,Mum” I stared at them


“Yea in fact he will be spending a week with us or more than ” Queen replied with a smile on her face




“Really Prince” I asked




“They say so ” He replied




“Oh oh that’s nice Common come with me ” I said and dragged him along with me




“Get his bags in “I yelled at the male savants


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“Take it easy ” He said




“Never mind ” I replied






We had dinner ,I was watching him eating and end up toying with my food ,so cute ,different though running in my mind Can’t wait to have him as my own completely




“Who will have this handsome guy beside her and won’t love to have a taste of him ,I tried to get you In your kingdom, I fail just because of your annoying sister but now you are here in my own kingdom ,no disturbance can’t wait what ever it take I will give it out ” I said to my self and smiled




“Aduni hope all his well “Mum asked




Never mind Mum “I replied




I think I don’t feel like eating “I said pushed the food forward stood to leave


“Princess” He called




I know he will call me ,I just add more shakara I pretend I didn’t hear him as I leave to my room




T.b c

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