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My Prince Charming – Episode 7

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Episode seven




Tomi’s P.O.V (cont)




Now in her room





“My princess” I said on my knees

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“Stand up Tomi ,it’s nice I can see you are smart ” She said smiling




“Thanks for saving me” I said with my face down




“You deserve it,where are you last night” She asked




“Ehm,At the garden sleeping” I lied

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“Hmm nice especially if the garden happened to be like prince room and prince also stay in that room with you and in the morning you tip toe out of that beautiful garden and came back to beg our Queen right ?” She asked backing me my jaw down she saw me




“Ehm,my princess I can explain” I said




“Ha ha explain what ,you are in the garden just that the garden happened to be like Prince room and you spent night together in the garden I lie ?”




“Something like that ” I replied and stared off while she started laughing




“Oh my goodness Tomi something like that I see,you go now and come back later when you are done we need to discuss ” She said still laughing




“Okay My princess thanks a lot ” I said turned to leave



“Hey Tomi next time be care full about that garden is not save hmm haha oh my God ” She teased while I feel shy




“Okay ” I ran out on my way to the maid apartment




“Hey ,hey Tomi ” Tehmy waving at me at the Royal garden




“Oh you are there” I said turned to join her




“How far ,did anything happened” she asked holding my checks like a mother that care about her daughter




“Not even a sit after going through different punishment” I gave her that look like I want to cry




“Oh sorry let go there ” She said and dragged me to the big tree at the middle of the Royal garden




“Just weeding all this stubborn grass ” She said as we sat under the tree




“Tehmy” I called like I just started feeling the pain of that hot slap from Aduni my checks hurt when she touched them




“It hurt here they hit you ” Tehmy asked with concern



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“Yea Aduni hit me even Queen just yelled at me but she hit me as if she owns the drug ” I explained




“Oh that peacock princess she dey crazy ,where is she self ” Tehmy said staring around




“In the palace I guess you have something to tell her ” Yemi said as she sat beside me with smile on her face




“Shut up ,but to say the fact why will she hit her ” Tehmy said and smiled back rolling her eyes can’t help than to laugh I have crazy friends




“Tomi tell her to follow you oo so she can fight princess for you or better still I will go and call her for you ” Yemi trying to stand up the way Tehmy dragged her back she have no choices than to scream




“Ye ye Tehmy pa mi (Tehmy killed me )look at my wrist “Yemi shouted at her I was just laughing




sorry I swear the way princess hit her better ahh that good princess I like her eh in fact she’s beautiful, Yemi pls sit first “Tehmy winked




Nooo I will tell “Yemi insist teasing her




Tehmy let her go ,go ,go na “I said laughing




eh eh I should go deliver that silly message she will just cut off my head. Tehmy, Tehmy see face “Yemi said laughing




enough girls guess what “I said




princess Ewa saved me from her when she’s about to hit me again I guess our princess hate her too the way she talk to her this morning,she even lie just to save me ,she said she asked me to stay back last night ”




“It’s a lie ” They shouted




“Shut up ,not only that she saw me ,she knew about me and Prince, she saw me sleeping in his room and when I tiptoes out ”




“Oh my God ,did she say she will report you ” Yemi asked




“No but she asked me to come back to her when I’m done for today,but to say the truth I think she’s ready to keep it as a secret only that she warned me against the garden”




“Oh I’m lost garden again ” Tehmy asked




“You can’t understand” I started explaining my lies and how princess caught me red handed and the way she replied me back they were just laughing




“Haaaaa garden indeed Tomi you can lie just go and eat okay we are waiting coz we are working here today ” Tehmy said still laughing Yemi laugh is using electric coz her laugh style can make someone to start rolling on the grass




“I’m coming” I said rushing to our apartment I’m hungry like








Returning back to the Royal garden then I saw Prince coming with Aduni smiling I guess they are going out coz they dress cute . I feel reject and mad at him ,I followed another direction as our eyes met after covering some distance,now closed to the royal garden




“Tomi, Tomi” I heard him calling I stopped and bow other servant passing by also bow before they continue with their work ,he walked up to me and hold my hands and took me to a quiet place and stared round to confirm we are save




“Pls let me be I had enough”




I said I wanted to see you did you bother to check on me “He asked




Did I bother to see you ?,I’m asking now did you bother to ask how I feel after putting me in trouble “I replied




“Tomi I’m sorry, I slept off like I woke up late and what else did you want me to do ”




“Really coz you never care about me ,you lied to me ,you said you will take care of it she hit because of you , you can sleep as you want coz I mean nothing to you I’m your maid I’m not human, I have no feelings too?,I can’t sleep too? I should be treated anyhow right coz I’m a maid I told you but you promise did you keep your promise nooo coz you don’t care ” I yelled




“You are shouting” He said



“I’m sorry ,I need to go now I have a lot to do and also I can see you are going out too ” I bow and turn to leave




“Walking out of me ” He said




“I’m sorry” I said and started running like I don’t know what come over me is it because he fail to be there when I need him or what ,I can’t just stay anymore.




Prince’s P.O.V




I’m wrong I should be there for her like she said I promised her did she hate me now ,I watch her going I dare not run after her so people around won’t notice what’s going on I leaned at the wall lost in thought




“I should protect her ”




“Prince you keep me waiting, what are you doing here ” Aduni asked as she walked up to me




“I’m really sorry I just feel some how and want to be alone pls go alone and deliver father message pls ” I said Holding her hands




“But ,he just asked me to follow you I have no idea of what to say ” She protest



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“Just give them this letter ,if you really care about me do this I will be fine ” I said and walked out of her return to room and started playing violin to get what happened off my head the way she yelled at me with pain in her eyes makes go crazy I break my promise I deserve it ,she’s right I don’t care but I should




“You are not a maid Tomi, you are a Queen” I yelled and threw my violin at the door then the door opened




“I thought as much,you just call her a Queen but what which Tomi our maid ” Ewa asked as she walked in




“How many times have I warned you not to dash into ” I yelled at her




“I’m sorry but you said something like she’s a Queen you love her ” She asked




“Ewa out ”




“Bro what’s wrong a maid ”




“Get out now ” I yelled at her while she rushed out scared




“Shit ”




★ That Evening★




Ewa’s P.o.v




“Can I come in ”




“Yea ” I replied




“My princess” Tomi bow




“Sit ”




“Thanks and also thanks for your help ” she saidand settled into the chair




“Well I called you here Tomi not because of anything but because of what’s going on in our kingdom and Prince”




“Okay ma ” she raised her head a bit




“Tomi I know everything going on between you and Prince, I know how much my brother love you not up to four months he’s behaving like this just for you and its obvious you love him to right?”




“Princess I’m sorry” she replied




“You don’t have to feel sorry Tomi I understand and that’s why I cover you up in the morning ,I’m disturb I really like you and you know you are my favorite ,leaving you to work for bro when he return I won’t lie to you I missed you ”




“Thanks” She said and smiled




“It’s okay I want the truth ,did you love him ” I asked



“I try not to I know what I did is wrong loving him but I can’t help I love him I’m sorry” She replied scared




“Hmm nice ,well I Called you here coz I want something from you remember I save you and I can also punish you for what you did,I won’t do that anyway I will ask you another question before I make my request”




“Did you love our kingdom”




“Yea I do ” She replied




“Did you want war in our kingdom” I asked




“Never ,no ” She replied




“Promise me you will give me what ever I asked from you ” I said and stretch my hand out




“I promise” she said and placed her hand on my hand




“Thank you ” I released her hand while she smiled




“Tomi pls what ever going on between you and Prince end it today save our kingdom you can’t have him ,he belongs to Aduni Tomi pls end that relationship I want an end to it plss”I said looking into her eyes tears flowed free I feel touch but they have to end it





” Tomi pls ,end it plss ”




“Princess” she Called




“Pls Tomi I know how you feel now I can feel your pain I want you safe ,I want prince safe I want our kingdom safe pls Tomi just do this for me pls ”




“Oh my God noo ” she ran out with tears in her eyes




“Poor girl you can’t understand ”





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