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My Prince Charming – Episode 3

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Episode three


★ Prince’s P.O.V( cont )★




I was just staring at her,her beauty can’t be compare with the most beautiful thing in the universe, her lips tempting, the same girl that poured flowers on my way my crush the one my heart belongs to




“I’m sorry if I here at the wrong time ,I will check you later I’m Tomi ” She said about to leave I drag her closer and kissed her ,she pull me closer her hands on my head




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“What! Tomi ,Prince ” Queen Wumi shouted dragged her away from me and landed hot slap on her face that tears rushed down




“Mum ” I yelled




“You and your maid never”


You be ready to face the consequence okay “Mum said and dragged her by her beautiful long hair




My prince “Tomi called and tapped me


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Oh no kiss “I whispered scratching my head so this is just imagination no kiss at all




No give me five minute okay “I said and walked into my room laid on my king size bed rolling up and down



Why ,why Aduni and not Tomi why I’m in love with this girl I like her not just like I love her ”




“Can I come in bro ” Ewa knocked




“Yea ”




“Bro you like her ” She asked holding my hands as she settled into the chair beside my bed




“You mean ” I asked lost




“I saw you and your maid ,the way you stared at her and that hmmm you should know ” Ewa winked




“That’s impossible Ewa ,she’s my maid why her ,I can’t love her you know ” I lied




“Shit ,Okay just want to ask sha but you like Aduni right ” She asked some how Moody




“I will say yes ,she’s beautiful unlike that maid you thought I love ” I replied sharply




“Sweet dream” Ewa said and walked out




“Is she okay doh ”


I can’t tell her what if she report me to Dad and Mum but that look is nooo




“Whatever” I laid down to sleep then she knocked




“My Prince”




“Come in ” I replied ,she stepped in holding a bowl of water ,towel and expensive oil




“What’s that for ” I asked




“My Prince I have to wash your leg before you go to bed and also when you wake up ” She replied




“And if I say no ”




“No pls its our culture plss ” She said on her knees




“Fine be fast ”




“Thanks ” She smiled and my heart melt




She started washing my legs ,clean them with the towel applied the oil and twist it gently I enjoy each step I was just staring at her





“I’m done sweet dreams ” She said ,I called her back half way




“You said something about culture ,can you tell me what you know about our culture and some ancient stories fairy tales ,tell me everything you know ” I said looking her in her eyes




“Who I’m I to say no but I will say elders should be the one telling you all this coz they know more than me ,the little I knew was from my mother ,it’s late you should be resting now ” She replied




“I see good night” I laid and closed my eyes






“Tomi ,Tomi wait now” Tehmy shouting running to catch up with her




“(Breathing hard) eh eh Tomi is our prince like princess” Tehmy asked after staring round to confirm nobody is there with them




“Same Question Yemi will want to ask me why not wait till we reach the maid apartment and we can discuss that in our room ” Tomi replied




“Nice one ,but you see ,he’s handsome,so cute how I wish I can just stay with him for a day ,chai Tomi to say the truth our prince fine die ” Tehmy said on their way to the maid apartment




“Tehmy,will you marry him then ” Ewa teased


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“Hmm you want Queen Wumi and king Adeyeye himself to cut off my head pls I still need my life ” Tehmy replied while Tomi laughed




“Stop jare you see that princess Aduni that proud thing no different between her and peacock, when I passed around when she was discussing with Prince yesterday ,Tomi you won’t believe it she’s falling in love him the way she was talking ,twisting her waist trying to seduce our Prince and she no fine oo I swear ” Tehmy whispered




“Hmmm Tehmy the gossiper” Ewa said and stared off




“Are you calling me names or what is not your fault na mtcheeeeew” Tehmy started walking away




“Wait na she no fine reach you Tehmy ,wait na “Tomi laughed running after her




★ At the maids’ apartment★




Sharing room with you guys is the worst thing that have ever happened to me you gossip die all the maid in this palace don know you “Tomi said as she laid on her bed ,covered her self about to sleep




you want sleep pls open that eyes and gist us now “Yemi hitting Tomi




Tomi what na if it me you know I will gist you na “Tehmy said and threw her pillow at her




Okay fine one thing about him is that he’s nice just like princess but one problem I have with him is that he was just staring at me with hmm”


“With what ” Yemi asked holding her right hand




“Tomi are you saying our prince like you ” Tehmy asked in a low tone




“I don’t say so ,did I ” Tomi replied




“But wait what if he like you will you love him back ” Yemi asked




“(Rolled her eyes ,smiled) I ………”





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