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My Prince Charming – Episode 22 & 23

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Episode: Twenty two




Tehmy’s p. O. V (at night)




Still in that cafe we have as our new home




“Bae what did you think now at least you are fine now and we can continue our journey

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“Yes,I’m missing him and princess “She said feeling bad




“Everything will be fine is just the matter of time, it’s cold let me get some wood, stay in door “I said as I went out to get some wood




I’m still picking wood , cutting when I heard one strange voice like that so scary that I couldn’t move, then I heard Tomi screaming




“Tomi, Tomi “I couldn’t move the strange voice is so loud and scary

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,”Tehmy”I heard her calling my name




“Noo”I shouted and rushed out saw evil sprit chasing her


“Tomi”I called




“what”She asked staring at me




“You’ve being staring at me like a ghost hope all is well, are you not going for the wood again “She asked




“Oh sorry just imagination, I think you should use my wrapper, can’t go out now “I said and wrapped her with my wrapper




“Okay, scared of leaving me, thanks, you are the best friend ever and also best mum “She smiled




“Calling me mum “I pushed her head smiling




“Coz that’s who you are behaving like one if I have a baby girl I will name her Tehmy “she grinned




“Wow, my pleasure, can’t wait “I replied as we laid down and sleep till tomorrow then we will continue with our journey









The following day




“We have to stop once we get to a near by kingdom coz, We don’t have food stuff again, our bag will be empty anytime from now “I said getting our bags ready




“Hmm anyhow “She replied and put on her Royal bead




“You look gorgeous “I smiled




“Teasing me coz I know I’m worst ”




“You think so, wake up girl you are beauty and I hmmmmm”




“Hmmmmm get jealous”She smiled and removed the royal bead again




“No not like that. You remove it why that look good on you ”




“Yea, what if I end up like my mum at least I will give this to her or him just the way mum did “she replied touching her necklace




“Are you saying you’re scared and may end like her one day ”




“Not like that but that’s the fact at time I blame my self and see my self as bad luck, hmm let’s leave that for another day “she fake a smile




“Hmm, Tomi everything happen for a reason being in mess like this doesn’t mean you will up like her “I placed my hands on her shoulder




“Hmm really , no father, mother died when she gave birth to me, the one I see as my mum died when I’m just seven, war happened in our kingdom when I’m ten , I



was captured as a slave, and here I I’m today pregnant not sure if my baby will have someone to call dad too, hmm life is just unfair to me, like bad “She cried


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“And you have me beside you and Yemi, Tomi get this everything will be tomorrow story, you deserve the best and you will get it, your baby will be fine, same with you ”




“I’m sorry let’s go, thank you ”




“Highly welcome ”








“Hey Tomi look up “Tehmy shouted smiling




“We are almost there “I smiled looking at the great tower, another beautiful kingdom




“Not as a maid again but normal life “Tehmy smiled hugging Tomi




“Now, I believe everything will be fine “Tomi smiled




“It’s late I think we should go in tomorrow morning everyone will be sleeping now “Tomi said




“No can’t wait, let’s go it should around 1 am now “Tehmy said


“Oh still far walking in the midnight is dangerious ” Tomi complained




“We can do it hmm common ”









Tehmy’s P. O. V




We are almost there, when We heard gun shot,from no where




“Let’s run”I said then we started running,suddenly Tomi stopped




“I can’t go anywhere again I’m tired “She said before I open my mouth and talk , bullet hit her from the back and she fall




“Tomi “I cried and rushed to her




“Tomi, noo “squatted beside her and placed her head on my laps




“they must not escape oo “I heard someone saying and foot step




“Tomi let’s go, pls”I said, she’s in pain




“You heard him right, go Tehmy safe your self, no matter how you try you can’t safe me coz I’m dying already, pls go, let me be, safe your self “She said in pain as tears dropped from her face




“We are almost there, be strong I won’t leave you alone “I said trying to carry her then I heard gun shot again




“I won’t forgive you if you fail to safe your self, go Thanks sis for everything pls do me a favor leave me and run for your life “She shouted in pain, placed the bag of money in my hands and pushed me then I heard their foot step close to the spot




“Tomi”I called as tears dropped freely




“Go pls” she waved while I started running back crying






Tittie : My prince charming




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