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My Prince Charming – Episode 20

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Episode Twenty .




Ewa’s p.o. v(cont)




“We have to go now ,come with me ” I said as I hold her right hand and Tehmy holding her left hand she’s so weak that she couldn’t move well as I closed the door walked pass the sleeping guard then I heard one of them voice




“Stop there”


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“What” We stared at each other and stared back only to see him changing his sleeping position he’s drunk


“Let’s go “I said and we tip toes our way out




“My princess, Tomi “Yemi called hugging her




“Shhhh it’s Late put your voice down”I said




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“What about the entrance to the palace, the big gate “I asked




“Sola waiting ma “Yemi replied while I smiled




“Tomi I’m sorry I won’t be able to go with you now but stay safe okay and run far away with tehmy,okay “I said




“I will miss you”She said hugging




“Same here”I replied and released the hug




“What about my prince “She asked




“Safe your life and your baby, prince will be fine hmm “I patted her shoulder




“Can’t I see him before going “She asked




“Tomi we have to go, the royal bead “Tehmy said and brought out the royal bead




“He gave you this “I asked




“Yes “she nod her head then I smile




“Can’t I see him “She asked again


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“Yeah, coz you have to go now “I said collected the Royal bead he gave to her from Tehmy and put it on her neck




“You coming back as a Queen and the throne belong to you and him can’t wait to welcome you as our great Queen in the future “I smiled




“thanks “She smiled




“Tehmy when you guys are okay, come back to let me know how far she’s doing and by then I would be able to come over and check you stay safe pls “I said and gave her enough money that will sustain her for a very long time




“Tomi I will miss you, I love you sisters pls stay safe “Yemi said crying




“It’s okay Yemi everything will be fine and you tehmy don’t stay long before you come back here to let me know how it goes “I said and we hugged our self as big family before she continue her journey with Tehmy




“May our gods protect you “I said as the guard at the big gate help them out all thanks to the love our savant shared , I can’t believe Sola was crying too




“Who won’t miss Tehmy and Tomi “We bide them good bye as he closed the gate


“Princess I think you should go in now “Sola said




“I know just missing them and also thanks for helping us “I force a smile




“you’re welcome ”




“Thanks princess, good night “Yemi said and started running toward the maid apartment, while I walked into the palace using the back door I used in the first place sneaking into my room




“Finally, I wish you the best ”






(That same night around 11:45 pm)




At Adetola’s kingdom




Queen Adesewa’s p. O. V




I have no idea about what he had in mind and since I hit him with my word he choose to be alone, I know my husband well if I fail to stop him now then I should forget it there is nothing I can do about it in the future and the future is near coz what so ever he choose to do now, immediate action start tomorrow morning




I walked into his room knocking





“Kabiesi (your majesty) pls let me in “I said knocking then the open




“My Queen you should be sleeping now “He said holding my hands




“Yes I just can’t sleep can I talk to you “I asked then he closed the door and asked me to sleep beside him




“What happened “He asked




“About Adeyeye’s people, Aduni, prince like everybody ”




“Hmm Queen, you word really touch me and I feel selfish putting others under pressure because we have strength in our kingdom, i’m sorry my Queen “He said with a smile on his face I can’t believe my ears that I asked him to come again, I hugged him while he toyed with my hair




“You are the best thing that could ever happen to me Queen thanks and also the only problem here is Aduni I promise her “He said




“Hmm I have Idea “I said as we released the hug and I smile




“As usual “He teased




“Yes, we lied to her ”




“King lying ” He frowned



“Hmm I will handle that part and when she come to you back it up is not called lies it’s called white lies “I winked




“It’s obvious, white lies indeed “He said smiling




Finally I succeed, but still have to handle Aduni part i’m about to walk out of his room when he stopped me




“Queen let’s have it as a game Aduni will fight for her love her self and if she win we support her coz we can’t just break our promise like that ”




“I say yes to that, but with this her life style she can’t have him and remember to write back to Adeyeye hmm “I winked and walked out of his room




I came up with nice idea




“wow nice one “I laid on my bed and sleep till tomorrow




Tehmy’s p o. V




She’s so tired that she have to rest, she really try coz we’ve cover a long distance leaving Aeyeyee’s kingdom now in the thick forest we choose as our escape route, luckily for us we saw a cafe ahead




“Let’s check if there is someone there “I said





“I’m scared tehmy it’s dark what if something went wrong




“Everything will be fine, okay let me check first “I said asking to sit under one big tree like that as I walk down to the cafe




“Is anybody here “I asked no respond then I go in to check if we can spend the rest of the day there




“Empty cafe wow, all thanks to our gods “I smiled then I heard her screaming




“Eh Tomi “I rushed out of the cafe and saw her………






Tittle : My prince charming



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