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My Prince Charming – Episode 19

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Episode nineteen


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“Aduni ” King Adetola called then Aduni walked in




“Dad” She called smiling




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“My princess “He smiled at her


“Can I sit ”




“Yea” He replied holding her hand




“Aduni,what you did to your Mum is wrong you need to apology” He said




“Dad ,Mum should do that she hit my face ” She replied and stood up about to walk away,when he stopped her half way and moved close to her


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“She’s your mother,no matter what and I won’t lie to you everything she said is right Daughter you need to change,go get a drink for your Mum and say I’m sorry ” King Adetola placing his hand on her shoulder




“Dad ,okay I will Mum is just too harsh ” She smiled




“Just trying her best as a mother ” He kissed her head




“Anyway Dad remember your promise is either I have him or nobody ” Aduni said before walking out




“Olori (Queen) you’re right I spoiled her and love is not by force and promise is always a promise, I’m sorry ”






At Adeyeye’s kingdom





Ewa’s p.o.v




I know by tomorrow Adetola will send a letter to Dad I have to do something about it and free her unless she will be killed before the sunset tomorrow




I was still in my room lost in thought when I Tehmy and Yemi knocked at the door




“Come in ” I said as they walked in crying




“Princess ” they called




“I’m sorry ,I fail you guys I told prince ,I told him but he will never listen to me” I said hugging




“You can blame prince princess and is not time to blame one another pls princess safe Tomi I know you can help pls princess pls” Tehmy said while they go on there knees crying I feel touch that I can’t even utter a word




“Princess, you can protect her ,you promise the three of us that you will always be there ,you said what ever we need we should ask you,princess Tomi is not just a friend to us but a sister our sister princess, we are slave we know but still we deserve to love and live ,safe her baby ,safe our sister ” Yemi said as they hold my legs




“What will I do ,what did you think we can do I want her safe but Dad won’t take it easy with me if he find out ”




“Princess plss ” They were just crying


“Fine ,I have an idea ”




“Really ” they asked as they cleaned their face




“Thanks to our gods everyone love her,met me at the garden by 11:30 pm this night ”




“Princess” They called




“Yes if you want her safe but no one should see you avold been caught hmm” I warned them









Prince’s p.o.v




I can’t believe Dad can be this heartless same with Mum, after taking her away from me they thought I will let it go and love Aduni right that’s impossible,I should have listen to Ewa but I think Dad will consider us but noo




I walked into his room and saw him and Mum discussing




“And you think you did the right thing ” I asked




“Son ,is just for you ,everything your father did is for you ,why a maid you deserve the best son ” Mum said coming closer



“Will you step back and don’t touch me Mum, you did it for your self and you Dad I heard you saying I’m getting married to that spoiled rat in six month time you must be joking,I will never love her get that and stop calling her a maid she’s a Queen, my own Queen” I yelled




“May be in the land of the dead hmm,what have come over you prince ” Dad yelled back




“You cause this,you make me hate you and regret ever been a prince or your son father,she’s right when she said you are wicked, did you consider my baby she’s carrying, did you consider my pain and you Mum, I can’t believe you think same way you husband think” I fired as she landed hot slap on my face




“You slapped me”




“And I will do that again ” She replied about to hit me again I hold her hand in the air




“Take it or leave if anything happen to my woman if you kill her like you said consider Aduni and I going and I mean dead too that war you don’t want just started coz I will kill her and kill my self too” I said and walked out




“Prince come back here ” Dad yelled




I try to check on her but they don’t allowed me,I just can’t think of anything than to to drink,I got drunk and slept off






Ewa’s p.o.v




I won’t mind what will happen she must escape this,the only way is too let her out this night or else is something else




I gave Tehmy and Yemi wine to serve the guards so they can sleep till we finish our mission




“Are they sleeping now ” I asked




“Yes” Tehmy replied




“Fine Tehmy come with me ” I said and asked Yemi to stay back watching ,I try to inform prince but he’s drunk sleeping like a dead cow I can’t blame him




We remove the key from one of the guards pocket and open the jail door




“My princess, Tehmy” Tomi called




“Shhhh,come out ” I said




“What about my Prince” She asked




“Fine,he’s drunk thinking of you he will be fine” I replied




“Ohh” She hugged me crying ,she later hug Tehmy too and ask after Yemi we told her she’s watching too




“We have to go now ,come with me ” I said as I hold her right hand and Tehmy holding her left hand she’s so weak that she couldn’t move well as I closed the door walked pass the sleeping guard then I heard one of them voice




“Stop there”




“What” We stared at each other





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