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My Plastic Wife – Episode 9

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Chapter NINE


[ More Than What Meets The Eye ]



~ Nadia’s POV ~


* *


And the twentieth person is Nadia!!” Kaleb announced and I was so exited. I jumped up and screamed loudly while Suzy flashed me bad stares.


I’m sorry Suzy, the journey ends here for you.” Another judge announced and Suzy looked heartbroken and heaved a painful sigh then sadly left the stage. But not without nudging me with her shoulders and hissing as she left.


Aw, she looks so sad. I really feel for her. But, one closed door for someone is an open door for another! Suzy’s eviction is arguably the beginning of my dancing career.

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Okay everyone gather together.” Kaleb said and all of us gathered around the judge’s table.

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First of all, I’d like to congratulate you girls on making it past the audition level.” Kaleb said as we got there and we all clapped and cheered.


Secondly, I’d like to give a briefing on how the competition will be.”


Every week, you’ll come up with a dance routine to wow the judges. We’ll give you a genre of music and type of dance to go with it. You will choreograph your own dance steps.”


All twenty of you will be lodged in this hotel and your phones and other electronics will be withdrawn from you. You’ll have to submit them. A new device will be given to you and Judge Kira will tell you more.” Kaleb said and sat down while we applauded him.


Good day everyone.” Judge Kira greeted and we responded back. All of us said it at the same time so the greeting came out mumbled. She brought out a big bag and opened it then brought out a device that sort of looks like a tablet.



This is what you will be using instead of phones.” She added as she waved the device and everyone ogled at it.


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It’s a tablet that contains most of the catchy songs you guys listen to and some carefully selected tunes and waltz music. It also has an app that teaches some common dance moves.” She explained the features of the tablet and everyone “ooed” and “aahed” to every bit of the explanation.


I’m Judge Arnold and taking off from where Kira stopped, your sim cards will be handed back to you guys. All your numbers have been saved default to your phone. So now you’ll be handed back your sims.” Judge Arnold said and a man dressed in a cooperate suit removed our sims from our phones and handed them back to us.


You can use the sim cards to communicate with your other competitors and the judges in case of any thing.” He added and we fixed the sims into the tablets.


Okay, now that the needful has been done, you all can go to your rooms now.” Kaleb said and pointed to a hotel attendant standing next to the door.


He’ll show you guys to your room.” Judge Kira said.


And don’t forget to practice your routine for next week Sunday’s Dance Show.” She added as we left the room.


There she is!” A cop said as the door suddenly flung open and two cops holding rifles came in.


I’m innocent! I didn’t kill him.” Cynthia yelled immediately the cops came in.


Tell that to the judge!” One of the cops said and cuffed Cynthia and took her out of the room.


She murdered her boyfriend and his brother. She will be charged for murder and it’s either she is sentenced to jail for life or she’s killed. So forget about her being in this competition.” The other cop said just before leaving mysteriously as they came.



Well, that was awkward.” Judge Kira said. The room was filled with murmurs and suspense.


So who’s gonna be the twentieth girl now?” Judge Arnold asked and just then the lights went dim and after some minutes, they came back on. Lo and Behold, Janelle was on stage.


” Cue the music DJ!” She yelled and Taki Taki beamed out of the speakers.



She began dancing to the song as everyone stared at her. Heck! I didn’t even know she danced so well and I’ve been her best friend for like forever!


Soon the song was over and she panted heavily but still maintained her last pose which was standing akimbo with one hand


in the air and smiling.


Bravo!” Judge Arnold said and everyone began clapping for her. She came down from the stage and then joined the rest of us.


So can I be fill in the twentieth spot?” Janelle asked elatedly and the judges talked amongst themselves.


Well uh…” Judge Kira spoke but seems like she didn’t know her name.


Janelle.” Janelle said her name and Kira cleared her throat and continued.


Well Janelle, you’re awesome! Even more awesome than some people who qualified. But the thing is that you didn’t apply and if we let you in, we’ll be defying due procedures.” Judge Kira said and Janelle’s elated smile turned into a hopeless frown.


Heck! What are you saying Kira? The show must go on. The evicted people weren’t here to prove their worthiness, only this girl was so give her a chance.” Judge Arnold said and Janelle’s face became a bit bright as she saw there are chances of her still participating.



Well that decision is left to Kaleb to make. So what do you say? Should we take her or leave her?” Kira said and Kaleb cleared his throat.


Well……” Before Kaleb could fit in two words, the crowd stared chanting.


Take her in! Take her in!” They all yelled including Judge Arnold.


Sadly…they don’t know how Janelle can be a pain in the a** but other than that, she’s a great fellow!


I joined the chanting and made sure my voice was the loudest. What best friends do for each other huh?


Okay Okay Okay! Everyone quiet down.” Kaleb calmed the arena and the chanting died down.


Well Janelle, welcome onboard to Dance2Fame!!” Kaleb yelled and everyone cheered and yelled. I ran up to where Janelle was and hugged her.


Alright, you can all go to your rooms now.” Judge Kira said and we giddily went to our rooms.

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* *



~ Janelle’s POV ~


* *


I quickly followed the rest of the group to see where the room was. After seeing it,


I quickly rushed downstairs to where the cops and Cynthia were waiting.


Okay here’s the check of $500,000.” I said and brought out the check from my pocket and gave it to Cynthia


I don’t know how you guys are gonna share the money but that’s up to you.” I added as Cynthia inspected the check.


Nice doing business with you.” I said and shook hands with Cynthia.


Not so fast, remember when you win I’m gonna be your plus one on that all expense paid trip.” Cynthia reminded me and I rolled my eyes.


Yeah Yeah, now get lost.” I said harshly and Cynthia and the fake cops went outside of the hotel.


Phew! Done and dusted.” I said and heaved a sigh of relief as I returned inside.


You should have figured me out by now. I’m Janelle Huggins and I’m 26 years old. I’m a go-getter and I’ll do everything within my power and even willing to go extra mind to get whatever I want. Right now, I’m committed to having Kaleb Brixlar on my bed even if it’s for a night and I’ll do anything to have him.


I don’t care about the dumb dance competition but this is my only chance to get close to Mr. Handsome. I had to strike a deal with Cynthia this morning and paid her to let her dancing dreams go! All for Mr. Handsome.


Speaking of Kaleb…I see him now.


The judges just finished their meeting and they were all dispersing to their destinations. I sighted Mr. Handsome and I purposely went his direction and nudged him with my shoulder.


Ow.” I said and fell on the floor purposely and faked a cry.


Oh I’m sorry,” He said and lifted me up from the ground and wiped my tears.


Forgive me Janelle.” He said and I smiled.


Oh I will.” I said and I came closer to him and kissed his ear.


I love you Kaleb.”

















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