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My Plastic Wife – Episode 3

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Chapter THREE


[ Welcome To The Brixlars I ]










~ Ashley’s POv ~


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Dad! I can’t get married to Kaleb!” I said at the top of my lungs.


You lie! You must get married to him.” Dad said in a strict tone.


Dad no, it’s my life and you can’t force me to get married to someone I don’t love.” I yelled back and he was shocked.


First of all young lady, don’t yell back at me. Secondly, I’m your father and I make the decisions. Understood?” He said and tears came from my eyes. Feeling bad, I ran upstairs to my room and shut the door behind me.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen





~ Ryan’s POV ~



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Dad this is highly preposterous!” I said after Ashley left the room.


Do you question my decision?” Dad asked and I nodded firmly.


I do not only question but I disagree. I mean we can’t….” I paused because and cleared my throat then reduced my voice a bit


I mean we can’t just let her go into the world like that. We haven’t even gotten to know her” I said in a low tone so that Ashley or anyone else can’t overhear.


That’s my business. Ashley is not going to another state or country, she is within the area. Besides, the decision has already been made.” Dad replied and I looked at Mum who hasn’t said anything.


Mum are you looking at all these happening?” I asked her and she turned her face away from me.



I can’t let your father’s business crumble sweetheart.” Mum replied and I was angry at her.


It’s because she isn’t your blood daughter that’s why you’re taking an irrational decision over her. I mean, if it were to be Liam or me who was in her shoes, I believe you won’t take this decision.” I said in an angry tone. They looked at me speechless and when I got tired of their silence, I went upstairs.


They’ll regret this decision they made. It won’t favour them in the end. I promise!





~ Kaleb’s POV ~




I poured some more whiskey into my glass and took a sip. I still have a strange feeling about dad’s decision. I don’t know, but I can’t bring myself to terms about it.


Why will he force me to marry a girl simply because of businesses. This girl in question isn’t even a BIOLOGICAL daughter of the Williams. It’s not even up to a month since they “adopted” her or so.


I don’t need a new wife…maybe I will need one but definitely not now. I’ve never complained about taking care of Mia. I can take care of her all by myself for now. Mia herself understands the situation and isn’t pestering me consistently of the whereabouts of her mum.


It’s almost three years since Tricia left me and at least I can say I’ve gotten over it a bit. I still don’t get why my parents dictate my life for me. I pity for the poor girl Ashley, because her life isn’t gonna be the same once she steps feet into here.



Well as you know already, my name is Kaleb Brixlar and I’m the first child and only son of Honourable Brown Brixlar and my mum Mrs. Linda Brixlar. I have two younger sisters, Amelia Brixlar and Sydney Brixlar. I’m 30 years old and Amelia is 23 while Sydney is 16 years old.


I have a daughter as well, Mia. She was the product of Tricia and I’s love story and she’s 9 years old. Actually she was given birth too before Tricia and I got married. We got married when she was four.


My parents dislike for Tricia was what made her run away. They hated her so much simply because she was poor. Now they want to get me remarried. They don’t think of my interest.


Dad!” Mia yelled my name and I was snapped out of my thoughts.


Yes Mia.”


You promised to take me to Ballet class today.” She said and crossed her arms.


Is it Saturday already?”


No it’s Wednesday. Off course dad its’s Saturday, don’t tell me you forgot.” Mia said with that sad baby pout plastered on her face.


Okay, are you ready?” I asked her and she sighed.


Ehem??” She cleared her throat and pointed at her outfit. She was already wearing her ballet tutu and I didn’t even notice.

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Okay, go get my keys.” I said and she giddily went upstairs to get the keys. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App




If you’re talking about Mia, then you’re definitely talking about dance. Mia is a sucker for dance especially Ballet, that’s how you’ll know she’s a true daughter of Tricia. Tricia loves dance so much.


Mia got the keys and we were set to go. But just as we were about leaving, Mr. Hector came into the compound. We greeted and we went our separate ways.




























~ Mr. Brown’s POV ~




Ah? Welcome my friend.” I greeted when Hector came inside.


Pleasure seeing you again.” He replied and he sat down on a couch.


Hannah! Get a glass of water.” I yelled.


So what brings you here?” I pretended, when deep down I know he has come to inform me that he has agreed to hand off his daughter to me. I know Hector, I know the right spots to hit him that he’ll agree to my decisions.



Well, about our discussion yesterday, I want to tell you that I’ve briefed my family about it and Ashley has agreed.” He said and my heart leaped for joy. Even though I knew he will agree to it, I’m more happier hearing it from his mouth.


Wonderful. It’s nice to see you consider our friendship and business.” I said and he smiled.


Okay, so the marriage should be between now and the next two weeks.” I said and his eyes bulged out.


Two weeks?”


Yes. Don’t worry I will fund everything. Every single expenses.” I said and he smiled faintly.


Okay then. I’ll take my leave now.” He said then stood up and left.




Now Ashley will soon be in our house. I can’t wait to see the look on Kaleb’s face when he hears that.


Kaleb!!” I beckoned on him.


Yes dad?”


Come here now.”





~ Mr. Hector’s POV ~




” Two weeks?”


I suddenly think that Brown is not doing this merely because of Business and


Friendship. A lot of strings seem to be attached. Anyways, I have agreed to it already.



I don’t need to convince anyone else to agree to it as well. As far as I can get Ashley to say “yes” that’s all I need.





















After the drive home, I was exhausted but I need to talk to Ashley first. I went upstairs to her room. It was locked. I knocked but no reply


Ashley sweetie open up.” I said and knocked for the umpteenth time. Then I heard footsteps from inside and then I heard the lock open. Ashley’s face peered out and she looked like she’s been crying all day


Good afternoon dad.” She greeted. Her voice very faint.


Can I come in?” I asked and she opened the door a bit wider and I went in and sat down.


What happened?”


Well sweetie, I know you’re sad but I really need you to get married to Kaleb. He’s a nice guy and trust me you’ll fall in love with him soon.” I said and she shook her head.


No dad.”


Please sweet heart, I need you to get married to him. I beg of you. I can even kneel down for you if you want.” I said and was about knelling down when she held me and pulled me back up.

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No need.” She said and looked me into the eye without saying a word.


Fine. I’ll marry him but only because of you dad.” She said and I hugged her. She just saved me and my business.


The wedding will be in two weeks time.” I said and she was shocked.


Two weeks?” She yelled and I sighed then went out of her room.





~ Ashley’s POV ~




Clad in a pure immaculate white wedding dress and white pumps to go with it. My vale covering my face and my bouquet of flowers in my hand, I looked at the mirror.


A woman’s wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but I’m afraid not in my case. Not when you’re forced to marry someone you don’t know just because of your father’s business.


Simply because of dad, I’ve put my happiness at stake. I will give my dignity to a man I don’t know. Go into forever with someone who I have no amount of feelings for.


But sadly true, I have no option! There’s not turning back now. I have to go on.


A drop of tear ran down my cheeks. I’d better stop crying or else I’ll ruin my make-up. Let me look beautiful on the o


utside at least, but ugly in the inside.


It’s time.” My cousin Hilda said and I dried my tears then we both stepped out of my room and into the Bride’s Car then drove to the church.



Two weeks ago, I was brought to a decision to marry Kaleb which I am doing for the sake of my father. Ryan is hotheaded over it and is not even attending the wedding as well. Liam and Mum aren’t happy either but they are attending at least.


Kaleb’s mum isn’t in the country so she will be missing the wedding.


I’m on my way to a life commitment.

















At The Church


Do you Mr. Kaleb Christopher Brixlar take Ashley as your lawfully wedded wife?” The priest asked Kaleb.


Yes I do.”


Do you Ms. Ashley Sienna Williams take Kaleb as your lawfully wedded husband?”


Yes I do”


Before joining these two in Holy Matrimony, is there anyone who doesn’t approve of this two being together? Speak now or otherwise remain silent forever.” The priest announced and there was dead silence.


Just as the priest was about to join us, a slender arm raised up and gasps filled the room as everyone turned to see who will not be in support of the marriage.


I am not in support of this marriage. I don’t like her and she can’t be my new mum!” A young girl yelled.















Please pardon my grammatical blunders.




Mia is not in support of the marriage as well? Will this cause chaos?



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Let me look beautiful on the outside at least, but ugly in the inside.” This statement by Ashley rings a bell







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