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My Plastic Wife – Episode 22

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Semi Finale


[ The Kidnap II ]










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Kaleb’s POV




MIA!” I yelled as her body dropped on the ground and there was blood everywhere.


Now you all get up and move into the van outside!” The other goon said and with clubs, machetes and guns they threatened all of us and we marched into the van then they drove us to an uncompleted building.


One by one, they tied us up with roped and sealed our lips shut with duck tape.


They seized our phones and all other technology on us.



Madam, we have them here.” One of the men said to someone on the phone.


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I just pray Mia is alright, probably Tricia might get home and take her to the hospital or probably Janelle. Dear God please just let her be okay. I can’t loose her.




Ashley’s POV




Ashley, I really like that necklace.” Mum said as she powdered her face.


Uh, thanks mum.” I replied staring and fondling with the necklace.


I really like it. Can you borrow me for the day? I really have an important meeting.” Mum requested as she combed her hair.


I can you give another one. I have an exact replica of this at home.” I stated and mum smiled.


Thanks, and please get it fast. I’m nearly late.” Mum said and I picked up my purse and went outside then drove back home.


I opened the door and was greeted by an alarming surprise. Mia lying lifeless in her own pool of blood.


What Mia!?!” I yelled and went straight to her soon to become carcass if I don’t do something fast.





Ashley’s POV




Doctor. Is she gonna be okay?” I asked the doctor as he examined Mia.


Well, thank God you brought her in on time. We could’ve lost her.”


Dear Lord no.”


Well when will she wake up doctor?”


Very soon, about two to three hours from now. She was just shot once in the arm and it’s sort of minor, so she’ll be okay in good time.” The doctor replied and I nodded.


I’ll be in the waiting room Doctor.” I said and went outside.



















Few hours later of waiting patiently at the waiting room pondering at why, who or what must’ve nearly killed Mia. I really hope the Police is investigating and is into the criminals.


Mrs. Ashley, your daughter is awake now.” A primly dressed Nurse said with a smile.


She’s not my dau….forget about it. I’ll be at her room now.” I said, picked my hand bag and went to Mia’s room.


Hey.” I said as I went in and she sat atop on the bed.


Hi.” She replied and I sat beside her.



I checked her pulse, she still had life in her. Although it was slowly ebbing away, buy there’s something I can do.



Hello Mum, I’m very sorry. Something has gone wrong, I can’t bring the necklace.


I’m very sorry..



Okay dear, do you wanna talk about what happened?” Mum asked and I looked at Mia’s body.


There’s no time. Bye, love you mom.” I said and hung up.



I carried Mia into my car and drove straight to the hospital in full speed. But first I need to call the cops, who will break into our house and kill a little girl.


Hello officer, I’d like to report a murder case.





Ryan’s POV




Ugh!” I yelled as I jerked up from my sleep.


It was all a dream.” I muttered.


So I didn’t really confess to Ashley? Phew!” I said in relief.


The faster I stop loving my sister, the faster I save myself from having a mental episode.” I said and got out of bed then went downstairs.


Hi mom.” I greeted as I saw her.


Son, how was your nap?”


It was good.”


Ashley was here.” Mum said and I nearly flipped.

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Huh? Where is she?” I asked inquisitively.


She went home to get something for me but she called that something came up.” Mum replied.


Okay, will she be back?”


Yeah, she’s gonna stay here for the weekend.”


Oh My Gosh! She’s staying here for the weekend? How am I gonna hide my feelings from her for three whole days?! This is not going as I expected. Dear Lord, please help.





Kaleb’s POV




We’ve been tied up here for five hours now without food or water. The goons had lef


t but it seems they have returned. The door opened and the goons came in with Tricia.


We wanted to call out to her but our mouths were sealed shut.


Good job men.” She complimented the goons as she looked at us.


Wait! Three people are missing.” Tricia said as she counted us.


The Brixlars are five, plus Kaleb’s dumb new wife, plus Nadia and my dumb sister, plus Mia and Jake. That’s making it Eleven souls and why am I seeing just eight?” Tricia inquired.


Oh I see, Ashley, Janelle and my bratty daughter are not here. Why didn’t you bring them here as well?” Tricia asked the goons.



Well, we shot a little girl because she was ranting but the other people you called, we didn’t see them.” One of the men answered.


You killed Mia? Huh. Nice job.” Tricia complimented them again.


Now torture them and make them week and bleed.” Tricia commanded them and the took out whips and started coming towards us with it. We tried yelling but they came out muffled because of the duck tape on our mouth.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Not so fast.” I heard Janelle say as she walked into the room and Tricia looked at her fiercely.


Oh, look who’s here?” Tricia said smirking.


You b*tch! I knew you were gonna kidnap me as well. I hate you, you two faced slut!” Janelle yelled at Tricia who didn’t utter a word but just continued walking towards Janelle.


Say bye bye Janelle” Tricia said to Janelle.


Wait. Why? I don’t wan….” Before Janelle could complete her statement, Tricia has already fired a bullet into her skull.


You m*therf*cker! You thought you can sleep with my husband. B*tch!” Tricia yelled at Janelle’s body and afterwards spat on it.


This is how you all Brixlars are gonna end up by the time I’m through with you!” Tricia yelled.


Beat them to a pulp!” Tricia commanded the men and left the room in rage.





Ashley’s POV




So they were kidnapped?” I yelled when Mia announced it.


Yes, I don’t know where they took them too but they took everybody away.” Mia explained weakly.


How will I be able to find them now.” I thought and then an idea struck me.


I can track their phones and know their location.” I said and brought out my phone and began tracking theirs.


There! I’ve gotten their locations.” I said in eureka.


Mia, I’ll be back.” I said to her and ran outside and drove to the address of where their phones were. At least, even though I don’t see them there, I can get proof.





Kaleb’s POV




Pss.” I heard someone whisper and I turned back and saw Ashley. I signalled for her to leave before she gets a beating like us.


• She tiptoed quietly and removed the duck tape from my mouth.


Ashley, you better get out of here. They’re gonna kill you.” I said to her and she smiled.


Don’t worry. Just keep shut and I’ll untie you guys.” She added as she started using a scissors to cut through the ropes. After she freed me, I went ahead and freed the rest.


Okay let me go see whether they’re around. If they are not around here then we can escape freely.” Ashley said and went towards the door. Just as she was about opening it, the door burst open and an angry Trivia came inside holding a gun.



You husband snatcher! Today you die!!” Tricia yelled and pulled the trigger at Ashley.













My Plastic



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