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My Plastic Wife – Episode 21

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Quarter Finale


[ The Kidnap ]






Ashley’s POV




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Mia! Your home teacher is here.” I yelled as Mrs. Gayle walked inside the house.


Is it lesson time already?” Mia said and grunted.


Get seated okay.” I said sternly to her and she reluctantly went to sit on the dining.

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Good evening Mrs. Gayle. How are you doing?” I asked her and as usual, she flashed me one of her marvelous smiles.


I’m very good child. How’s everyone and everything?”


All going well. Settle down, I’ll get you a glass of water.” I said to her and she joined Mia at the dining while I went into the kitchen to get some water.


You know, you should start packing.” I heard Amelia say and I was startled. I turned back and saw her near the fridge with an apple in her hand.



And why should I?” I asked her and poured some water from the jug into a cup.

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Because, Tricia is here. I hate her too, but at least she’s manageable and doesn’t look like a rubber doll.” Amelia said and I was furious.


How dare you!” I yelled at her and she smirked.


And what are you gonna do about it? You’re just a timid, fake b*tch!” Amelia said with a scowl.


Well I’m better than a grown up girl like you who doesn’t even have a boyfriend talk less of getting married.” I replied her and she came closer to me looking angry.


Who will even want to be your boyfriend when you look like a gorilla and your make-up is rubbish!” I yelled at her then carried the cup of water and went back to the dinning and have Mrs. Gayle her glass of water.


That b*tch! Who does she think she is? At least I have been able to get married but she hasn’t and she doesn’t even have a relationship or a boyfriend or even a male stalker! Nothing! She just sits at home and makes life a living hell for me.


I think I should give way for her and her brother with his original wife. I’ll talk to


Kaleb and then we can file a divorce. I’m tired, I’m tired of everything and if I continue here I may die untimely or have a stroke or heart failure.


I think I’ll go see mum and dad and Liam also. I haven’t seen them in months. I’ll stay there for the weekend and then Monday morning I’ll be back home.


I strolled to my room and went to get my luggage and freshened up. After that, I called Ryan and informed him that I will be coming over then I used the BMW and drove to the Hospital Williams Mansion.





Janelle’s POV





Who’s Adrian?” I asked Tricia and she rolled her eyes.


Ashley’s ex boyfriend, who is very sad about loosing Ashley. In revenge, he sabotaged Kaleb and was responsible for his accident.” Tricia explained and I gasped in shock.


What!?! You guys are responsible for Kaleb’s accident!? What if he died!?”


Chil sis, I wasn’t responsible for that. Adrian was responsible and besides, of what business does is it to you if Kaleb dies or not.” Tricia asked. I can’t tell her I love Kaleb, it’ll be so damn awkward.


Just tell me about the plan.”


Okay, Adrian’s goons are gonna be here and kidnap the Brixlar family, including you and Nadia.”


What why including Nadia and I?”


Well it’ll be suspicious if the kidnapper spares you two and kidnaps the rest.”


But why can’t we go to our house?”


You two have to be kidnapped to make it look real!” Tricia yelled. It’s hard arguing with her, she always wins.


Fine, then were are you gonna be?” I asked Tricia and she smirked.


Well I’m gonna go out so when the kidnappers come they won’t kidnap me because I’m the boss.” Tricia said as she got up from the bed.


And you’re sure this plan will work?” I asked and she nodded.


When we kidnap them, we’ll demand a huge ransome. Then after collecting the money, we’ll kill them all and run away to Mexico.”


So how much are we gonna request for?”


Fifty million dollars!” Tricia called it slowly and a thin grin formed on my face.


And, when Kaleb is found dead, I’ll inherit all his property because I’m his next of kin.” Tricia said triumphantly.


Nice plan. You’re t


he brain sis.” I said and stood up to hug her.


I need to get dressed and leave.” She said.


But what about Jake and Mia. Are they gonna be killed?” I asked Tricia.


Yeah, they’ll constantly give me guilt and pain if I spare them and kill the rest. So they’re on the red list too.”


So stop asking me questions okay? I need to go shower now.” She replied and went inside the bathroom.


Such a wicked human being! Wants to kill her own children just because of money.


And now she wants me and Nadia to stay behind so we can make the kidnap look real. Am I fool? Tricia has always the bad and sly one amongst us. I don’t wanna die early so I’m leaving this house now.





Ryan’s POV




Well it was kinda odd how you hung up the other day.” Ashley said and I became nervous.


I’m sorry Ashley, I just heard mum call me and I had to end the call.” I lied and she smiled.


Alright. By the way, how are mum and dad doing?”


They’re doing fine.”


What about Liam? Is he okay?”


He’s perfect.”


We all miss you.” I added


Yeah I miss you guys too.” She said and I nodded. After that there was silence and nothing else to talk about. Maybe it’s time to confess my feelings to Ashley.


It may also involve telling her we are not her biological family.


Ashley, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while.”


Which is?”


I know this may sound weird but, I love you Ashley.”







Kaleb’s POV




We were all in the living room watching a movie. Well all of us except Ashley, I heard she went to her parents house.


Just then, the door flung open and three huge, heft men came in.


Put your hands where we can see em.” One of them said pointing a gun at us. Trembling in fear, all of us put our hands up, all of us except Mia.



Who do you punks think you are? Coming into the Brixlar home and pointing guns at us!” Mia yelled at them and instantly the man pulled the trigger at Mia!




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