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My Plastic Wife – Episode 20

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[ Double Janelle II ! ]












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Kaleb’s POV





Tricia? What are you doing here?” Kaleb asked Tricia and she dropped her bags then smirked her way to where Kaleb stood.


Yaay! Mummy’s back! Get packing Ashley!” Mia yelled and ran upstairs.


I wish someone can cut her little mouth shut!

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Good! Now there’s two people I hate in this house. Pathetic!” Mum said and rolled her eyes just before exiting the room.


Tricia? Do you know them!?” Janelle asked as she went closer to her sister.


To be truthful, you can hardly tell the difference between the two sisters!


Janelle, remember my estranged husband?” Tricia asked Janelle and she nodded.


OH MY GOSH!” Janelle yelled when her instincts probably told her that Tricia was…or should I say is his wife.


Yes sis, I’m sure your probably guessed that I’m Kaleb’s wife.” Tricia announced and my eyes shot out.


Kaleb’s who?” I blurted out and she looked at me, then started coming closer to me.


And who are you? I’ve never seen you before.” Tricia said and I gulped nervously.


I’m Ashley, Kaleb’s wife.” I replied her and she laughed.


Oh? Kaleb couldn’t even wait for me for some time, he already has a new wife.” Tricia said looking at Kaleb.


Well sisi, I wanna make it clear that I’m the first wife and you’re the second wife. So stay away from my kids and I.” Tricia said and picked up her bags and took the little boy upstairs.


Kaleb can you explain this?” I said and Kaleb looked at me puzzled.



I’m confused myself, but when I find answers I’ll tell you.” Kaleb said and ran upstairs the same direction where Tricia went.





Kaleb’s POV




Tricia what is the meaning of that rubbish you pulled off downstairs and who’s that?” I asked Tricia as I entered into the room and pointed at the little boy sitting on the bed.


That little boy is our son Kaleb. I was pregnant when I left and that’s our second child Jake.” Tricia explained and I was shocked.


That boy is our child?”


Yes, Mia’s brother.”


But why did you run away?” I asked her and she laughed.


Your family made life hell for me. They hated me and I couldn’t take it anymore, I left. But now I’m back and I’m back stronger.” Tricia stated and I knew that can’t happen. She can’t stay here at all.


But Tricia, I’m already married to someone else Ashley.” I told her and she smirked.


And what is that supposed to mean?”

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Let’s divorce okay. It’s been six years.” I stated and she laughed.


Impossible, I’m your first wife and she’s the second.” Tricia yelled sternly.


Now come here. I need servicing, it’s been six years.” She said and dragged me closer to her then began kissing me……





Ashley’s POV




Wait! There is something I’m not getting here. Do you mean that Tricia, Janelle’s sister is Kaleb’s estranged wife. My problems in this house has been raised to power four now.


Dear God Help me.


I’d better go meet Kaleb now. Since his beloved wife is back now, and it seems like she brought another child. It’s better we divorce, besides I have nothing to loose because he hasn’t slept with me, I’m still a virgin and I don’t have any child for him.


I went to check his room whether he was in there but he wasn’t. So I decided to check the guestroom because that’s the only room where Supersport 9 shows clearly so he may be there.


As I was about opening the door, I started hearing groans and feminine moans from inside the room. Could Kaleb be….


Oh dear Lord!” I exclaimed when it dawned on me that Kaleb was s*xing Tricia.


Eew.” I shrieked and went to my room and sat down patiently awaiting Kaleb and his “explanation”





Kaleb’s POV




I haven’t had good s*x in years!” Tricia said and kissed me.


Yeah, I gotta go.” I said and picked up my shorts and wore them.


So soon….” She said and pouted her lips like she was sad.


Yeah, I don’t want Ashley to see us here so I need to leave.” I replied wearing my shirt.


You wanna go meet her?” Tricia asked.


You ask stupid questions. Stay outta my way.” I said just before leaving the room.


I can’t believe she lured me into sleeping with her. Here I was going to pressurize her to leave or at least sign some divorce papers but she used herself against me.


I guess I’ll just talk to Ashley and hear what she has to say.


Daddy, have you heard the mind-blowing news? I have a lil bro!!” Mia said happily.


Yeah I’ve heard of the news.”


I’m so glad mum is back! So when is Ashley leaving?” Mia asked and if not she’s my daughter I would’ve slapped her.


Get lost.” I said to her and she rolled her eyes and scampered away.


What am I doing? How will I be able to manage two wives? One has two kids and one has none. One is feisty and sassy and one is kind and calm. How is one man gonna handle all of this.


One has to go!





Janelle’s POV





Wait! Tricia is Kaleb’s wife? And she is the mother of Mia!? Why did she not tell me. So not only will I have to get Ashley out of the way, I need to take out my twin sister as well!


But first I need to ask her a few questions. Why will she keep this kinda info from me.


Maybe I don’t need to eliminate her now, maybe I can use her for my devious plans then eliminate her when I’m done.


Remember that we are identical



I went to the guest room and saw Tricia lying on her bed. ” Sup sis.” I said and sat beside her.


” Whadup?”


” Why didn’t you tell me that you’re Kaleb’s wife.” I questioned her and she chuckled.


Whether I tell you or not, how does it affect you?” She replied and I rolled my eyes.


Whatever! Why did you leave the house at first.” I asked.


Well, I left because things weren’t working out for me. But now I’m back for revenge!” Tricia said and smirked.




Yeah, on the Brixlar family. Are you gonna help me sis?” Tricia asked me.


Sure, what’s the plan?” I asked her and she smiled then picked up her phone.



Hello Adrian, I’m at the Brixlar house now. You can commerce operations.











My Plastic



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