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My Plastic Wife – Episode 19

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[ Double Janelle! ]











Ashley’s POV

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Kaleb is in Coma!?” Mrs. Brown reechoed the doctor’s words as she stared blankly at no particular direction.


Doctor, is there anything that can be done to awaken him?” Mr. Brown asked in a concerned tone and the doctor sighed then took off his glasses.



Well our team is trying their best to revive him. Once we do we’ll let you know.” The doctor stated and Mr. Brown nodded and bowed his head.


The heir to my empire is in coma! What if he doesn’t come out of it? There’s no one else capable to inherit it.” Mr. Brown cried out with his head bowed and his wife pat his back softly consoling him.


Ehem! You have two over-capable daughters who can run your business. So what’s this about no one else being capable?” Amelia remarked out over dad’s statement.


Amelia! this is not the time for this okay?” Sydney who was sitting beside Amelia rebuked her remarks.


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Well doctor, we’ll be taking our leave now.” Mrs. Brown said as she grasped her bag from the doctor’s table and stood up to leave. The rest of us got up as well and excited the doctor’s office.









We were back home and everyone dispatched to their various rooms or found something worthwhile to do. Well I went to the kitchen and took a bag of chips from the fridge then I went to my room, switched on the television and sat down crossed legged to enjoy one of my favorite programs.


All these was in a bid to forget about Kaleb and his sudden predicament which has come as a shocker to all of us. But I couldn’t concentrate on what I was watching, the thought of Kaleb probably not recovering occupied my mind. The doctor sounded really serious and I’m overwhelmed with fear.


Who am I kidding?” I thought and switched off the TV.


Why will I be watching TV when my husband is struggling for life in the hospital? Who am I deceiving!” I said and buried my face in my palms and sobbed softly.



I need to talk to someone and pour out my mind.” I said and picked up my phone then scrolled through my contacts.


No one was good enough apart from Ryan and I hit the green coloured call button and the dial tone started ringing.


Hello Ashley.



Hello Ryan. And how are you?



I’m fine but it surely sounds like you’re not. Your voice is a bit down. Tell me what happened.


Well, it’s Kaleb.



And what’s wrong with him? Did he file a divorce?!” Ryan asked excitedly and I found that extremely weird and awkward. He had a brutal accident and he’s in coma.



He’s in coma, I didn’t expect that from the accident.” Ryan said and I was taken aback by the statement.


How did you know he had an accident?



Well, uh…I eh saw it on the news.



On the news?



Yeah, why don’t I talk to you later. I’ll call you back.” Ryan said abruptly and disconnected the call.


” Well that was weird.” I said and tossed my phone to the bed.



I just hope you’re safe Kaleb.” I silently prayed then laid on my bed then rested for a while.





Authoress Nuella’s POV



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The past few weeks at the Brixlar mansion was a hell of an experience for Ashley.


Kaleb’s presence at the house usually averts most insults ought to be thrown at Ashley by Mia and Amelia. But now that he’s on the sickbed, they have more opportunity to spite her.


Like the time Ashley went to have a shower and Amelia locked her inside there for seven hours.


Ashley did scream but no one cared. Mrs. Brown didn’t even bother, Sydney on the other hand has no voice in the family because Amelia is clearly the alpha female over her. Mr. Brown on the other hand has stayed clear from Ashley ever since the earlier incident and doesn’t want to be involved with anything that has to do with her.


But what if he has a hidden agenda?


Well after suffering Ashley for so long, Mia unlocked the door and let poor Ashley go.



What a shame














About a two weeks after his accident, Kaleb finally got out off coma and started responding to treatment. Na



dia was discharged from the hospital that same week after receiving treatment and recovering fully.


Kaleb spent another two weeks in the hospital and after the duration, he was in


‘knick knack’ shape and had recovered fully. He was perfectly fine to join the rest of the Brixlar family.





Kaleb’s POV





A Week Later



Nadia what are you doing?” I asked her because she has been seriously focused on her computer for a while now.


Oh, I’m just reviewing your appointments for the week.” She replied with her eyes still glued to the screen.


Okay then. Keep up the good work.” I complimented and she smiled in reply.


Just then, the door flung open and Janelle strutted in holding her phone and looking worried.


Hey.” She simply said as she paced around the room worriedly still holding her phone.


What’s up?” Nadia asked finally taking her eyes of her computer system.


Well it’s one of my relatives, she just came into the country but she’s stranded.” Janelle explained and I had to get involved.


How?” I asked.



Well, she is a classy chic like me and can only lodge in a five star hotel. But it’s Easter Season and all the hotels in the city are packed, even the four stars and three stars don’t have any rooms to offer.” Janelle explained and now I regret getting involved.


So what is she gonna do now?” Nadia asked.


Well, I was uhm…hoping that she could stay at the Brixlar mansion till the festive season celebration is over and she can get a hotel.” Janelle asked as she played with her fingers nervously.


Well who is this relative of yours?” I asked Janelle.


My sister, my twin sister.” She replied and I was taken aback


Janelle has a twin?


Another Janelle to deal with?


Okay fine, She can stay at our house for a few days.” I said and Janelle squeed.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Yay! I’ll go call her now!” Janelle added happily and left the room.


Janelle’s twin sister is wonderful, just like her. You can hardly tell the difference.” Nadia stated and I chuckled. If only she knew how slutty her friend is.


What is the name of her sister?” I asked Nadia just then, her phone rang. She took the her phone and looked at the caller and her face lit up.


Oh Kaleb, can we talk later? I really need to take the call.” Nadia said and went outside the room as well.


Hmm…well. How bad can Janelle’s sister be?”




☺☺Janelle’s POV☺☺





I texted my sister the address and waited for her to reply so I’ll know she got the text.


Meanwhile, her presence at the Brixlar mansion will make it easier for me and my plan to succeed.


Being that she’s my identical twin sister, I’ll be able to cause confusion in the house and Kaleb will be mine.


Anyways, Ms. Brown organized a little Easter get together and Nadia and I were invited.


So I’d better get dressed so I won’t be late.





Ashley’s POV




So when does your sister get here?” Kaleb asked Janelle as he took a bite out of his chicken.




Well I didn’t know you had a sister Janelle.” I said and she smiled.


You kinda look like my mum.” Mia said to Janelle.


Yeah she does.” Kaleb added.


Suddenly, the door bell rang.


” Mia go get the door.” Nadia said and Mia scampered to the door.


We began to hear Nadia scream and we became curious. After a few minutes, Mia came back into the room with a woman who looked exactly like Janelle and was



holding a child was about half of Mia’s age and on her other hand she was holding a traveling bag.


On sighting this girl Kaleb eyes nearly shot out. In fact he nearly passed out.


Hello Kaleb, I’m back to take what I own.” The girl said with a pretty smirk on her face.


Tricia! What are doing here!”











My Plastic



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