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My Plastic Wife – Episode 17

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[ The Big Accident ]












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Nadia’s POV




We were expecting Kaleb’s verdict on who will be the winner of this year’s Dance2Fame for only his vote can decide the winner.


He has been silent for over two minutes and the crowd was eager to hear the winner, while I was weak in the knees. What if I don’t win? If I don’t win, that means I’ll go back to Europe and stay with mama and my dancing dreams are over.


Everyone will so laugh at me because I boasted that I will win and I will be victorious, not knowing I’ll have to battle my own best friend for a prize.


What have I done??


” I can’t do it!” Kaleb said and dropped the microphone.


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I can’t choose between both girls!” He yelled and the crowd was filled with murmurs and surprised exclamations.

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They’re both awesome and my green card goes for both!” Kaleb picked up the microphone and spoke then raised up two green cards.


Congratulations, Janelle and Nadia you guys have won this years edition of Dance2Fame!” Kaleb yelled and the crowd went wild, flowers were thrown at us and confetti fell.


A big check with $500,000 dollars scribbled on it was brought on stage and Janelle and I were asked to hold it. A contract paper for an endorsement deal with Mega Dance was brought and Janelle and I signed it. The trip to Malibu was also for both of us and that’s to be taken at the end of the year!


And guess what? Both of us have to be Kaleb’s assistants!


It’ll be so nice working with him.


After the presentation of the awards I went to the hug Janelle but she snubbed me and ran backstage and I was left there puzzled.




Kaleb’s POV




Kaleb what were you thinking!” Judge Kira yelled and hit her fist on the table in rage!


There can’t be two winners!” She added and grunted.


This is the first season of this competition and having two winners will destroy our reputation and no one will watch next year.” Kira further ranted.


This is my show Kira so let me worry about next year.” I snapped and Kira kept quiet.



” Okay, have it your way.” Kira said and picked up her bag then left my office.



If only Kira understood that I just saved my marriage ♂



You see Janelle is supposed to be the winner of this show because she danced better than Nadia. But Nadia has a good heart and deserves to win this show because she has a genuine reason entering it. While Janelle on the other hand is an agent of darkness and only entered the competition because she was sent by Lucifer to destroy my marriage.


I can’t cheat the winner, neither can I have the winner destroy my marriage because


Ashley will be so devastated, she’s going through a lot. Janelle is fire and Nadia is water. With the two of them working together, when Janelle’s fire begins to spark, Nadia’s water will be there to cool the atmosphere


So my decision stands!


Both of them win,


Case closed!





Janelle’s POV




What the f*ck just happened?


Kaleb declared Nadia and I both winners?


Absolute trash!


I danced in this show, paid a dancer to forfeit her dreams, paid two guys to dress up like cops and stage an arrest, bribed two judges to always give me a green card, stole Kaleb’s neckchain, hatched devious plans, betrayed my best friend. Only to be told that there are winners!?



I’m happy that both of us won because I will fell a tiny winy emotional guilt assuming Nadia didn’t win this because she deserves to win it. But now that two of us are gonna be his personal assistant? How am I gonna seduce him without Nadia interfering or finding out?


How am I gonna do that!


Janelle?” I heard Nadia’s soft voice call out to me and I was furious. I don’t need to let her know I’m angry, running away when she wanted to hug me is probably giving her a hint.


Nadia!” I replied and went to hug her so she won’t start having suspicious thoughts.


Woah, I thought you were mad at me?” Nadia said and embraced me.


No I’m not, I was just confused about the whole thing.” I lied and she strok


e my hair.


You don’t need too. There are only upsides to this win and zero downsides. We’ll be together and nothing will separate our friendship now. I’m so relieved.” Nadia said and held unto me tighter.


It’s the beginning of a whole new war ♀





Ashley’s POV




What? Two winners!?” Mia yelled immediately Kaleb announced there were two winners.


Seriously dad that’s just messed up. Why didn’t you use your brain!” She added rudely.


Mia you can’t talk to your father like that.” I scolded her and she grunted.



And who are you to tell me how I talk to my own father?” She fired at me and Amelia laughed.


Haha! Good one Mia!” She said and gave Mia a high-five.


Common guys! Don’t disrespect her.” Mr. Brown said and Sydney nodded.


I agree with dad, she was just correcting Mia.” Sydney added.


I don’t need her correction, she should keep it to herself.” Mia said sternly and left the room.


Whatever.” I said and went upstairs to my room to relax.





Unknown’s POV





The Next Week



Are you guys at Parker Street?” I asked Gerald, one of my goons.



Yes we are there already.



Good, has he passed yet?



No we haven’t seen him yet.



Okay don’t forget the plan.



What plan?



You stupid fool. When Jack sees his car coming from afar, he’ll alert you and then you put your spikes on his path so his tyre can burst and then he’ll crash.


Okay boss.” He replied and I hung up the phone and laughed maniacally.


Kaleb Brixlar, your end is our new beginning.





Kaleb’s POV




It was a bright Monday morning and Nadia and I were on our way for a business meeting while Janelle is helping me sort out some files at the main office.


We were driving through Parker Street and suddenly I felt my four tires get punctured and the rims of the tyre rolled out. The steering wheel became stiff and I couldn’t stare anymore! The car continued drifting away from the road.


Kaleb do something!” Nadia yelled but quite frankly, there’s nothing I can do.


Oh Gosh, we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die, WE’RE GONNA FREAKING DIE!” Nadia kept yelling and that was not helping situations.


The car drifted off the road and started heading to a deep river. The seat belts refused to because the car is on emergency mode.















. My Plastic





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