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My Plastic Wife – Episode 15

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[ Are You Cheating On Me?? ]










Adrian’s POV


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Yes Ashley, it is me Adrian.” I said and licked my lips as Ashley trembled in shock.


How…How did you find me? How did you get my number?” She stuttered nervously.


You ask me too many questions whilst I should be the one asking the questions.” I yelled at her as I walked closer to the entrance where she stood.


Why did you get married Ashley? I thought we had a connection. I thought we had something special Ashley.” I asked her and she looked away from me mumbling some words I couldn’t understand.


Look Adrian, I can’t deny that fact that I had feelings for you but…some things are inevitable and trust me when I say this, I didn’t know I was gonna be married so soon.” Ashley said with tears fogging up in her eye lids.


And I’m sorry if I hurt you but I’m a married woman now and I want you to forget about any feeling you have for me. Okay?” She said and turned to leave. But suddenly, she paused.


And stop sending me messages, they freak me out.” She added just before leaving the gardens. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


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Ashley, you can’t just walk out of my life that way, you’re gonna be so so sorry by the time I’m through with you!” I said and with that I left the garden.





Ashley’s POV





Woah! Adrian? I didn’t really like him to that extetd. Okay, Okay…I did like him alot, but not enough to call it love. Probably mere flings caused my emotions and I didn’t know marrying another person will hurt him. I never even knew he liked me. Ugh, my life is so messed up.


I don’t even know who told him I was married. It’s probably Liam that told him and now Adrian is hurt!


I sat down on a nearby bench pondering on my life so far. How about three weeks ago, I was just ordinary Ashley. But now I’m Mrs. Ashley living in a big mansion where my husband and I don’t act like husband and wives, where his sister and his mother despise my presence, where his kid can shoot me if given a gun and where his father is a pervert and tried to rape me. And now Adrian is in the picture


What have I become?” I said and tears flowed from my eyes. I buried my face in my palms to avoid the public from seeing me cry.


Can I carry this burden for much longer?” I asked myself and I felt a slight, soft touch on my back and I jerked.


Who’s that?” I asked in fear and I turned back only to see Kaleb.


What are you doing here?” I asked him as he sat down beside me.


I just stopped by to get something and on my way out, I saw you.” He said and I nodded then buried my face back in my palms to resume with my flood of tears.


You’re a strong woman Ashley.” Kaleb said and those soft words of his touched my heart.


You think so?” I asked as I raised my head up.


I don’t think so, I know so.” He replied and I smiled.



You don’t need to care about what other people think about you. All you need to care about is that your creator loves you and I do care about you Ashley.” He added


and he held my hand and looked into my eyes.


And I hope someday, we’ll be able to love each other genuinely as husband and wife.” He said clutching my hand a little bit tighter and I felt a quick brush of embarrassment mixed with happiness and nervousness.


The cool North Wind began to blow accompanied with it whistling. The trees began to brustle and the bowed down to the energy of the wind. The whether became more cloudy and dense and the stars in the sky disappeared. Lightening and thunder sounds filled the air and it began to drizzle.


It’s about to rain. Let’s go home.” Kaleb said and we both stood up and went out of the garden then went back home.





Janelle’s POV




I paid the cab driver and watched him drive off before entering into the Hotel. I walked straight to our room and that triumphant grin that had been on my face from the Motel is


still plastered on my face.


The final phase of my plan is about to take place, which is sending Ms. Ashley the picture of me pecking Kaleb then sit down and watch his marriage break into thousands of pieces and watch my love story unfold.


I entered into the lounge and saw Nadia watching a film with some other girls. She noticed my presence as I came in and ran after me as I went to our room.


” Wait up.” I heard Nadia say and I paused.




Where have you been for the past hour?” She asked and I looked over my shoulder and smirked at her.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I was with the love of my life.” I replied and then faced ahead.


Ugh! I told you to stay away from Kaleb. He’s married.” Nadia grunted and spoke.


Well he is married now, but he won’t be very soon.” I said and cackled then resumed walking to the room.


Wheee!” I exclaimed and jumped on the bed.


What do you mean by that Janelle?” Nadia asked me as she came into the room and I sighed.


Well that’s for me to know and for you to figure out soon okay?” I replied her and got off the bed then went to the bathroom to freshen up.


After freshening up, I dressed up in my PJs and grabbed a snack. Then quietly pipped toed into the room and checked whether anyone, especially Nadia was following me. When I was sure nobody was coming, I shut the door behind me.


I got on the bed and unplugged my phone from it’s charging point. I opened WhatsApp and sent Ashley the video. Afterwards I typed;


This picture was taken at around 8:37pm at Grind Motel today being the 10th of April 2020. I am your husband’s side chick and he doesn’t love you. Do yourself good and leave his life because apart from that, I’m pregnant for him. –


• I clicked the send button and smiled victoriously because my plan has is successful.


Time to celebrate!” I yelled and went to the lounge.





Ashley’s POV





Kaleb called a driver to go pick up my car from the Garden while we both drove home in his car. We discussed and laughed all the way home. I have to admit he’s very good company and I enjoyed every bit of it. But deep down in me I feel a huge pain in my heart.


You may ask why?


Well that’s because I am hiding so much from Kaleb. I haven’t told him about his father’s advances towards me, I didn’t tell him how his father tried raping me, that I was at the cell for a night and definitely, I can’t tell him about Adrian.


He’s such a good man with a kind and humble heart. He looks out for me despite we were forced into this marriage.





















We arrived home and I prepared my mind for humiliation, embarrassment, insults are emotional breakdowns. Thank God, I start going to the boutique tomorrow. I’ll be as free as a bird and have no rapist father-in-law or badmouthed sister-in-law and step-child.


My phone beeped and I checked it. It was a WhatsApp message from an unknown number.


I clicked on it.














My Plastic



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