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My Plastic Wife – Episode 14

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{ Who Is Adrian? }











Ryan’s POV

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Never mind Ashley.” I said and sighed. I don’t feel the courage to tell her how I feel about her.


Ryan, tell me. No need to hide it from me.” Ashley pleaded but I have to keep it away from her, at least for now. She’s in trouble now and confessing my feelings for her now may make things worse for her emotionally.


No Ashley, I can’t.” I said and she looked down casted. I hid my face away from her eyes, to avoid being charmed by them to spill the beans.


Ashley, I’m sorry. I’ll tell you when the time is right.” I added and held her hand then looked deep into her eyes.


Stay strong okay. My lawyers will be here soon. It’ll be fine.” I finally said and with that, I stood up from the chair and turned to leave.


At the door, just as I was about to open it, I felt my heart call out to Ashley. I turned back and looked at her, she was crying and was looking at me inquisitively.


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I really want to tell you how I feel Ashley buy now…now is not the time.


When everything is back to normal, when Mr. Brown is sentenced to jail for attempted rape.


When the Brixlar family image is ruined.


When the shame, embarrassments and insults you face in that house become to much for you and you seek a safe haven.


I will be there with open arms always available to welcome you into my heart.


There and Then, I shall profess my love for you and I know you will accept me.


I love you Ashley.


With a heavy heart, I opened the door and left the interrogation room where Ashley was and exited the station and I went back home.





Mr. Brown’s POV




My eyes fluttered open and immediately I felt a strong wave of pain all over my body especially my pelvic area.


Ah.” I groaned and managed to sit atop of the bed, not without intense pain.


What’s happening?” I asked myself.


You just had a plastic surgery.” I heard someone say and I turned to the direction where the voice was coming from.


Oh Doctor Stark. You gave me a scare.” I chortled as I spoke and Doctor Stark laughed.


Sorry about that Brown. I said you just had a plastic surgery.” He repeated himself. I did get that part, but the question is why did I have a surgery?


You may be wondering why? Well reasons are is because we tried sewing the cut off genital to it’s root but the skin there is too weak. So we cut of the whole thing.” Doctor Stark stated and my ears nearly went deaf on hearing that.


What doctor? You cut off the whole thing???” I asked half-yelling while Doctor Stark chuckled.


Calm down Brown.” He said and laughed while I couldn’t still believe what my ears just heard.


We did cut off everything but we did a plastic surgery and gave you a new one which is the same as your old one or even better.” Doctor Stark announced and I was taken aback.


New one like my old one and better?” I asked puzzled.



Yes this new organ we’ve given you is just like the initial one. Has the same spongy tissues, secrets sperms and blood vessels and veins are also in it. Not to mention it’s sensitivity and response to stimuli. Also it’s connected to the bladder, so peeing is guaranteed.” Doctor Stark carefully explained and I keenly listened.


So you mean it’s just like an original one?”


It cam actually be called an original one now! This is a break in medical history. One of the first Genital Plastic Surgerys.” Doctor Stark said and laughed to himself while I sighed a deep sigh of relief.


For a moment there…I thought I had no p*nis.


So what do you mean about it being better?” I asked.


Well I think your wife will be able to testify that when you’re done with her.” Doctor Stark said and winked, then I knew what he meant.



Such a naughty fellow ♀ ♀



Okay. Thanks so much doc. Anyways I want you to help me with something.” I said and Doctor Stark came closer.


Anything at all.”


Well I don’t want the media finding out about this. Can I trust you?” I asked him and he nodded his head affirmatively.


Thanks Stark.”


You welcome.”


So when can I be discharged?” I asked him.


Anytime you want.”


” Oh, that means I’ll be taking my leave now.” I said to him and he called someone.



Nurse Fay, can you please bring Mr. Brown some clothes?





Liam’s POV




You’re so funny Adrian!” I said as I laughed to one of his jokes.


No I’m dead serious.” He replied but I couldn’t help but laugh.


Speaking of funny. Where is Ashley?” Adrian asked and a streak of nervous feeling ran down my spine.


Okay…here’s the gist ♀



After Sylvia’s surgery, who you all know as Ashley. Well…I tried matchmaking her with my schoolmate Adrian. Well for a week and a half Ashley spent with us, they were beginning to like each other and sparks were soaring. Not until, Ashley was forced to get married to Kaleb.


I’m the only one who knows about Ashley and Adrian and I can’t bear to tell him that Ashley is now married to Kaleb. He’ll be broken and devastated.


I’ve been lying to him ever since, but it seems I’ll have to spill the beans.


Look Adrian. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” I said and took a deep breath.


Well see, the thing is that Ashley is now a married woman.” I broke the news to him and he exclaimed.




Yes she is…I’m sorry bro, I didn’t tell you on time.”


But she..How…so fast? I thought we had a connection.”


Sorry about that. Life is messed up.”


No wonder she doesn’t answer my texts.”

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You send her texts?”


Yes I do. Ugh! I’ve been played.” He yelled and kicked a nearby trashcan to the floor and went inside the school building.


This is why love is dangerous.” I said, shook my head and went inside.





Mr. Brown’s POV





I want her released.



That’s almost impossible Mr. Brown.



It has to be possible, release her now. I will pay any amount you want me too.



I know you can, but I can loose my job.



Loose your job? How? A case hasn’t been filed yet. Even if a case has been filed, I want it to be dropped! It was my granddaughter who filed the case and as the head of the family, I order it to be dropped.


Okay, Okay. She will be released soon sir.



Good, I want her back home safe and sound.



Yes sir.” He replied and I hung up.



It’s good to be wealthy and influential, because I have acquired all the fame, respect and wealth a man of my age can get, I can have my way with anything or anyone. Now I have ordered for Ashley’s release.


It feels so good to be a millionaire ♀



Grandaddy?” I heard those words in Mia’s voice and I was snapped out of my thoughts.


Mia?” I called out and she rushed to hug me.


Glad you’re okay. How is the situation?” She said still clutching to me.


It’s fine. Ashley will soon be home.” I announced and she heaved a huge sigh of relief.


Good, because I’ve been covering up for you too ever since and I’m getting tired.” Mia said and I chuckled.


You covered for Ashley too?” I asked her and she rolled her eyes.


C’mom dad, I may literally hate Ashley and be a little devil but I’d do anything to protect the image of this family.” Mia said and I laughed.


So you didn’t cover up for her because you like her…you covered up for her because you want to protect the family’s image?” I asked and she nodded affirmatively.


That’s my girl.” I said and pecked her forehead.


So how was school?” I asked her and she grunted.


It was not so good. Do you know Marla got sit next to the new hot boy in class and it got me so annoyed!!”


Tell me all about it.” I said and she grabbed a seat and began narrating.





Janelle’s POV




There I was sitting down on the couch watching 3D Romance with the rest of the contestants having a good time, not until Nadia showed up and showed me a picture of a lady.


Who’s she?” I asked Nadia as she showed me the pictures.


That’s Kaleb’s wife; Ashley.” Nadia said as she waved her phone in my face.


So he’s married?” I asked feeling bad.


Yes he is. Now stay away from him.” Nadia said and I laughed.


Nadia, you’re my best friend and you of al


l people is supposed to know that Janelle Huggins doesn’t give up to easily.” I said and chuckled then Nadia dropped her phone on the couch.


What!? He’s married Janelle. That’s way too far.” Nadia cried out and I laughed.


Pssh! You call that a wife? She looks like plastic” I said and laughed.


Suit yourself Janelle. Just know that you’re playing with fire and soon you’re gonna be burnt.” Nadia said and picked up her phone then left.


I’m not gonna give up on you Kaleb! I must have you whether you have a wife or not.” I said and smirked then went to my room to change because it’s almost 8 and I


have an appointment with Mr. Handsome and a new plan to make him mine .


Kaleb’s POV





Today was so stressful. I had A ton of work to do, a lot of documentations and all other busy stuff to do today! Oh God how I hate Mondays!!


And to crown it all up, I have to go and see Janelle to collect my neckchain.


Can this get anymore worse?


I cleared my desks and grabbed my phones and my laptop and left my office after instructing my secretary to cancel all meetings scheduled for today and early tomorrow.


I hopped into my limousine and was driven to Grind Motel where I awaited


Janelle’s appearance so I can collect my neck chain and avoid her for the rest of my life.


Hey Handsome.” I heard someone say and I winned down my window glass and there stood Janelle.


Where’s my neck chain?” I asked her sternly.


Not so fast boy, won’t you at least have dinner with me.” She said with a cunning smirk plastered on her face.




Well you might as well sit there and ask me dumb questions while I call Gary and have this neck chain sold.”


Who’s Gary?”

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Is Gary’s identity your problem or is the neck chain your problem?’ Janelle asked and I swear if she gets on my nerves more than this, I’m gonna kill her.


My neck chain.”



Glad you’re making healthy choices. Now come let’s eat.” She said and I alighted the limo and followed her into the Motel cursing her beneath my breathe all the way in.





Janelle’s POV




He bought us some food and we ate happily or moreso…I ate happily because Kaleb just fixed his eyes on me in a manner that depicted he was gonna swallow me soon if I don’t hand over his neckchain.


I really need to ease myself.” He said and got up then went to the bathroom. Phase Two of the plan in action


He left his phone on the table and I quickly grabbed it. Luckily for me, he just used the phone before he went to the bathroom so it was still on. Assuming it went off, I’ll need his fingerprint to open it.


I went straight to his contacts and searched for Ashley’s phone number. After locating it, I copied the number to my phone. And I was able to do all that just before Kaleb returned.


Good! You’re done eating. Can I have my neckchain back?” He asked immediately her returned.


Yeah sure.” I said and brought out his golden neck chain from my purse and handed it over to him.


Thank you! Now stay away from me okay!” He yelled pointing at me and then he grabbed his phone and turned to leave.


Aren’t you gonna wish me good night?” I asked with a smirk and he grunted.


Ugh! Fine.” He said and reluctantly turned back and came closer.


Good night Janelle.” He said and I got up from my chair and pecked him.


Good night handsome.” I said in a sultry tone and he took out his handkerchief and wiped the place where I pecked and he turned to leave.


Staying away from you is like mission impossible. I love you Kaleb and since your marriage is gonna be an obstacle to our love….I’m gonna destroy it.


You may ask how



I walked over to the end of the room where I had kept a camera to record Kaleb and I. I’m gonna edit the video and just save only the part where I pecked Kaleb.


Afterwards, I’ll send it to Ashley his beloved wife via WhatsApp and watch the drama unfold. That’s right….you can call me a Pretty Evil Genius!!





Ashley’s POV




Some hours after Ryan left the police station, an officer came in and announced to me that I was granted bail b


y the state and I was free to return back to my normal activities.


I was driven back home in the police van and sincerely thanking God that nothing happened to me and I wasn’t arraigned.


Ashley!” I heard Sydney yell immediately I came in.


Hi Sydney.” I replied and she hugged me slightly.



Well you left all of a sudden. You didn’t even tell us you were going to see your parents.” Sydney said as she extended her arms over my shoulder and we walked into the living area.


My parents…I didn’t go to see…” I was about clearing the air that I wasn’t at my parents house but something struck me not to do that. If I tell them I wasn’t at my parents’, they’ll ask me where I was and I can’t freaking tell them I spent the night at the cell.


Yes…I did go to parents’. They sent their greetings.” I said and forced a smile.


But who told you I was at my parent’s place?” I asked Sydney.


Mia did.”


Mia?” I said in shock.


Mia covered for me?


Coincidentally, Mia walked down the stairs in her Sophie the first PJs and at the sight of me, she looked puzzled.


Ashley! You’re back from pri…I mean your parents house.” Mia said and came over to where Sydney and I were.


I’d better go tell dad.” Sydney said and went upstairs.


So Mr. Brown is back?


Mia, you covered for me.” I said to her when only both of us were left in the living area.


Yeah Yeah, I did. Can we just forget about this whole thing and move on?” Mia said and crossed her arms and I laughed.


And don’t go thinking I’m cool with you because I covered for you. For the record, I still hate you.” She said and I chuckled.



Deep down I know you’re a sweet little angel and you have a heart of Gold.” I said and bent down to her height.


What? Me? Sweet little angel? Impossible, I’m a dark wicked empress and I also have an adorable little face. I’m nothing close to an angel.” Mia said and ran out of the room.


One day she’ll realize that she has a golden heart….just like her father.” I concluded and went upstairs to my room.


I looked for my phone everywhere but I just didn’t find it. Until I searched the cupboards and there I saw my phone, my stained towel and the stained bedspread. Could it be that Mia hid all of these because it could be used as evidence?


Anyways, I picked my phone and saw one new message sent to me by an unknown number. I opened the message and read it.


Dear Ashley, can you please come meet me at Victoria Garden at 9:00pm today? I’ll be expecting your arrival.




Your secret admirer.


This is the same person who sent me that weird text at the opening night.”


Should I go meet him? Is it safe?” I pondered.


Well let me just go see him. He might have something positive to offer.” I said and went to my closet to get dressed.











I was all prepped and ready to go. But just in case this “secret admirer” tries anything funny, I turned on my GPS locator so in case I get kidnapped or whatever…they can know my location.


I took the BMW and drove to Victoria Gardens.




You asked me to meet you here?” I said as I entered inside the gardens.


Yes I did.” I heard a strange but familiar voice say…


Who are you?’ I asked and then I saw a manly figure walk up to me…at first I was unable to recognize the face but then I remembered! It was…

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ADRIAN! What are you doing here??”











My Plastic



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