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My Plastic Wife – Episode 12

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Chapter TWELVE


[ Determinations and Defiling ]






* *



~ Mr. Brown’s POV ~


* *

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WHAT!?” She yelled and quickly draped herself with a towel.


Mr Brown can’t you knock?” She inquired sternly as droplets of water ran down her body from her hair down to her perfect legs.


Well sorry Ashley dear, I wanted to take you by surprise.” I said and closed the door behind me. I smirked my way to where she stood but she moved back nervously as she saw me advancing towards her.



What are you doing Mr. Brown?” She asked me apprehensively as she moved back.


I want a taste of those.” I said and licked my lips as my eyes were fixed on her br**sts.


Stay away from me.” She replied scared to her bones. She continued moving back and then she tripped on a table and fell down.


This just became more easier for me” I thought and smirked.


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• I bent down and was about to grab her when she rolled over and got up.


One more step and I’ll yell!” Ashley said and looked so tough saying that.


* *



~ Ashley’s POV ~


* *


Yell all you want, all the rooms in this house are sound proof. So your screams won’t go anywhere.” Mr. Brown said with a smirk and there and then, I knew I was already toast.


Come here.” He said and ran towards me, I tried running away but he grabbed and slammed me violently against the wall. He was undeniably close to me and I was uncomfortable by that.


I need to do something and I need to do it fast before he deflowers me. ” Dear Lord what do I do?” I mumbled as he smirked at me devilishly.


I looked towards my side and saw the TV remote on a table. I quickly grabbed it and hid it behind me before Mr. Brown could see it.


He had loosened his grip on me giving me enough room to slide away and I didn’t take any chances on missing the opportunity. I escaped from his grip and ran to the other end of the room.



Stop playing hard to get and take that towel off.” Mr. Brown yelled and he started to move closer to me.


Don’t even think about it, another step and I’m gonna break your balls with this.” I threatened and brought out the remote.


You’re not serious.” He laughed it off and continued coming towards me. That was when I used the remote to impinge his private parts and he yelled in pain.


Owww!” He yelled and clutch to his genitals, he fell down on the floor and I made a run for it.


• I ran to the door, it was locked. What am I gonna do?


It won’t be long before he recovers and comes to get me.




* *



~ Janelle’s POV ~


* *


You’ve been on your phone ever since the Eviction Show was over. Take a break.” Nadia said as she came into the lounge holding a bowl of chips and another bowl containing dip.


He’s so dreamy.” I said looking at Kaleb’s photos.


Who?” Nadia asked inquisitively.


Mr. Handsome off course.” I said with a smirk.


This guy doesn’t have any interest in you.” Nadia said and rolled her eyes.


And how do you know that?” I asked her as I sat atop of the couch.



Well, I don’t know. I just have the feeling.” She replied and tossed a chip into her mouth.


Then keep your feelings to yourself.” I replied and she sighed pathetically.


Just then my phone rang.


And as expected…It was Kaleb.


Well ‘Ms. I have the feeling’ my Mr. Handsome is calling me and I have to take his call.” I said and took my phone then went out of the lounge.



Am I talking to Janice?



JANELLE not Janice, get the name right.



Oh, sorry Janelle.” He said sarcastically.



Who’s speaking?” I asked pretending not to know who it was.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



Don’t act dumb, you know it’s me Kaleb.



Oh, how did you get my number?



Ugh! Don’t get on my nerves Janelle. Where is my golden neck chain.



What Golden Neckchain?” I asked and grinned.



The one you stole from me. I want it back or I’ll call the cops on you.



Don’t be silly Kaleb.” I replied and laughed.



Cops don’t scare me. If you really want your golden chain, meet me at Grind Motel tomorrow night at 8:00pm.


What?! Conditioning me for my own property?



You might



as well forgot about the chain if you don’t meet me there tomorrow. I’ll sell the chain and buy myself a new IPhone 11 Pro Max.


You dare not Janelle!



You don’t know who I am Mr. Man. Janelle doesn’t bluff.



Okay, I’ll be there by 8pm.



Good. Stay cute and sexy.” I said and hung up the phone then chuckled.



Janelle Huggins always gets what she wants whatever the means.” I said smirking before laughing and heading back to the lounge.


I figured out the number I slid into Kaleb’s shirt may get lost and then all my efforts will be in vain. I came up with another plan. When Kaleb wasn’t paying attention, I pick pocketed his wallet and and took his golden neck chain.


Then I rewrote my number and put it in his wallet, in the compartment where he kept his neck chain. So when he’s looking for it he’ll see my number and call.



Guess my plan worked



I’m a badass * *


♀ ♀



~ Ryan’s POV ~


* *


Her perfect straight legs, her brunette straight hair which had a funky mixture of brown, blonde and black. Her perfect skin and pointy nose. Her plump pink lips with a set of curled up eyes. A tanned white skin complexion and a body with sexy ingredients in the right places.



This epitome of beauty is my Ashley,


My Ashley that I let slip away into the hands of the Brixlars.


How I wish I had confirmed my feelings earlier before you left,


A wise man once said, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.


And now I realise that I took my soulmate as my foster sister.


It’s too late now, the deed has been done.


But Ryan Williams doesn’t give up!


He must have what he wants!!


Don’t tell me you’re still staring at her pics.” Liam said and hit my on the shoulder playfully.


You don’t get it Liam. I love her.”


Take a chill and forget about her. She’s your sister man.” Liam said and he wasn’t wrong at all for that.


I know Liam, but somehow I feel drawn to her. I feel like my world revolves around her. I feel…I feel empty without her.”


Wow! You’re messed up dude.”


I’m messed up for love.” I said and Liam laughed hard.


Have you called her since her wedding?”


No I haven’t. I probably should call her now.”


Now? At this late hour? This is when husbands and wives have fun. Do you want Kaleb to sue you for interrupting his matrimonial rights?” Liam chortled as he spoke.



Who cares about Kaleb. I’m not afraid of him. Remember Brothers before Husbands.”


But the Holy book says one shall leave his family and cling to their soulmate and I’m sure Ashley leaving Ryan was included.” Liam added and laughed while I rolled my eyes.


I picked up my phone and searched for Ashley’s number. After locating it, I dialled it.


It rang but no response.


I called it again and still no response.


I told you bro, she’s in the middle of her matrimonial pleasure. Don’t disturb them.” Liam said and I got annoyed.


Don’t let me get you Liam.” I said and he ran out of the room and I pursued after him.


* *



~ Ashley’s POV ~


* *


Who is calling me?” I said and picked up my phone and saw it was Ryan.


Not now Ryan, I’m about to be raped by my father in-law.” I said sarcastically and tossed the phone away.


Mr. Brown has been crying and wailing ever since, seems like I broke that snake between his legs so hard.


But suddenly, I stopped hearing him cry and just as I was about to turn back, I felt someone grab my waist.


” Agh!!” I yelled and Mr. Brown carried me and dropped me on the bed.



He forcefully removed my towel and there I laid unclad and in my full glory! ” I must have you!” He said and started removing his clothes.


Please no, Please…” I begged but he fell on deaf ears. After he was through removing his clothes. He climbed on me and was about to thrust.


I used my knee to hit his p*nis and he fell on the bed clutching his genital. I looked around for any sharp object I could find.


I saw a table knife on the cupboard and I picked it up and cut off Mr. Brown’s p*nis.


Serves you right for trying to rape Ashley.” I said and smiled victoriously.


* *



~ Mia’s POV ~


* *


• I didn’t u


nderstand my math homework so I decided to go meet dad so he can teach me. He must’ve been back from work by now.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I knocked and no one answered, then I decided to open the door and go in but it was locked. Then I raised the foot mat up and took out the room key from there. Dad always keeps a spare key there in case of an emergency.


I opened the door slowly and saw grandad on the bed na.ked and he was bleeding profusely from his private parts.




• I also saw that Ashley singing and dancing victoriously and she was na.ked as well.




I closed the door quietly and went downstairs then phoned 911



Yes, my step-mum attempted murder. We’re on our way little girl.


Hurry!” I said and hung up.


* *



~ Ashley’s POV ~


* *


What am I gonna do now? How will I explain to the rest of the family, especially


Kaleb that I sliced of that tentacle his father possesses. But I was about to be raped! I did it in self-defense. I would’ve ran away but the door was locked and I don’t f*cking know where he put the damn keys. I would’ve yelled but the rooms are sound proof.


What do you expect me to do?


Watch my father in-law take my virginity??


Just then, the door flung open and two cops came in with Mia.


You’re under arrest for grievous body harm on Mr. Brown!” The cops said.

















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