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My Plastic Wife – Episode 10

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Chapter TEN


[ More Than What Meets The Eye II ]












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* *



~ Kaleb’s POV ~


* *


You said what!?” I asked Janelle to confirm what my ears heard.


What did I say?” Janelle asked and I was overwhelmed.



She doesn’t remember what she said 53seconds earlier


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I turned back and saw her scrolling through her phone and grinning as she did that, not even paying attention to what I was saying.


” Forget about it.” I said apprehensively and quickly left there and went into my car.


* *




~ Janelle’s POV






* *


Heck!” I exclaimed and kept my phone in my pocket then laughed my way upstairs and went to join the rest of the girls.


Kaleb doesn’t know what is coming his way! I’m gonna get him by all means.


This is just the beginning!


” Sup J.” I heard Nadia call out to me and I paused.


I realised she was at the back of me so I turned back to meet her.


What’s up?” I replied when I got there.


I’m good. I didn’t know you had plans on entering the competition.” Nadia said and I smile-smirked.


Well I didn’t know I had plans to enter the competition until 45 minutes ago when I saw Kaleb through the window.” I said and Nadia shot me a surprise stare.



Oh no


I’m not supposed to mention Kaleb’s name!! She mustn’t know I entered the competition because of Kaleb or else she will flip!


What? Did I say Kaleb? I mean I saw you guys dancing through the window and I was thrilled!” I said nervously as I scratched my head hoping Nadia will buy my lie.


Hmm. Okay Janelle. It’s nice to see you flow in the spirit of dance as much as I do.” Nadia said with a smile and I grinned.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I’m off to the room now.” I said and walked away.


* *



~ Kaleb’s POV ~


* *



I don’t have a safe feeling about Janelle. I can swear that I heard her say “I love you” and definitely she was referring to me.


I think it was a bad idea allowing her into the competition because it can be toxic to me and my marriage.


I drove back home reminiscing on all what happened today and thinking of what might be happening at home by now. Mia and Ashley may be at cat and dog now and Amelia and Mum are there to fuel it all up. Luckily for Ashley, dad and Sydney will be there to help her….hopefully.


I wish I can be at home more often, at least this will reduce the way they pick on her.


I don’t want them making our marriage difficult because it was already hard enough for us to get married.


Anyways…I hope they get use to her soon.






















I alighted from the car and went straight into the house. I saw Amelia and


Sydney teaching Mia how to makeup.


Don’t you think she’s a bit young for this?” I asked as I came in and immediately Mia saw me, her face lit up and she rushed to hug me.


Dadddyy!! I missed you so much.” Mia said and wrapped her tiny arms around me.



Oh Hi.” I heard Ashley say and I looked up to see her coming down the stairs.


Hey beautiful, how you doing?” I said to Ashley and Mia stepped away from me and sneered as I hugged her.


Off course, we’re still on board with the P.D.A plan


I’m alright, I just missed you alot!” She said and I smiled.


Ugh, I’m disgusted.” Amelia said and got off the couch.


Come Mia, let’s go continue our lessons up stairs.” Amelia said and Mia left us but not before lashing a bad stare at Ashley.


Ashley felt bad when Mia gave her the cold attitude and Amelia’s annoying comments. I feel for her.


” C’mon don’t mind them. L


et’s go upstairs.” I said and wrapped my hands around Ashley’s waist and I could feel her shriek as my hands touched her waist. But Syd was still downstairs so we have to pretend.


Yeah, upstairs.” Ashley said in a sad tone and I pecked her cheeks. She turned back and gave me a warning stare.


You’re taking it to far.” She whispered and I cleared my throat because Syd was looking at us.


Okay let’s go.” I said and held her hand then we walked upstairs.







Hey pecking me wasn’t part of the plan Kaleb.” Ashley said when we got into the room and I chuckled.


Well I’m afraid P.D.A covers pecking as well.” I said with a smirk and Ashley rolled her eyes.


Oh please, you’re not serious.” She said and sat on the couch.


But we’re legally married to I have the free will to peck my wife anywhere.” I said to Ashley and winked.


Well…uh…okay.” She nervously replied.


Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Ashley said.


Alright I’m all ears.”


Well I really feel bored doing nothing at home, so I was hoping if you could help me set up a business.” Ashley said and I looked at her closely.


Business? Hmm. Okay. What type of business?”


Uh. I want a clothing line and probably a chic boutique.” Ashley said and I furrowed my brows.


Why don’t you wanna use your certificates and get a job?” I asked her and she sighed.


Well, I don’t have any certificates.” She replied and I became curious.


Huh why?” I asked her.


Well they were burnt, at least that was what my parents told me.” She said.



Hmm, what are the names of the schools and colleges you finished from. We can go there and they can issue you another certificate.” I suggested.


Well I don’t…I can’t…I don’t remember anything about my childhood quite frankly and my parents have refused to tell me!” Ashley said half-yelling.


Alright calm down. I’ll get the paper work done and your clothing line and boutique will be ready by weekend.” I said and Ashley smiled.


Thanks Kaleb.”


Yeah anytime.”


* *



~ Ashley’s POV ~


* *


Oh My Gosh! I’m so excited!!! Thank God Kaleb granted my request. Now


I’ll be away from this house through out the day!


I wasn’t bored of staying here,


I lied to Kaleb.


I don’t want him to feel bad.


I’m just fed up with Mia and Amelia picking on me,


And now that I’m gonna be away through out the better part of the day, then the picking on will reduce.


But frankly,


The main reason I wanna be seen less in this house is because of Mr. Brown.


Today I caught him red handed staring at my butt during my morning workout!


I really need to take drastic measures before this man rapes me!


Anyways…I’m not gonna be around all the time so that will reduce a lot.





















Few Days Later



Today marks the very beginning of the Ashton Le Couture Clothing line and boutique!” Kaleb yelled and we all laughed.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


It was the opening night of my clothing line and boutique. We were at the after party. Kaleb, Sydney, Amelia, Payton and I were seated on the high table also with some of Kaleb’s associates.


Cheers to that!” Payton yelled and raised her glass of wine and we all did the same and clinked our glasses. Well, all of us except Amelia did that.


This is gonna be a blast! I look forward to working with you Ashley.” Payton said with a smile.


Payton Gurreline, A five star business entrepreneur and I got her to be my business partner.


Okay guys, I gotta use the bathroom real quick.” I said and found my way to the bathroom.


I went into the bathroom and eased myself, afterwards went to wash my hands and check on my make-up and hair in the mirror.



Beep Beep


Someone just sent me a message.


I opened the text,


It was from an unknown number.



Hello sweetness, how are you doing




I love you so much and I wish to have you as mine.




Your secret admirer.


WHAT who sent me this?”















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