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My Life As A Se.x Slave – Episode 7

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Chapter 7 {his prostitute or wife}





By Ifeoluwa





Genre:- Erotica romance. Enjoy .




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Note, this story is rated




Robert’s pov


“What did you just say?” She asked and quickly disengaged from the hug.


“I said be my wife, let’s get married.” He replied in a serious tone.


“Are you kidding me?” She said burning in fury. “You want me to be your wife? Well, let me tell you that’s the last thing on earth I wanna be.” She replied and walks out of the room.


Yes, I was expecting that, but it won’t stop me.


Why does she thinks I suggested that deal in the first place.

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Of course she’s mine and she has no choice but to take the deal.



The real plan is to make her mine forever and it’s only possible if she agrees to be my wife.


“Gloria!” I called her in the hallway which stopped her.


“What?” She spatted angrily.


“Why don’t you just think about it? Am serious” I said hoping she would succumb to my demands.


“Fuck you!” She gnarled.


Why is she being so difficult, why is she talking to me that way.


“Gloria, will you lower your voice? you are talking to me.” I shouted at her and she flinched.


“I can agree to be your s*x slave but I can never be your wife, never, you this mad beast.” She said infuriated.


She’s really getting on my nerves, I felt this urge to slap her but I controlled myself keeping my calm.


She hissed at me and left for her room.


This is going to be hard guess I’ll need a plan.


She’s my s*x slave, yes, but we can be so much more.


The next day I got dressed heading out as I have cooked up a perfect plan.


“Robert!” Bianca called from behind me.


“What?” I asked coldly.


“What about our deal?” She asked grumpy.


“What deal?” I asked while shrugging.


“You said you will make me your wife?” She retorted. “Ohh… That, do you think I was honest about that?” “What?” She asked.


“Bianca, I can never touch you not to talk of marriage, just know the only reason you are still here is because of Gloria, and I appreciate your help so far.” I winked at her and leave.


Hmm, so funny she actually thinks I will make her my wife.


Thanks to her, I can have Gloria forever.



Gloria’s pov


Is he being serious now? Is he kidding me?


After how many years of slavery, he wants me to be his wife?


He’s got to be kidding me, it’s a NO.


The next morning came, I got off the bed yawning and got into my bathtub.


“Today should be a good day.” I muttered to myself.


I have a document which claims my ownership to half of his assets.

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I can have my own life.


I finished bathing and got dressed in a red mini gown with no sleeves at all.


I combed my hair down thinking about what he said last night and Bianca’s action too.


I can’t seems to forget any of her words.


I never thought she would betray me.


And now Robert wants me to be his wife.


“You this witch.” Bianca barged in and slapped me on the face.


“Are you crazy?” I asked holding my cheek.


“I made a mistake, I was a fool to have told him where you were, I should have let you stray away and rot on the street.” She yelled out as I looked her in disbelief.


“I never knew you were so pathetic.”


“What?” She asked surprised to hear me say that.


“You would stoop so low because of a man who is nothing more than a monster, you are a disgrace how could you be so shameless.” I said and it was crystal clear she was raging in anger.


She raised her hand trying to slap me but I caught it midair and returned the slap on her face.


“You should be thankful to me, if not you will be back on the street where you belong by now.” I said and she scoffed.


“You just wait, both of you, he fooled me, he said I would be his wife but it was a lie, you wait and see as I make you two go through hell.” She said giving me a spiteful look.


It hurts to see my best friend saying those to me when have never harmed her.


I left her in the room and head to the living room.


The memories I had with her kept coming back and it hurts to know she was never a friend.



‘Pon, pon’ the hoot from the car quelled my roaming mind That should be Robert, why is he here so soon.


I looked back as he comes into the room with an unidentified woman who looks wretched.


I hissed at him and concentrate on the TV.


“You would want to say hi.” Robert said pointing to the woman’s direction.


She looks dirty and wretched but I could recognize who it was in a glance.


It was my mom, my own mother.


“Mom?!” I exclaimed surprised and Robert smiled mischievously.


What exactly is he planning this time.








To be continued…….



What exactly is Robert planning? .




My life as A Se.x slave




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