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My Life As A Se.x Slave – Episode 10

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Chapter 10 {Exposed}






By Ifeoluwa





Genre:- Erotica romance. Enjoy .



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Noted, this story is rated




Bianca’s pov



I looked through the window as Robert and his bodyguard drove out of the compound.


This is it, the right time to execute my plan.


Time to teach that bitch the lesson of her life.


How dare she? She took everything have ever wished for without working for it.

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It’s not my fault that it turned to this, she should pay for her sins.


I ravaged through my bag which was on the desk in my room.


I reached for my phone and input Venom’s number.


My friend when I was still on the street.


He had a crush on me back then which is why we are still in contact.



Hello* I said at a quick pace.



Bianca baby* he replied in his usual horrendous fashion.



He’s gone you can come now and please do a neat job* I replied.



Ok baby anything for you* he replied and I end the call.


I can’t afford to have any loose ends, after Gloria, Venom is next.


After the call I changed into body hugging gown which runs to my thighs.


Sitted on one of the comfy chairs in the living room I wait for venom with a glass of wine in my hand.


This is finally the day have been waiting for.


Minutes later venom with his friends barged in with their hoods on and a gun in their hands.


“That was fast” I said the moment I saw them.


“Anything for my baby.” He said and took off his hoodie.


“Thank you.” I replied and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. “Now go on she’s in the room with the biggest door upstairs.” I replied indicating where she was.


“Ok baby, promise you are coming back to me after this.” He asked since that’s what was the deal we had.

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“Of course.” I replied and ran my finger through his body as his friend looked at us both.


“Ok baby, Tony let’s go.” He said to his friend and they both ran upstairs.


After a while I heard gunshot from upstairs signifying they have done it.


They sauntered back to the living room holding their guns.


“It’s done?” I asked and he nodded yes.


“I will get back to you later.” He said and they both scampered away.


Now, it’s done, Gloria say hi to the devil for me when you get to hell.


I slowly walk to the room she was.


My eyes almost fell from its socket due to what I saw.


It was Gloria, I thought she should be dead but she’s not, slowly breathing as she holds her arm where she has been shot.


Oh my God! What a fool!


Venom what exactly did he do?


Guess I will have to finish the job myself.


I approached Gloria who’s eyes was closed and stretched my hands towards her neck.


I reached for her neck with the aim to strangle her to death.


Die! You bitch, die! I thought as my hands finally touched her neck.


I was about to do it when I heard the hoot from Robert’s car.


Oh my God, why is he here early?


I need to turn this whole situation around.



Robert’s pov


I drove back home remembering I left some important documents at home.


I entered my room and found Gloria lieing on Bianca’s arm.


I was shocked at the sight of the blood I saw.



What happened here? Who did this?


So many thoughts ran through my head but that isn’t as important as saving Gloria.


“What happened here?” I asked and rushed towards them.


“I don’t know, I just returned from the grocery store and met her here.” She replied crying.


“No, this can’t be happening.” I said perplexed by what I saw. “Let’s take her to the hospital.” I added and carried her into my arms.


I rushed downstairs and carried into the car, within seconds I turned on the ignition and drove her to the hospital.


My whole body was hot and sweaty I couldn’t grab hold of the situation.


What had really happened.


Why would she be shot.


I arrived at the hospital and she was taken care of by the emergency room doctors.


Bianca by my side couldn’t control her tears as she was crying profusely.


My head became heavy with a whole load of thought.


Gloria can’t die, she musn’t die, she can’t leave me.


I sat on a chair and buried my head’s into my palms.


This can’t be happening, no one would have done this if not someone I know.


And am sure I had no beef with anyone so the only suspect would be……



Bianca’s pov



I need to come up with a plan I need to turn this to my favour.


Hours of waiting the doctor finally attended to us.


“Hmm, Mr Robert.” The doctor called his attention.


“Yes, doctor.” He replied hastely.


“Thankfully she’s alive.” He responded and my heart tore to pieces.


“Thank God, thank you so much doctor.” He thanked the doctor with smiles exposing his cute dimples.


“It’s ok, it’s not a serious wound she should be fine after a few days and we need to report this to the police.” The doctor suggested and I grew restless.


Police? I really need to act fast.


“Can we see her now?” I asked.


“Of course you can.” The doctor replied and left us.


“Hmm… Robert I need to use the restroom I will be back.” I said and he gave me a suspicious look.


I head for the restroom and took out my phone to call venom.


That stupid bastard.



Hey baby you want to thank me right?* He said feigning ignorance.



Thank you? You did absolutely nothing the girl is still alive, she’s not dead you idiot* I said trying control my anger.



Take it easy will you? I will do a perfect job next time, that was a mistake because we were in a haste* he replied.


There won’t be a next time bastard* I said in a harsh tone and ended the call.


I turned back to leave when I saw Robert looking at me with spite.


“Who was that? Was it you?” He asked grimly.


“Oh my God! Robert” I exclaimed and gasped as I cover my mouth with my hands. Have I finally being exposed?


Is this the end? This can’t be the end.









To be continued……








My life as A Se.x slave



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