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My Indoor Holiday – Episode 5

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Written by Rejoice




Chapter 5





It took me fifteen minutes to make up my mind and get the courage and boldness to head to the kitchen.


With slow and careful steps, I walked to the kitchen, peeping in, He was facing the counter.


My eyes fell on his feet. It’s so true, he’s feet are a bit up from the floor.

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“Finally you are here.” he said without turning.



I breathed out, “How did you know im here?” He then turned and smiled.

“I feel you.” he said.


“Is that the way you feel other people too?” I asked.


“Yeah, but yours is so strong. Like we have a strong connection.” he said.



I swallowed, “How did you die?”

“I have no idea but I remember before I became a spirit, I kissed Juliet for the first


time.” he said.

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“Who’s Juliet?” I asked.


“My girlfriend.” he said.


“That was five years ago right? so how old were you then?” I asked.


“Eighteen.” he said.


“That means you are twenty-three now?”


“Maybe but Im still eighteen now, you can see.” he said.


“Yeah.” I muttered.


“Your your feet don’t touch the floor.” I said.


He shrugged, “Do you really have to ask about everything? im a gho–” he paused.


I breathed out then looking around the kitchen, I found out that the kitchen has


been all tidied up.



“That was fast.” I said.


He smiled, “Yeah.”

“How did you do it? they were heap of plates and the counter and the floor was too


dirty.” I said.


He smiled. I guess he got a thing for smiles.


“Yes I do.” he said with a wider smile.


“Huh?” I raised my brow.


“I love smiling alot.” he said.


“Stop reading my mind Henry.” I said.


He twisted his lips in a funny way, “I can’t.” “Just try!” I said.


“Don’t just think of bad things.” he said and giggled.


I instantly wanted to tell him ‘ you’ but realizing he’s a ghost, I didn’t.

“Say it if you want to. I ain’t gonna hurt you. I’ve never hurt anyone not even when


I was alive.” he said.


I sighed. He’ll always keep reading my mind.


He smiled.



“Watch this.” he said. Then his eyes went to the mopping stick and shockingly, it began walking towards.

“What the!” I screamed and ran backwards.


“Nothing to be scared of.” he said as the mopping stick began mopping the kitchen


floor by itself.


I watched it with wide eyes and lips agape.


He glanced at me with a smile, then looked at the mopping stick and it stopped mopping, paused then fell down.


I placed my hand on my beating chest.


“Now I know the reason behind the plate that fell but didn’t break.” I said and he laughed.


“Won’t you thank me?” he said.


I stared at him..



“Fine, don’t bother.” he said and went for his guitar laying on the small kitchen seat.


“Well thanks. If you hadn’t done that, I would have had to pick up the broken


pieces, so much work.” I said.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


He smiled.

“The thanks I need from you Isa, is your help.” he said.


“What help?” I asked.


He raised his brow, “You are serious?”



“That you gonna help me.” he said.


“I don’t know.” I said.


“Fine, let’s tidy up the sitting-room before your aunt is back.” he said and walked out.


Phewww! im hungry.


I picked up the bucket with the mopping stick and walked out too.


I just have to accept that im gonna become a friend with a ghost and there’s nothing


im gonna do about it.


Maybe im a ghost too.




I got to the sitting-room and he was standing close to the TV, staring at the picture frames on the wall.

“Regina.” he muttered and I raised my brows.


“You know her?” I asked.


“Ofcourse. She was my classmate and a friend to..” he paused and turned to me.


“A friend to who?” I asked.


“Elizabeth, younger sister to my girlfriend.” he said. I raised my brows with widened eyes, “Really?” “She’s not dead.” he said.


“Why do you say so?” I asked and stepped closer, not minding if he’s really a



“If she is, I’do see her spirit. I think she’s captured.” he said.



“Captured? for three years now, by who?” “I have no idea.” he said.


“But you are a ghost, you should know everything.” I said.


“Not everything that I’ll know Isa.” he said.


I inhaled, “But what happened after you kissed Elizabeth sister?”


He shook his head, “I don’t kow. I think I collapsed or something.” he said.

“And what does your mind tell you?” I asked.


“I feel that I am not really dead. I feel that my soul and body is being tied somewhere while my spirit is left to wander about and that spirit is I here.” he said. “Don’t you think Juliet is behind this?” I said.


He looked into my eyes and I quickly looked away.

“Yes I think. And I also think Elizabeth is behind Regina’s lost.” he said.



I glanced at Regina’s pictures. She look so beautiful, with such a pretty smile.


“So what do we do?” I asked.


“I’ve tried so many times to get into the house of the Holloways but I couldn’t. Im


bind from passing into the house. I can’t get through. When ever I try to get close, there’s like a wall that holds me back. I can’t pass through.” he said.


“Why? and who are the Holloways?” I asked.


“Juliet Holloway and Elizabeth Holloway.” he said.


“Really?” I breathed.



They sure got a thing to do with his death and Regina’s.



“Yes Isa and that is why I’ve been wishing to meet someone who sees me. And now you came, you are my hope Isabel. You have to help me please.” he said. “In what way?” I asked.


“In getting into the Holloways house and finding my body.” he said.



I gasped and shook my head, “I can’t do such Henry. It’s too dangerous for me.” I said.

“Isa please you’ve got to do it. You are my only hope.” he begged.


“They could kill me or capture me too.” I said.


“They won’t get you. We gonna plan it perfectly so well and nothing is gonna


happen to you.” he said.


I inhaled as so many thoughts raced through my mind.


What im I really thinking of doing? Help a ghost? How possible im I to do that? Gosh I can’t do this.


“I can’t help you Henry, im sorry.” I said.


He grabbed my hand and a shiver of cold and fright ran through me.

“Must you hold me!! oh God!” I shouted.


His hand felt so cold.


He quickly left it.“Im sorry.” he said.


I shifted away.

“Gosh! that scared me. Your hand is so cold.” I said.


“Yeah im sorry.” he said.



“Henry I can’t help you.” I said.


“You have to..”


“Im hungry” I said and walked away towards the kitchen.


“I feel your aunt on her way home.” he said.


“Then you should leave before she do.” I said and finally walked into the kitchen.


Grabbing a plate of mayonnaise from the fridge, I brought out sandwich, and walked to the counter, took out a tray and placed the sandwich on it, then poured the mayonnaise on top.


Great I can do this.



“Not that way.” I heard his voice behind.


I turned to see him shook his head.

“Then what way?” I asked.


“You got it tho.” he giggled.


“Stop playing with me!” I snapped.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“I guess you are from a wealthy home.” he said.


I cut from the sandwich to eat.

“My dad is Logan Dalton, ever heard of the name?” I asked.


“Yeah. Regina do talk about him then, she said he’s not really a good uncle to her and her mom.” he said and I raised my brows.



“Yeah, if aunt Kiki got such a wealthy brother, then she shouldn’t be living in this cracked upstair nor in this part of new york.” he said.

“But dad.. dad said he was always nice to aunt Kiki.” I said.


“Maybe.” he shrugged.


“You wanna eat?” I asked.


He chuckled, “Really? I’ve not tasted meals nor water for five years now.” he said.

“Oh.. I almost forgot who you are.” I said then I gasped when I recalled something.


“Guess what?” I yelled.


“I know already, you’ve not had your bathe.” he said.


“Yeah and aunt Kiki would soon be home.” I said and hurriedly finished up the remaining sandwich.

“Go bathe, I’ll wash the dish.” he said.


“Thanks.” I said and ran off upstairs to my bedroom.



Opening my door, I was shocked to see him sitting on my bed, grinning.


“Henry! stop scaring me.” I said.


“I first youuuu.” he said with a wider grin.


I sighed, “So fast. You should, im not a ghost.” I said and he giggled.


I walked to my closet and pulled the door open to reveal my tons of eye catching clothes.


I pulled out a pink flair, short dress with a turtleneck.


Then when I went for my undies, but recalled Henry is there with me.


I turned to him.


“Okay Henry, you should leave. I wanna bathe.” I said.


He smiled and pushed his hair back and licked his lip.


“Alright.” he said and stood up from the bed.


“Don’t be scared when I disappear.” he said.


“I’ve seen you do.” I said.


“But you were frightened.” he said.


“Just go now, I’ve gotta bathe before aunt Kiki gets back.” I said.


He smiled, “Fine, but Isa, damn you are so beautiful.” he said.


I raised my brows at him, not knowing what to say.


He pushed his hair back and blinked his eyes.

“Can we be friends?” he said.


I chuckled, “NO.” I said.

“Why? cos im a ghost?” he asked.


“Oh just leave Henry!” I half yelled.


He giggled, “Alright. See you soon.” he said and before I could tell him not to come back again, he vanished.


I screamed. So scary!!!!


He reappeared instantly.


“What?” he said.


“Ahhhh!” I screamed again.


He giggled, “Thought you ain’t scared of me anymore!” he said.

“Go!” I yelled..


He smiled, then turned and headed to the door, he got to the door and paused, “Let me use this then.” he said and then passed through the door.



I held my chest.


Well this one is quite better.


I sighed and turned back to my closet, picked up a pink pantie and dropped it together with the dress on the bed, then headed to the bathroom.


While I had my bathe, I couldn’t keep my mind off from the help Henry want from me… Seriously Im so scared! I can’t go to the Holloways or whatever! but my bewilderment was on why I have to be seeing a ghost! do I have any connection with ghosts!


Ohh.. but I remember..when I was a kid, I sometimes wish to see a mermaid. Yes a mermaid but not a ghost!


But can I really help Henry? I don’t know.. but he’s so cute! and his smile. Arggh!


Im going insane!


This was all my dad’s fault!


I want to yell at him that he brought me to a ghosts filled place!! but im sure Henry won’t let me.






Few minutes later, I was out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body and a smaller one tied around my head.


I walked to the small dressing table and proceeded to cream my body.


After which I pulled into the pantie and the dress.


Then walked back to the dressing table to comb my hair.


“Let me help you.” Henry’s voice came behind me.


I immediately turned to see him standing just close behind me.


He twisted his mouth in that funny way and that made me chuckle but then I frowned immediately.

“Im not done dressing yet! Why can’t you announce yourself before dashing into a


female’s bedroom!” I said.


He shrugged, “I knew you were done so I came in.” he said.

“You what? how? were you watching me bathe?!” I half yelled.


“No. I felt it.” he said.


I breathed out and turned back to the mirror.


Wait! he isn’t appearing in the mirror.


I glanced back and he was there, staring at me.

“Huh?” he said.


I turned back to the mirror, he still wasn’t appearing.

“Don’t be suprised. Ghosts don’t appear in the mirror.” he said.


I swallowed, “Okay.”


“Your aunt is back.” he said, and just immediately, I heard the sound of her car. I stood up and made to the door. “You should leave.”






My Indoor Holiday






Written by Rejoice



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