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My Indoor Holiday – Episode 4

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Written by Rejoice




Chapter 4





The sound of his guitar and his singing woke me up again.. I checked the time and it’s 3am.


I thought of not going to the window but just lay down and listen to his songs.. but I couldn’t help it. I was craving to see his face even though he was far. I wish I could meet him soon before I leave here.


I got up from the bed and went over to the window, drew the curtains and saw him.

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Seriously why is he still in the same clothes?


I sighed and watched him singing.



I can’t believe im having thougts of meeting him and telling him how good he sings.


I kept watching him sing till I got tired of standing and drew close the curtains, walked back to my bed and layed back.


While still listening to his songs, I fell back asleep.






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Morning came and I woke up by the knocking on my door.


I sighed.

“Isa wake up.” aunt Kiki’s voice came behind the door.


“Why!” I snapped.


“It’s morning and im off to work.” she said.


I rolled my eyes, “Bye.”

“You should make yourself a coffee for breakfast.” she said.


I frowned, “I can’t make coffee.”


“Bye Isa dear and don’t forget to tidy up the house ok.” she said and then she walked away.


I sighed.


Who is gonna tidy up whatever!!


Seriously, this is really annoying and unbearable!


I hissed and grabbed my phone and typed on the google search.


‘How to make a coffee drink.’


Heat up a cup of water..


Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of instant coffee into a mug..


Dissolve the coffee with a table spoon of cold water..


Pour the hot water into the mug.


And so on..


I sighed and decided to eat bread and jam.


I walked out, downstairs and to the kitchen.


I walked to the fridge, opened it and grabbed a bread and jam.


I dropped it on a counter and went for a bread knife and saucer.






After I was done eating, I was exhausted to wash the plates.. and wait! did aunt


Kiki tell me to tidy up the house?


Never going to be possible.


I can accept to wash the plates.. but never gonna try this shit of cleaning this damn






I walked out and then upstairs to my room.


I even feel sleepy.


Maybe I coud shower and sleep awhile then wake up and call Katy. Ahhh dad said he was gonna call me!! but he still haven’t! Im just gonna deal with him when I go back!


Opening the door, I was beyond shocked to see him…


The guitar guy at the next house window.


He was standing close to my window with his guitar in his hand.


His look was stoic and we were just staring at each other. I was shocked and confused.


“How did. did you.. get here? Wait aunt Kiki closed the door and im sure I locked


the door when she did.” I said, my mind racing to when aunt Kiki left for school. I was still in bed when she did, then when I came down I sure forget to go lock the door.


“You didn’t.” he said.


I shook my head, “Even if I didn’t. Why the hell did you come in without ringing the doorbell?” I asked.


He shrugged, “Because the door opened before I thought of doing that.” he said.


My jaw dropped at his stupid lie..

“Such a lie. And you couldn’t even stay at the sitting-room, you walked all the way


into my bedroom. What do you want.” I said.


He smiled.


Goshh he’s cute.

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“I can’t believe you’re seeing me.” he said. I narrowed my eyes, “What do you mean?”


He came nearer to me, staring into my eyes and mine to his. I wasn’t seeing the


image of me in his eyeballs.



“You’ve been listening to my songs from your window. I’ve been seeing you.” he



“So? that doesn’t answer my question” I said.


“Im also aware that you’ve been admiring me.” he said. I arched my brow, “How did you know?” “Because.. because.” he paused.


“Because of what?” I asked.


He pushed his hair back and that made him appear really handsome.

“seriously I was astonished when I felt eyes on me. And scanning around for those


eyes, I saw it was yours. A girl’s eyes living inside this house. Are you new here? and why do you see me?”


All he said made no common sense to me.


I got nothing.

“Ain’t you a human? why are you asking me sich a question.” I asked and my


question got me frightened.


Is he a human?

“I don’t know.” he said and I frozed.


“What the hell do you mean?” I asked, and began moving backwards.


But he started coming slowly forward too.


My beating stopped as great fear caught me.


“Do you remember waking up so early? do you remember having a deep sleep that


the doorbell couldn’t wake you up? do you remember wanting to record me singing but your phone switched off and couldn’t switch on. Do you remember the ceramic



dish falling last night but didn’t break? do you?” he asked and my back landed on the door.


I couldn’t move back anymore and he also stopped abit away from me.


I began scampering with my hand for the doorknob but couldn’t find it even though it was supposed to be right here.


“Who.. who the hell are you?” I asked as tears hurriedly gathered in my eyes.


I was dying with fright.


He sighed, “Im Henry Leone.” he said.

“What are you!” I yelled.


“I was a human just like you six years ago but they say that im dead five years


now.” he said and my heatbeat ceased.


I shut my eyes tight and screamed.


“Ahhhhh” “Ahhhhh ghost. oh ghost. you are a ghost. aunt Kiki!!! ghost Jesus


Christ. Ghost!! oh my God, please don’t hurt me, I beg you.” I cried with tears pouring down and my heart beating loudly and fast, my hands, my legs and my lips shaking.


“No no no, you don’t need to be scared of me Isabel.” he said and I shook my head swiftly.


He even know my name.


He’s a ghost. A ghost is standing here.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” “Ahhh im dead!!” I screamed.


“Please open your eyes, im not harmful. I wouldn’t have disturbed you if you


weren’t seeing and hearing me like everyone is. Im suprised that you are and I believe there’s a reason why you do Isabel.” he said with a voice so calm.


I finally found the doorknob and grabbed it tightly.


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“Just open your eyes and look at me.” he said but I shook my head.


“Pls.” he said.


“No!! I don’t wanna look at you! Go away right now! please..” I cried.


“But I can’t. You caused this for me, first you are seeing me, secondly you love



“I don’t love you. Never!” I yelled.


“Okay, fine but you have a crush on me.” he said and giggled.


I sighed. My eyes still shut.

“You love my songs.” he said.



I moved a little forward, so I could open the door, I did but the door refused to open.


There’s no reason to be confused about this. It’s him.


I breathed out and opened my right eye.


He was standing inches away from me with his brown eyes looking into mine.


I looked away.

“Please don’t look into my eyes. Yours are scary.” I said.


“Open the other one too, im not a monster or a vampire. Im only a ghost.” he said


and I swallowed.

“Open the door, get away from my room and never come back I beg you” I said


with my lips shaking. I was sweating furiously.



“And I told you Isabel, that I can’t leave you again till you calm down and hear my story, and we could know the reason why you can see me.” he said.

“I don’t wanna listen to you. You are dead, why don’t you go to ghosts like you and


talk with them. Im not a ghost. Im human, I don’t see ghosts, im not a sorceress. Oh God, im dreaming!! this is not happening.” I wept, still clutching on the doorknob.


“But you are seeing me when you are human. It shows that you alone can help me.


I’ve been wishing for something like this for five years now, thank you so much for coming here.” he said.


“I have no idea why im seeing you. I have nothing to do with spirits, just go away


from me please. Ahh!!”

“I wish I can but it’s not possible Isabe–.” he was cut short by the doorbell ring.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



He glanced into my eyes, then down at the door, then in another second, he wasn’t there again. He disappeared!!


I screamed in horror and dashed out of the room. Ran downstairs and over to the door still screaming with shaking fright.


I opened the door and it was a girl with brown fringe hair braided in pigtails.


Must be the Rose.


She widened her eyes at me, “Are you alright? I heard you screaming.” she said.


I couldn’t hide it.


I “There’s a…a”


then what happened next, I heard no slightest idea.


I saw myself rolling in a dark tunnel with dim colourful little lights rolling with me too.. I wasn’t screaming, I just kept rolling.


Then the next, was seeing myself back again, standing at the door but there was no Rose again.


What happened ?? What the hell happened to me!


“Im sorry about that.” I heard his voice behind me.


I gasped with fright and turned to see him looking at me with dull ‘sorry’ eyes. His guitar still with him.


I began moving backward but then I slipped and was falling but got hung in the air and something pushed me up to my feet.


I have no idea what force was that but I know it was his handwork.


I placed my hands on my fast beating chest.


“What did you do? Where is Rose?” I asked.


“You wanted to tell her about me but I can’t let you.” he said.


“Why!” I asked.


“Cos it have to be just between us. Even if another person got to know about it,


then it have to be someone that would understand. That girl wouldn’t believe you nor understand anything.” he said.

“Where is she?” I asked.


“I went into you.” he said.


My jaw dropped.

“You did what!!” I screamed.


He licked his bottom lips and scratched his hair like he doesn’t get what im asking, “Well, I did just so you can say something else to her than telling her you saw a ghost.” he said.

“And then?” I was eager. I just hope she’s safe!


“I made you tell her that you weren’t screaming and that you don’t need any


disturance. That you wanna be alone, so she left.” he said.


I gasped but relieved that she left safely.

“Hope you didn’t hurt her!” I asked.


He licked his lips, “I don’t hurt people. Im not a wolf nor a vampire.” he said.


I breathed, “I don’t really know what you want from me.” I said.

“Your listening ears and your help.” he said.


“How im I to help a ghost? seriously I wonder why im seeing you! it horrifies me.”


I said.


He smiled.. Gosh his smile is amazing.


Stupid me.. Im crushing on a ghost!


A ghost!


“You see, you have a crush on me.” he said with a giggle.


“How the hell did you know?” I asked.


“You said it within you. In your heart.” he said. I breathed out, “See Harry or what’s your name.” “Henry” he said.


“Henry, I think Im not scared of you anymore but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t


go away from me. Stop frightening the hell outta me.” I said.

“But you said you ain’t scared of me anymore. I was already jumping up.” he said,



“Your aunt will soon be home.” he said.


I quickly glanced at the wall clock, ’12:03pm’ Time went so fast.


“How did you know?” I asked him with a narrowed eyes.


He shrugged with a smile. That killer smile of his.

“Answer me.” I said.


“Im a gho–” he stopped and peered looked innocently into my eyes. I guess he could feel my fear start up again at that word ‘ghost’

“Im sorry.” he apologised and made to come closer.


“Don’t even!” I snapped.


He stopped.

“Can I help you with the tidying of the house?” he asked.


I raised my brows at him, “You know everything happening in here. Are you a pock nosing ghost?”


He smiled.

“I started watching you immediately I realized that you can see and hear me.” he




I swallowed.

“You’ve been watching me while I sleep and take my shower?” I asked.


He smiled and then licked his bottom lips.


I breathed out.

“You are nothing but a mischievous spirit.” I said.


“I can never watch you while you take your bathe. Anyways what haven’t I seen?”


he chuckled.

“You can’t see mine!” I snapped.


“Yeah I know. Wow I just want us to be like this. Im happy you ain’t scared of me


anymore. Now lemme start by helping you out in tidying up the house.” he said and turned to head to.. to the kitchen.


“Wait! where are going?” I asked.


He stopped. “Let’s start with the kitchen” he said.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

“Wait, how will it feel talking to you when my aunt is around?” I asked.


He scratched his hair, “It will look weird and funny to her. She’d think you’ve gone crazy, talking to nobody.” he said and I gasped.




He shrugged, then started walking towards the kitchen. My eyes fell on his legs and I saw that his feet wasn’t touching the ground. I swallowed.


Seriously, i’ve been seriously talking with a ghost. But im not really scared anymore. Why?


Gosh! why im I even seeing a ghost!


Im I a ghost too?


No stupid me, im not!


This is the weirdest dream I’ve ever had!






My Indoor Holiday


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