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My Indoor Holiday – Episode 2

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Written by Rejoice




Chapter 2





When I walked out to the the sitting-room, Aunt Kiki was talking with a dark-skinned lady.


They both turned their eyes to me and I rolled my eyes and headed for the staircase but Aunt Kiki called me back.



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“Isabel come back and say Hi to my friend.” I sighed and reluctantly came to them.


“So Catherine, this is my niece, Isabel and Isabel this is my friend, Catherine.”


I sighed.


What’s my business!


“Isabel, you are such a beautiful girl.” Catherine said and hugged me.


I rolled my eyes.


She pulled away and with a broad smile she said, “My house is the third after yours. My husband and I are gardeners. I have a daughter, Rose, she could come stay with you sometimes.” she said.



I scoffed within.

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“Alright Isa, go to your room.” aunt Kiki said.


I turned and climbed the stairs to the room.




Realising there’s no TV in the room, I layed on the bed, wore my headset and took


out my tablet to play games.


But soon, I slept off.




When I woke up, it was dark already.


I took off the headset, dropped it on the bed and stood up from the bed.


I found the switch and the lights came on.


I rubbed my eyes then walked over to the window and drew the curtains.


The house after ours is almost like Aunt Kiki’s.


With stuttered windows and chimney.


The window directly opposite mine was open and the creamy curtains danced at the touch of the passing wind but I couldn’t see the inside. It was dark.


I could also see the mainstreet and the street lights and also few cars driving pass and passing people, mostly people in rubber boots and overcoat.


I sighed and closed back the curtain.


Just then, the door opened and Aunt Kiki walked in.

“Isa, I came to check on you after Catherine left and saw you sleeping. I know you


must be very hungry after dropping the cornflakes and taking only a biscuit and juice.” she said.


My stomache grumbled instantly.

“Yeah I am!” I said.


“Well while you were asleep, I prepared a very sweet sandwitch and mayonnaise.


You’ll like it.” she said with a smile.


I sighed.


Very much better.





“So Isa, your dad thought you could be safe here, that was why he brought you


over. You know right?” she asked after we were done eating and I rolled my eyes.

“Safe in what way? He forced me to be here cos he wants me to be away from my


best friends. He think they are bad peers. I should be spending my holiday in Sunmay beach, not here in this boring cobweb old modern house.” I said. She smiled.

“It’s okay Isa, just stay a week and it will be over. You should go take a shower


now and sleep.” she said.


I rolled my eyes.

“I just woke up from sleep. I’ll watch movies.” I said.


“Ohh great. I have lots of Kdramas, you will love them. Ever heard of BBF? The


Heir, A playful kiss? Dream High? My personal Taste?”


I rolled my eyes. “I hate Kdramas. I’ll watch Nicklodeon rather.” I said.


She sighed, then shrugged, “But I love Korean movies more, my daughter loved it too before she.. she died.” she said and I sighed.


I heard the news.


My dad told me Regina, Kiki’s daughter fell into the ocean and no one was there to save her, she got lost or rather, she died and her body was never found.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Is that ocean around?” I asked.


She looked straight at me and let out a sad smile, “Your dad told you?” “Yeah.”


“No it’s not. It’s a fifty minutes drive from here.” she said.


“But what did she went there to do?”


“She went for a search with her two school friends, Mara and Elizabeth, then all I


heard was she was swimming and all of a sudden she was lost in the ocean, her friends didn’t see her anymore.. She was searched for in the ocean but she wasn’t found. But there was something I never liked about her friendship with Elizabeth. I always had the feeling that Elizabeth is not really human. Her behaviour and her talks about waters and oceans.” she said.


I think I began getting scared.


I inhaled.


“Where is the Elizabeth now?” I asked.


“She lives with her sister some blocks away.”


“They live in this street?”


“Yes but not so close” she said.



I breathed out.

“Okay, Im going up to my room.” I said.


I don’t wanna continue this scary conversation.

“Aren’t you watching some movies anymore?” she asked.


“No. I think I need to talk with my dad, then sleep off.” I said.


She smiled.

“Alright Isa, goodnight. Have a sweet dreams, may God Angels be by your sides


and watch over you tonight, Amen.” she prayed.

“Thanks.” I said and left for my room.


“Isa.” she called and I sighed and stopped.




“Aren’t you gonna say ‘goodnight’ to me too?”


I chuckled and turned to face her. “Goodnight Aunt Kiki.” I said.


She smiled, “Thanks my beautiful niece.”


I turned and finally climbed up the staircase to my room.




Seriously that was scary.


She was having the feelings that Elizabeth wouldn’t be really a human.


Maybe a mermaid, sorceress or spirit?


And they live in the street.


God! I don’t wanna think about this. I better just watch any movie on my phone or listen to music.


No I’ll watch a movie.


I searched through my tablet and settled for a phillipine movie, ‘Bride For Rent’ It’s gonna make me laugh and help in making me forget about Regina’s death, Oceans and Elizabeth.


I played the movie and it began.


Two hours later, it was over and I was happy I had nothing bothering me again.


I took my shower, pulled into my pink pajamas.


Just then dad call came and I picked up.


“How are you daughter?” his voice came in.


“I don’t know dad. Im missing so many things already. I wish you could let me


come back tomorrow.” I said.

“No darling. You gonna be back but that is after a week with your aunt.” he said.


“She’s got no maid dad and my bedroom is so small.” I said sadly.


“You have to live in them, just the way there are. You don’t expect everyone to be


wealthy. Learn darling, Im gonna transfer your aunt money tomorrow for your upkeep. Don’t forget to know that I love you.”he said.


I sighed. “Goodnight dad.” I said and dropped the call before he could, Just he could know that im angry.


But my Anger is not gonna make him change his mind.


Maybe I should tell him about Elizabeth.


That might scare him.


I called him back…after a long ring, he picked up.

“What is it Isa?” he asked immediately he picked up the call.


I breathed out, “Dad im scared.. Im really scared here. aunt Kiki said a girl she think is behind her daughter’s death is living in the area. Dad Im scared to be here.. I want to come back.” I said and began crying.

“It’s okay Isa dear, I’ll know what to do about this. I think you gonna come back


tomorrow. I don’t want anything happening to you.” she said and I almost jumped pass the ceiling!


My jump was so high. My head almost touched the ceiling!


“Yeah dad! yes! yes! yes!” I said.


“I’ll talk with your aunt. Be careful ok. switch off the lights and cover yourself


well. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight dad.” I said excitedly.


The call dropped and I fell on my bed, spreading wide my hands.



“Yes!! im so going back home tomorrow!” I said, grabbed my headset, wore it, and played ‘Katy Perry-Teenage Dreams’


I stood up on the bed, began dancing and singing loudly along.


Jumping crazily on the bed…














Waking up by a song and guitar playing..I thought I still had my headset but I remember vividly that I took it off when sleep came rocking on my eyes. But I still touched my head and my ear and there was no headset.


The bedside lamp was the only light on.


I rubbed my eyes and sat up on the bed.


Now I could get it actually.


The song was coming from outside.


Really? who plays guitar at… I tapped on my phone and the time said ‘2:15am’ Who plays guitar and sings that loud at this time?


I got out of the bed, walked to the window and drew the curtains and there at the next house, sitting on the shuttered window and facing the high street was a guy in black shirt and black trouser, playing a guitar and singing.



Woah even though it was night time, I could see how his black hair curled to the side of his face. I could see his handsomess from here.


His voice is super sweet. He sang with energy and with smiles.


I watched him.. When he was done with the song, he started another one.


This one more sweet and captivating.


I smiled and nodded my head along to the sweet rhymes of the song.


After the third Verse, I could now sing along in the refrain.

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*****Don’t you ever say,


Maybe I might stay,


cos im never going away from you.


Something I believe


That im gonna live


Cos Im an Angel watching over you.


All day! All night!


Im your sun, im your moon and your stars.


Just believe


I’ll never leave


You are always in my heart




I laughed.. realizing I sang along with him.


His song is so captivating and the very way he played his guitar.


Do he live in that house? Can’t he look over here to see that someone has been watching him?


He look really handsome and im crushing on him already.


Soon he began another song.


***When I was a little boy


I thought I could reach to the stars and ride in one But hell no no no,


I could only jump a little upper and then im falling down***


I laughed.


Why would he think that, that’s crazy.


I watched him tell his childhood story all in that song and it was very amazing.


His mom was a knitter and his dad a gardener.


Whenever he follows his mom to her knitting shop, he’do try to knit ‘H’ but end up spoiling his mom’s wools.


And when he’s with his father in the garden, he love to mold the size of his dad shoe with sand and then slid his two fit in just one.


He use to lie sick so he could miss school to stay home and compose a new song. He hated maths but loved his maths teacher but he loved music and hated his music teacher.


When he was fourteen, he loved Loveth cos her name was love thinking she’do be love but she ended up being hatred and heartbreak, so he named her Lotofhate instead of Loveth.


He never took a bus to school till he was fifteen and so lots of others.




My childhood wasn’t that way.


I was always being carried to the bathtub. Taken to the amuzement park.


Going to schools in private cars and not allowed to touch anything in my dad’a






I felt sleepy again and after a brief look, I drew close the curtain and layed back on my bed.


I could still hear him singing. Im sure I ain’t the only one hearing him now.


Maybe aunt Kiki is and the whole neighbourhood.


But he’s really handsome and his songs are so so sweet.


I laughed as he sang the last line of his childhood story.


***Never thought I was a child at seven untill I wore dad’s coat and couldn’t find








Chapt 3 loading..


My Indoor Holiday



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