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My Grumpy Crush – Episode 9

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<Marco’s Pov>


Uhmm… Am sorry sir Marco it’s nothing I…. Maja stammered with fear boldly


written all over her face.


You mean the zipper? I asked smiling as I figured out what she wanted to ask me for.


Yes… I mean no…. Maja said as she turned her face away


Let me help you… I said as i walked to her and zipped the gown slowly.


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She’s really so charming! Her skin was glowing, I almost kissed her neck but I held myself back.


I bend over to her ear and kissed her earlobes and I could feel goosebumps all over her.



“Hurry up so we won’t be late”… I whispered to her ears and walked out of the room leaving her in a shocked state.




I sat on the cushion in the sitting room, thoughts of Maja filled my mind.


Am I really in love with her? Is this just lust or love?


It’s actually killing me but I can’t go to her and admit that… Hell no! I can’t stoop so low.. I thought as my thoughts were interrupted by Maja’s tiny cute voice.


Am ready! Maja said from the stairs as i turned around….

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Geez! She’s extremely gorgeous….. She got me drooling… I stared at her in agape as she walked downstairs.


Sir Marco! Shall we? Maja asked me as i quickly adjusted and hide my feelings.


<Maja’s Pov>


We got into the car and speeded off….


Minutes later, we got to the beach and walked to the party.


Hi baby! Sweet you baby!! Some group of guys said waving to me as i waved back smiling but Marco quickly dragged me by my arm and held my waist with his hand.


What are you doing? I asked anxiously as he frowns


What do you think you are doing Maja huh? Must you flirt? He asked angrily


Flirt? What do you mean by that? I asked in anger


You are my wife for crying out loud Maja! You should know that you are a married woman… He said as i laughed



Which marriage? This contract? Is that your definition of marriage? No way! Am not married… I said as he smirked trying to hold his burning anger when our argument was cut short by Lucy’s shouts.

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Marco! Maja!! You guys are here already… Lucy said happily walking to us with her husband Leo.


Ooh! What’s up guys? Marco said faking a smile making him look really nice


Well it’s only Leo and Lucy he can decieve with that fake smile not me… I thought as we exchanged pleasantries and Lucy left as she went to say hello to a friend.


Marco was discussing with some friends while I sat quietly feeling really lonely.


I just really want to end this stupid contract, like am so sick and tired of this whole mess… We are only nothing but business partners and not married couple… I feel miserable right now! And Mia? I really miss my baby sister…. I wish she is here


with me and i just hope we end this drama as fast as possible so that I can go back to being my old real self together with Jenna and Mia.


Just then, Claire’s words to me flushed back into my memory… She’s very right am just being fake, with no single honest… I said as tears rolled down my cheeks and I quickly wiped it off.


I can’t be crying in public…


Immediately, I saw a waitress approaching me with a tray of alcoholic liquor.


I need to forget some of my problems! I just wanna feel like my old self… I said to myself audibly


Uhmm… Waitress! I called her and she turned around


Yes ma’am! She answered



Can I have a glass of liquor please? I asked and she nodded in agreement and handed it to me.


I quickly pour the content of the glass in my mouth not minding the bitterness.


More please… I said as she gave me and i kept drinking.


Thank you! I told her as she smiled and walked away by then I’ve already taken like six glasses of the liquor


I was feeling so dizzy and nauseous…


I quickly grabbed a bottle of whiskey on the table and opened it.


I drank half of it not minding it was not really sweet but that is the last thing I care about.


I tried opening my weak eyes but I felt my brains ringing I belched loudly.



I was already dead drunk…



Hello beautiful! I heard a voice from behind and turned around it was a young handsome guy though he isn’t as handsome as Mr Grumpy… Am sure you know who am talking about.


Hi… I said in a drunken voice


You are so gorgeous miss! He said giving me a dangerous hot romantic stare and eyed me then licked his lips


I wonder why he did that but I wasn’t in my right state of mind.


I don’t think that’s true… I said laughing crazily


Why is that? why don’t you believe that you are beautiful? He asked caressing my neck… I was almost turned on by his sexy manly touch.



If am really beautiful then why can’t Mr Grumpy fall in love with me? You are lying to me OK… I smiled


Who’s Mr Grumpy? He asked


Just forget it! I yawned tiredly


Of course not baby! Am not lying about you being beautiful maybe the so called Mr Grumpy is not man enough to see how naturally endowed you are… He said as he pecked my pink cheeks and I blushed


Can I have a dance with you? He asked as i refused dragging my hand from his grip


Oh no! I don’t know how to dance… I said laughing


Please! He begged me as i stood up and we headed to the stage where others were dancing


He held me by my waist and we started dancing as he kept looking at my eyes with lust written boldly all over him but I was just too drunk.


I want to forget all my problems! I just want to feel like I have no qualms… I kept muttering as i danced with him drunk.


Just then, he bent his head and looked at my red lips with so much pleasure and I was already wet down there by his touch.


He hungrily gummed his lips to me in a hot kiss.


<Marco’s Pov>


I sipped my wine as i quickly turned around and to my greatest surprise, Maja was no longer sitting on the chair where I left her.


Excuse me guys! I said as i left them and went in search of Maja… My Maja of course



I found a bottle of whiskey on the table where she sat.


Whiskey? Maja doesn’t take that! Then who did? I asked myself as i quickly turned around and Lo and behold stood my stunning Maja snogging (kissing) a total stranger.


Anger burnt through my veins…


I haven’t done that with my wife… I have not even pecked her lips


I rushed to the stage and quickly pushed the guy aside and gave him a dirty slap


and a punch and blood gushed out of his nostrils


Marco! my Maja who was smelling of alcohol yelled as everyone’s attention was


drawn to us…..













OMG ! Guys what’s gonna happen now? Don’t forget my question earlier is this trip really going to make Mr Grumpy to love Maja or to hate her the more? Buh wait oo is he jealous?





Love you all

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