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My Grumpy Crush – Episode 8

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<Maja’s Pov>


I will get the door! I said as i walked towards the closed door and opened it.



Marco! A young man in his early thirties came in with a young woman who he was holding so tight.


Who are they? I asked myself but they were already exchanging pleasantries with my grumpy husband Marco.


Oh Leo! What’s up dude? Marco said as they hugged and shook each others hands.


Marco was even smiling, that is the first time of me seeing him smile since we got here in Hong Kong.

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Am good! Actually my wife and I came over to this island for honeymoon… The guy said


So this place was actually an island? How should I know when am just locked up in here… I said to myself


Wow! That’s good… Marco said as our eye caught with each others and we looked away


Meet my new wife Mrs Lucy Casper… Leo said as his wife smiled broadly


Lucy! Honey this is my friend Marco Avelino… Leo said


Hi Marco! My husband has told me a lot about you… She said as Marco hugged her slightly smiling so happily.


Nice meeting you dear Lucy! Marco said


Just look at how cheerful he looks! But in real life he’s a devil in disguise.. I thought

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So dude! Why are you here in Hong Kong? I thought you travelled back to the Philippines? Leo asked


Uhmm… Yea! Am actually here with my wife.. He said pointing at me as i faked a smile



How dare him refer to me as his wife when am about ending this whole mess! I thought


Really man? So finally Marco Avelino is gonna settle down… Leo said


Sure! Baby this is my friend Leo Casper… Marco said to me holding my waist romantically

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I felt like giving him a dirty slap and spitting on his face… User!


And Leo and Lucy I mean Mr L and Mrs L Casper, this is my cherished sweetheart, my wife Maja Locsin… Marco said sweetly


He’s such a sweet talker! A pretender…


Wow! That’s so sweet! And you guys are also Mr M and Mrs M Avelino… Leo joked as we laughed


Nice meeting you Maja! You look absolutely gorgeous… Lucy said Same here Lucy! I said as we hugged each other


<Marco’s Pov>


I watched Maja gisting and smiling with Lucy…


My gosh! She’s so stunning, gorgeous I must confess…


Whenever she smiles, her immaculate white set of teeth shows off making her very beautiful.


I can’t let her stop the contract marriage! I thought


Uhmm… Leo why don’t we invite Marco and Maja to the beach party tomorrow night? Lucy asked



Ooh that’s true! Marco there’s a beach party tomorrow night, would you come over with your wife? It’s really gonna make your honeymoon more memorable… Leo said


Uhm.. I don’t think we will be able to make it, you see we… Maja said but I cut in quickly


Of course! We will be there, right baby? I asked Maja eyeing her


Sure! She managed to say


Alright then guys! We will see you tomorrow night at the beach party! We have to go now… Leo said as he held Lucy’s hand and they left as I went to see them off.


<Maja’s Pov>


I was burning up with anger as Marco left with his friend Leo and his wife Lucy.


What the hell is wrong with that meanie? I just told him that am done with this stupid marriage and I have already started packing my things didn’t i?


Why then did he have to introduce me to his friend as his wife, he didn’t even stop there…


I told him I will be travelling back to the Philippines tomorrow and he promised his friend that we will come to the party tomorrow night.


I just hate this arrogant guy! Like he’s no longer my crush… Not anymore!


Just then, he entered the house and headed upstairs…


Sir Marco! What is the meaning of what you just said in the presence of your friends? I asked with a mixture of tears in my voice


It’s Marco not Sir Marco! Do you want other people to find out that this is not true? He said


Fine! Just answer my question… I yelled angrily


Cut that off Maja! If you want to go back to the Philippines, then you will have to buy the tickets by yourself all I know is that our contract is yet to be over so until then you are going nowhere, you are agreed to this so you will stick to it… He said


Life with you is hell! I don’t want this anymore Marco please let me go… I cried bitterly


Am not in the mood Maja! He said and walked upstairs as i fell on my knees weeping


I don’t want this anymore! I want to end this mess! I hate this… It sucks… I wailed uncontrollably


<Marco’s Pov>


I couldn’t bear to hear her cry… why is she affecting me like this?


No one has ever done that to me!


I just can’t let you go Maja… but why can’t I? I asked myself


I don’t take shit from any damn person but how come Maja’s tears is getting to me


What are you doing to me Maja? What have you done to me? I asked myself again


Like am going nuts because of her, I just felt like going downstairs and licking off her tears, looking straight in her eyes and telling her “Maja Locsin am crazily in love you”.


But no way! I can’t do that, this is just a contract and nothing more no strings attached…



Is like the meanie is finally falling in love with our cute Maja, who else notices that?




That fateful night, I entered the bedroom with a box of expensive dress and shoes.


Maja was actually applying cream in her fresh spotless body.


Am going crazy over you Maja! I thought


Wear the dress! I said trying to pretend to be mean like I used to


Am downstairs! Don’t keep me waiting… I said meanly as i left the room. <Maja’s Pov>


I hate your guts Marco! I said to myself as i opened the box and brought out the dress.


It’s really beautiful…


I put it on and looked at myself in the dressing mirror.


Gorgeous! I smiled but frowned immediately

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I couldn’t zip the dress! Who’s gonna help me do that?


Should I call Mr Grumpy for help? No way! he’s just gonna ignore me or use his hurtful swear words on me…


Maja am waiting! I heard his voice from downstairs Sir Marco! Please come… I said screaming


Oh my goodness! Why did I say that? Oh am finished, am dead! What gave me the courage to say that… I wailed as the door handle shifted and the door was thrown open


Yes! What is it? He asked giving me a romantic stare as i gasped…..











oh my gosh! Isn’t this romantic? Who else doesn’t want Maja to leave? I think there’s love in the air


Love you

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