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My Grumpy Crush – Episode 10

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<Marco’s Pov>


I was so annoyed as I held Maja close to me but she snatched her hand from my grip.

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“What’s wrong with you Marco? Why did you hurt him?” Maja asked drunk


“What’s up mehn? What wrong with you?” The guy said about to reciprocate the slap


I swear to God if he does that am really gonna have him killed.


“You shut up! How dare you silly? You taking advantage of her because she’s drunk right?” I said fuming with anger

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“Come on!! That’s none of your business…. He said using his hand to wipe the


blood rushing out of his nostrils.


“You must be stupid”… I yelled at him landing another heavy punch on his cheek, I was so ready for a battle as my friends and the audience started separating us.


“She’s my wife, Can’t you see the ring on her finger? Are you that gullible?” I shouted at him


“Is that why you are hurting him? What do you care Marco? What’s your business in this?” Maja cried


Maja you are drunk… I whispered to her but she frowned


“Marco that is none of your business”…. Maja said staggering


“Dude just let him be!” My friends said as i quickly carried Maja and headed straight to the car.

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“Put me down! Carry me down Marco”… Maja screamed as i opened the car door and placed her inside the car.


“I don’t wanna go home Marco please”… She yelled as i angrily jammed the car door


“No Maja! We are going home and nothing can be done about it “…. I said as i


entered the car and started the engines and speeded off.




Minutes later, we were already at the mansion…


I dragged her out of the car as we entered the mansion.


“What is the meaning of what you did today at the party? ” I asked angrily


“What do you care Marco? I mean am not really your wife, this is nothing but a contract so why are you being so concerned like we are really married? “…Maja said


“Maja we have not ended this contract yet so until then, you remain my wife, my lawfully wedded wife at that”… I said


“Well I just wanted to be happy, I wanted to feel like my old self, living without any fear! I I wanted to feel for once that am not being used… You don’t know how i feel Marco, For the first time in my life I want to feel free.. Maja said in tears


Seeing her in tears melted my heart, I felt really sorry for her.


She was in pain all because of me, I just can’t help it.


Am really sorry Maja! I… I said blinking hard to avoid tears rolling down my cheeks


I wanna go back to the Philippines, I want my old self back… She cried as she staggered to the stairs and suddenly she collapsed and I caught her.



I stared into her eyes and kissed her forehead and then lips.


Am really sorry for making you feel miserable! I love you Maja, I just can’t admit that to you but I will do that someday… I said as i carried her upstairs and laid her on the bed.


<Maja’s Pov>


The sun rays and from the window shone on my eyes and i slowly opened my weak eyes.


I felt my head aching so bad…


it’s morning already, I closed my eyes again and memories of all that happened yesterday flushed back into my memory.


Did he tell me that he loves me! I think I heard that or was it in my dreams? I thought silently


How did I get to this bed? And my clothes… Who changed them? When did I remove the other dress I was wearing? Could it be that Sir Marco changed my clothes and….. I said in shock


When did he become so caring? Does this mean that he really said I love you to me?


Am so confused right now…


I got down from the bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen precisely to prepare some food to eat.


But where’s Marco? I asked myself but he was nowhere in the house.


Where could he be? I thought as i carried my tray of toasted bread and fried egg with a cup of milky tea to the dinning.


Marco! Marco!! I called loudly but there was no response





Six hours later, Marco was not yet back and that left me worried



Yeah! It’s true I said he’s no longer my crush but guys you know that’s not true, I was just heartbroken.


who knows what I told him last night? I yelled at myself.


I was lying on the bed restlessly lost in so much thought when suddenly i heard a noise from downstairs.


Marco’s is finally back! I sighed in relief as i jumped down from the bed.


I was about to open the door when suddenly the door was thrown open and my jaw dropped in shock.



Guess who it was?


It was the guy I saw at the beach party, the one that kissed me at the party.


You? What are you doing here? What do you want from me? I asked with fear


Hi sweetheart! You look like you’ve seen a ghost huh? Don’t worry am only here to make you wet down there… He smiled mischievously walking towards me as i moved backwards in fear.


You animal! Just leave now… I said


Animal? no baby, it’s no animal it’s just me Davis OK… he laughed as I walked backwards and landed on my bed


Davis please don’t do this! Please i beg you…. I cried bitterly


He got closer to me and bent to kiss me but I quickly pushed him away.



I get whatever I want Maja! He said as his face changed to a frown as he slapped me


Please let me go! Please don’t! Marco! Marco… I cried but he was so strong and overpowered me.


He quickly tore my blouse and short, he put his hand in my pants and rubbed my Pu**y.


Let me go! I cried but then he was so determined.


He had already pulled out his d**k from his short, I was screaming and trying so hard to stop him when suddenly the door threw open and Marco entered the room.

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You idiot! Marco shouted at him and I thought I was already safe not until he brought out a gun from his pocket and shot it at Marco and I gasped… *











Is our Marco dead? What’s gonna happen to Maja? Guys am so scared right now



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