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My First Foolishness – Episode 9

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Episode 9


(Second To Last Episode)


I was driving to work one morning, when my car suddenly broke down on the main road, it was so bad that it caused a terrible hold up, I was at the middle of the road with cars driving bye, I was also running late for work but there was nothing I could do.


I had called our Company’s mechanic and he told me, he was so far away but will arrive where I was in two hours.


“Madam, find people who will push the car off the road for you and park at the nearest filling station” the mechanic had told me and i wondered how I was going to do that as my car was causing obstruction at the main road.


I managed to get down from the car and headed to a filling station nearby, I stood at the filling station tired and stressed. I was so stressed that I began to think about my life and all the struggles I had faced and how I had thought that my life will be alot happier if I reconnect with Chijioke but on the contrary, I felt more alone than ever.


Since Catherine reconnected with her father, she barely spends time with me, She spends more time with his father and grand parents.


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For the past four week she had been going to school from there. I had spent my days alone but I don’t mind as long as my daughter is happy.


Although, Chijioke treats me nicely but I’m unhappy on how he treats me so casually, he had not spoken anything about us, or our love not even “I miss you”. “I don’t think he still loves me” I concluded.



I was still in thought, standing at the filling station, at the same time I was trying hard to get people to push off my car from the road, I compared my life to my broken car, because that’s was how I was feeling, I felt broken. I almost burst into tears but I comported myself. I managed to tell one of the fuel attendant that I needed help to get my car off the road.


I was still conversing with the fuel attendant when a car drove into the filling station and stopped where I stood. To buy fuel I had thought.


Behind the wheels was an handsome guy, the fuel attendant, had promised to call people who will help but it would cost me money and I agreed to pay, to my greatest surprise, the handsome stranger who drove in offered to help me with my broken car instead.


“Money for what? Are you going to fix the car? Just to take the car off the road, you want to collect money from her, why? That’s wrong” The handsome stranger told the fuel attendant while I stared at him speechlessly.


And the handsome stranger then turned to me and said


“I saw you getting down from your car at the main road and ever since then, you have been standing here like a damsel in distress, when I was coming back, I saw you again standing here, I decided to help” I thanked him for his concern but I turned him down. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.

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“Thank you for your concern but don’t bother” I said to push him off


“Please I just want to help you take the car off the road, someone may bash your car or something, it’s a busy road” He insisted and I finally agreed as he made a good point, immediately I agreed, he arranged some men and they pushed my car off the road without taking a dime from me. I thanked him and he nodded and smiled.


“Ok take care” he told me as he walked towards the direction where he had parked his car at the filling station. I smiled at him in appreciation.


He came back again. “You look so exhausted, but you are beautiful” he added, I was speechless and I managed to thank him for his compliment. “By the way, My name is Andrew, what’s yours?” He asked. “My name is Juliet” I told him reluctantly


“Wow, what a beautiful name” he said jokingly and I smiled.

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“Mr Andrew, Thank you for your help, i appreciate” I said calmly.


“It’s nothing” Andrew said.


Andrew stylishly requested for my phone number and I declined and he gave me his business card,


“Please I want to know you, if you don’t want me to have your number, here you can have mine” he said as he gave me his business card and I collected it so he could leave.


Life soon continued and i forgot all about Andrew and his help, untill one-day I was looking for a vital document in my car when I came across Andrew’s business card and I decided to give him a call and thank him for his tremendous help he offered me, the day my car broke down, I dialed his number and he picked up immediately, At first, he didn’t know who was on the line but later on, when I introduced myself, he sounded very excited to hear from me.


We talked for a while and Andrew appreciated my call, and then I hanged up, After over two weeks, Andrew returned my call and from that day we became friends. One afternoon, I got a call from Andrew, he invited me for a dinner at a popular cozy restaurant, I reluctantly accepted to show up when he persisted so much. All these while he had been inviting me for a meet up, but I kept declining, I decided to accept this time and see how it goes.


The time scheduled for my dinner date with Andrew drew close so i had to leave in order not to be too late. At exactly 7:45pm, I arrived at the restaurant and I saw Andrew immediately I arrived. He had been waiting since 7pm.


He stood up and gave me a friendly hug, before removing the chair for me to seat.


Andrew was a gentleman and he made sure I had a nice time.


It was time for me to go and he walked me to my car and thanked me for showing up and I reciprocated. “Thank you for having me, I had a nice time” I told him.


After that date Andrew and I became quite close, that he calls me up anytime, I was even expecting a relationship proposal from him when the unexpected happened.


End Of Episode 9


To Be Continued

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