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My Boyfriend Is A Robot – Episode 8

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Chapter 8




“Cut the crab i know you are human “she said and i frozed


I turned arround slowly and watched as she put her hand at akimbo looking at me with no expression


“Errm what …do …you …mean”i shuttered


“Oh dont play with me Ryan”she replied and that was when i knew i was bursted already


“Can you keep it a secert “i asked and she starred at me smiling “I knew it ,i knew it “she said

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“Can you stop acting weird”i said and she nodded


“So let me get this clear ,you lied to her that you are a robot which you are not why”she asked


“Well i love Lena so much and when she came looking for a robot i had to play along just to make her love me and so she can be mine”i blurted out foolishly “wow that is really deep “Kyler replied


“You really love her that much huh”she asked and i nodded “Well dont you think its high time you tell her the trurh”she asked


“Yeah i really want to but what is she chase me away or if worst hate me”i replied “Well what do you expect ,,,open her arms for you after lying to her ,,,,you know thats not possible”she said


“Well at least when i make her fall inlove with me deeply its going to be difficult for her to let me go because my intentions for her are of good “i replied “So do you think she loves me”i asked


“Lena is my bestfriend and the answer you need am not in the right position to say “she replied


“But am going to pretend you are still a robot and keep my mouth shut,,,,so you better act fast with your plans before its too late”she added and i smiled Well that was a relief

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Kyler and i sat down in the sitting room and began laughing at a comedy movie. ✔✔ KYLER’s POV ✔✔


When i watched them kiss ,i knew it wasnt just a kiss it was fill with love ,attraction ,care and others but all this feelings were coming from Ryan but like i was told Ryan is a robot and they dont feel anything And that was when i became suspicious


When i told Ryan i knew he was a robot ,i was only lying just to know if my suspicion are right and luckily for me it is


i know Lena loves Ryan but i dont think its that deep ,,that why i decided to stay out of it and pretend like i know nothing


If he should tell her the truth right now am sure jenny will throw him into the cell So he needs to try hard and get her wrapped arround his fingers



Ryan and Lena are perfect for each other and to see any guy that will go to this extent to have a lady is rare


I just hope Ryan know what he his doing and dont mess this up or if worse hurt Lena because am going break all his bones.


✔✔ KYLER’s POV ✔✔


Here am i sitting with Kelvin in a fancy resturant just the two of us eating our meal “so the director said we are going to seattle for the movie shoot for three days”Kelvin said


“Really”i asked and he nodded


Gosh i cant believe am leaving Ryan and Kyler for three days Jezz… and am going to be with Kelvin all through


Maybe its good at least i can forget about Ryan and erase my feelings for him But the thought of leaving Ryan and Kyler together kills me


Dont get me wrong ,i love Kyler and i do trust her but it just feels weird on the


contrary i hope Kyler doesn’t kill him



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The dinner was amazing as Kelvin walked me to my front porch


“Goodnight Pretty” he said


“Good night Kelvin” I replied


I was about to open the door when he grabbed my arm ,i turned arround and his lips landed on my


To say i was shocked is an understatement


his lips was the on mine the the door opened reavealing Ryan who starred at us.






To be continued








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