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My Boyfriend Is A Robot – Episode 7

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Chapter 7




✔✔ RYAN’s POV ✔✔


I went back to kitchen and began preparing breakfast


I really want to tell jenny am not a robot but what if she get upset and throw me out then i have lost it all


Besides even if i want to tell her the truth i need to make sure she has fallen inlove completely with me atleast maybe she might reconsider I think thats the best thing


✔✔ LENA’s POV ✔✔


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I woke up due to the sound of my phone ringing


I checked the caller and it was no other person than Kelvin I sluggishly picked it up and placed it on my left ear “Good morning Kelvin” i said sternly


“Morning pretty ,how was your night”? he asked “fine “i replied coldly


“Do you like the flowers”he asked


“Am just waking up Kelvin ,i havent seen anything”i replied


“Oh ,,well i will pick you up for dinner ,please dont say no and come alone”Kelvin said and ended the call


I was about to go back to sleep when i heard a knock


“Come in” i half yelled and Ryan walked in with a tray in his hand This have been our usual routine since Ryan came


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He dropped the tray close to me and kissed my forehead


Well that one is new ,i blushed and muttered a thank you to him as he walked out of my room


the more i try to stop my feelings for him ,the more he keeps doing stuffs that will make me love him more.


I was done bathing and wore a casual outfit and began blow drying my hair when a knock came in and Ryan entered


“You look beautiful”he said starring at me and i smiled


He walked close to me and our face was an inch away from each other ,what is he trying to do i thought


Before i could blink my eyes his lips landed on my ,i was shocked but later returned the kiss and wrapped my hands arround his neck


I heard Kyler clear her throat and that was when i knew Kyler entered


We broke the kiss and he pecked my cheeks ,took the tray smiled at Kyler and walked out


“what just happened”me and Kyler said the same time and starred at each other blankly


“I thought you said he is a robot” Kyler asked and i nodded “I can swear on your life that kiss felt real”i said


“Oh c’mon swear on your own life not mine”Kyler replied rolling her eyes


“he must have been really watching alot of videos on how to kiss “i said and Kyler nodded


“Poor Ryan,i need a kiss from him too”Kyler said and i starred at her



“Dont give me that look ,i want to taste what it feels like to kiss a robot too”Kyler added


“You won’t dare”i said angrily


“Oh no dont tell me ,,you are inlove with him already “Kyler said “Nooooo”i replied


“I know your lying “Kyler said


“His a robot Lena what are you thinking ,,you guys cant be together hope you know that,you better stop this feeling you have for him so you wont get hurt at the end “Kyler said and i nodded sadly


It was evening already and i dressed up for the dinner with Kelvin


I could see the sad expression on Ryan face ,,,maybe his sad because ,am going out without him and his going to be left alone with Kyler


I think its high time i listen to Kyler so i wont get hurt and i think Kelvin is the perfect distraction for me.


✔✔ RYAN’s POV ✔✔


Lena left and i was left in a awkward moment with Kyler


“I need to go charge up “i said to her and was about to head upstairs “Cut the crab i know you are human “she said and i frozed. .




To be continued.




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