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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous – Episode 5

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Episode five



Living with the beast






I moved around my new room smiling and observing my big palace. I really liked it a lot and it was my favorite colors, rainbow. I don’t know how it came about but it suit me well.


‘Dinner will be ready in ten, be there or starve’ he said cruelly. He’s so mean and heartless like Lieutenant Levi. I took a bath and went to my wardrobe, it was a walk-in wardrobe. I walked in and twirled


‘Hello!’ I shouted. My voice echoed back at me. I smiled and squealed. So many clothes and shoes. The left side of the room was a roof high rack filled with shoes, the right and front were of clothes. A single hanging pole stood in the room with belts and different kind of caps and hats. So many scarfs but none was mine

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I picked out a big green sweater and wore it. It didn’t cover my thighs well at all but it swallowed my hands completely. I grinned and thought of Mr Gorgeous, maybe he’ll like it


I got to the stairs, my new enemy. It was so long and spirally and made me dizzy. I started my long journey, jogging down the stairs, by the time I reached the magnificent dinning room, I was sweating and panting profusely


‘What’s wrong with you?’ He asked emotionlessly


‘Stairs…climb…long…dizzy…whoo’ I gasped


‘You should have used the el….never mind’ he waved me off and went back to


picking on his food. I was holding my knees as I tried miserably to catch my breath, my head down. I raised my head and caught him staring at my legs


Crush loves it!


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I stood up straight and he looked away. My stomach growled, I didn’t eat before leaving the house and that was in the morning. I walked to the chair opposite him but he growled


‘What?’ I asked confusedly


‘Don’t you dare seat on my property and ruin it with your filthy body’ he roared. I flinched back as Lieutenant Levi’s voice rang in my head, his face, his eyes. ‘If you want to eat, go make yourself comfortable on the kitchen floor or your room and stop being so close to me’ we were like a hundred feet apart! ‘Is that understood!!!!’ I nodded. ‘Good, now get out!!!!’ I screamed and ran back to my room, panting when I got there




I locked the door and hid under my bedcover



‘He’s not lieutenant Levi’ I assured myself. ‘He didn’t hit me, he didn’t make my back burn so he’s not him’ I said softly breaking into a sob. I wanna go home




A thunderous knock on my door woke me up with a little scream and pounding heart. What does he want? Is it…no! He’s not him. I stood up and hurried to the door and opened it


‘What are you still doing in bed?’ He snapped

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‘Why?!!!!’ I squeaked and jumped back in fright. ‘You’re not here to sleep, go clean up the house’


‘But you have male servants’ I whined


‘I fired them all. My money, my roof, my say so get to work’ what is wrong with this man!


‘It wasn’t part of the deal before, why should I clean this mighty castle? I’m not a maid. I don’t even work at home and now I have to clean? Do you know how bad cleaning is for my health? Do you know that if I clean I’ll get short and ugly?’ I bombarded him with questions. Cleaning is hard work, trust me when I say I know


He stared at me amusedly before he frowned


‘The contract said you do whatever pleases me and right now seeing you worked up will. Don’t make me shout again, go downstairs and clean this house’


‘No’ I deadpanned and slammed the door in his face. I locked it and stepped back as he hammered on the door


‘You’ll regret what you just did’ I touched my chest, no scarf! I’m dead! I opened it back quick and immediately the door opened, he dragged my hair and pulled me out. I screamed



‘Leave me alone’ I cried. He slammed my back on a wall, breathing heavily, his eyes were red and murderous. I don’t know if he realise he’s choking me.


‘No one, I mean absolutely NO ONE, slams a door in my face. You even had the guts to talk back at me’ my face was turning blue and I couldn’t breathe at all. My visio


n was blurring out






I tossed and turned in my bed miserably like the previous night but this one was worst. I was so worried and annoyed at myself. I shouldn’t have shouted like that, I shouldn’t have made her gone to bed without food. I shouldn’t even care right now but my stupid conscience refused to mind it business


Since when do I care?


Since when have something like this bothered me?


Why did I shout for no reason? She was distracting me. She did it unintentionally but…but…but…my reasons aren’t reasonable. Why did she wear that?! I couldn’t get my eyes off and I don’t like the images in my head.




I tossed and turned until I finally got some sleep but I was still worried, I woke up early and found myself staring at her room door. I sighed and raked my hair.


This is frustrating


I turned the doorknob, locked. Why will she lock her door? This house is mine! I knocked on the door angrily until she opened it. Her hair was scattered and dry tears stuck to her face making me angry at myself again but then, being me, I poured it on her



‘What are you still doing in bed?’ The question was stupid but my anger was in charge, honestly I only knew my lips were moving and saying unnecessary words but my mind wasn’t there.


It was focused on her eyes which was twinkling faintly and her lips. She was unconsciously muttering to herself, the movement of her lips telling me something else. I stared amusedly at the way they curved and the way she nibbled on her bottom lip as she spoke. Her lips were pale and dark pink, it glossiness inviting me for a taste


I frowned


‘No’ I heard her say before she slammed the door in my face. I blinked, she slammed the door? I angrily hammered on the door


‘You’ll regret what you just did’ I yelled. The next thing I heard was the door unlocking. My hands acted on their own like they always did. I dragged her out by her hair which got me annoyed with how soft and fluffy it was


Why is she not ugly like everyone else


The feeling and sensation the skin of her neck was giving me, annoyed me more


‘No one, I mean absolutely NO ONE, slams a door in my face. You even had the guts to talk back at me’ her face was paling out and her eyes closing. I realised I was strangling her, I let go of her moving far away and staring at my hands


I’m doing it again, letting anger control me


She coughed and gasped for air, making my guilt increase.


‘Clean this house before I return’ I commanded and walked away


I will never change






I stretched to my full length with a tired yawn. I successfully cleaned the already spotless house. Clean what? I only touched the floors with a broom and dust and waxed lazily. I tried


My stomach growled. I still haven’t eaten and it’s noon already. He said not to touch anything so what will I eat? The things I do for love


I went back to my room to sleep, I sniffed my armpits and smiled. I always smell nice no matter what but I still need to wash off the sweats. I don’t have strength, bathing can wait. I plopped on my cozy bed and slept off






‘Halt’ the two guards at the exit door commanded. ‘You are not allowed to leave the house’


‘I just wanna see the garden’


‘I’m sorry ma’am but we must follow orders’ I nodded and went back inside. They are mad. I climbed out of a window and found my way there. The first one was a flower garden


I love flowers! I forgot why I was there and spent hours admiring and mentally jotting them down. pffft nothing entered my coconut head. Reading is hard


The sunset made me remember why I came. I walked deeper and found a vegetable garden but the crops weren’t ready so I walked deeper and found a fruit garden. Yes! Lot and lot of fruits.


‘Hmmm, Lisa you are forgetting something’ I mused. What am I forge….the


window! I didn’t close the window!!! I ran back with the little strength I had and climbed in back. I scrutinize the whole house but found nothing in place so I returned to the living room and there it was, my forever enemy


Black squirrels


‘We meet



again’ I said peering at it. I looked around and picked up the iron rod close to the door and charged like an amazon. The stupid squirrel won’t hold still. I chased it from the living room to the kitchen, a beautiful and big room upstairs and then somehow the wine cellar. ‘Hold still let me kill you’ I yelled angrily. The squirrel jumped on my head, scratching and biting and doing it hideous battle cry

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‘You’ll never get me witch’ she laughed. Oh it’s a she. I frowned and flung her on a wall but she stood on her feet. ‘Face it, I’m ten times more prettier than you. I’m so hot’ she mocked swaying her hips. I rolled my eyes


‘You’re just a squirrel’ I scoffed


‘Yet your Mr Gorgeous will fall for me’


‘Oh yeah?’ I asked smirkingly


‘Yeah!’ She shouted.


‘Get ready to die!!!’ I attacked it again, whacking the obstacles out of my way. She jumped on my hair but this time, I got her and pinned her to a pole. ‘Victory is mine!!!’ I shouted with a happy dance. ‘Come steal him now stupid’ I carried the dead squirrel and walked back to the kitchen where I threw it outside in the fire bin through the window. ‘Now that’s done wi….holy Mary!’ I screamed.


My head burnt up with fear and my body shook. The kitchen was destroyed. What have I done! I ran to the living room, the expensive vases and TV was shattered. The glass table! I walked around the house and realised I destroyed a lot.


I’m doomed!


My world have ended!


Then I heard a loud honk. Oh boy!






Patrick’s car broke down so I picked him up. He wouldn’t stop blabbing on how he tried to woo the Karen girl but got slaps and the insult of his life. I was busy thinking of Sea girl, she haven’t eaten since last noon


I went as far as buying her Chinese food and ice cream


‘She fu.cking told me to my fu.cking face that she never thought I was so fu.cking useless and brainless. She called me a fu.cking fu.cked up bastard and slapped my beautiful fu.cking face’ he yelled angrily. He tends to use the F-word a lot when angry. ‘She insulted my damn fu.cking person and dared me. I am Zane Carlson!!!! No girl can ever fu.cking talk to me like that!!!! I ALWAYS GET ANY FUCKING GIRL I WANT AND I FUCKING CHOSE TO BLESS HER POOR LIFE WITH MY FUCKING PRESENCE BUT SHE FUCKING TURNED ME DOWN. NO ONE HAVE FUCKING EVER FUCKING TURNED ME DOWN BUT SHE FUCKING DID WITH A FUCKING SLAP! TWO SLAPS AND FUCKING INSULTS!!!!’


I yawned uninterestedly but he wasn’t done. His real name is Zane Carlson but after his first hit movie, people never stop calling him by the character he personified




‘Aren’t you done with all the fu.cking yet? I’m tired of pretending that I care because I don’t’ I sighed. He glared at me


‘What does that fu.cking me?!!!!! That I can’t tell my fu.cking best friend about my fu.cking problem?!!!!!! Why are you being such a fu.cking asshole!!!’ Here we go again


He went on with his fu.cking till I got to my gate, I honked and the gate was opened. He still kept on fu.cking his generation and when I pulled over, his fu.cking increased. I got down with the bag and inhaled



One more fu.cking and I’ll lose my mind


‘Don’t fu.cking leave me behind when I’m complaining’ he flared. He can be really annoying when angry. I groaned




‘Why use the fu.cking word so much? Don’t you know it doesn’t sound right with humanity?’ He asked with a deep frown. The problem is he never remember when he uses it and will never believe. I need to put him on record


I sighed and face palmed myself. He’


s mentally unstable, at least I was able to shut him up


I walked to my door and the guard opened it. I trailed down the hallway nervously clutching the bag


‘What the…!’ My jaw fell


‘Mariel!!!!!!!’ I roared. My beautiful house. I flung the bag away and stomped to her room.


‘Calm down Mien’ Patrick shouted behind me. I ignored him and kicked down her door. I stomped in


‘Abigail come out’


‘Alisa’ he corrected



‘Clarissa!!!!’ I went to her bed and turned it over, she was there. She ran behind Patrick hugging him tight and angering me more


One thing on my mind




To be continued




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Alisa ooooo. Chimo!


She get luck say Patrick dey there


Even Patrick have his own crase kolo


Anyways, next episode hint theme: jealous?



My Bossy Mr Gorgeous

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