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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous – Episode 10

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Chapter ten



I can be romantic!






Silent treatment is hard! I wanna talk to Mr Gorgeous but I don’t want to, he needs to learn to respect and not hurt me all the time whenever he gets mad. Captain Bald head said he was taking me to see his mother, why? Don’t know



I played with the scarf, humming and tapping my foot as I sat at the back seat, he was driving himself and I refused to sit with him at front. The house was huge but not more than Mr Gorgeous’


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‘Don’t lie to my mother, she’ll know because she’s a psychic’ he said calmly, there was something fishy about his smile, something I just couldn’t pinpoint, something sinister. I ignored him and got out of the car. ‘Hey wait for me!’ I ran into the house


I want my Mr Gorgeous


‘Hellooooo, Mr Gorgeous’ mother!!!’ I said in shrilly in a glorious singsong. ‘Come out and play’


‘Sea girl simmer down’ he said under his breath. ‘Whoo! Sometimes I wonder if you were some kind of runner or something, you run too fast’


I stared at him plainly, he sighed


‘Don’t worry, you’ll talk to me soon’ he smiled and averted his eyes to the slapping of flip-flops coming behind me. I turned and wowed at the beautiful young woman walking in with a giant book, ugh! Books! ‘Mom!’ He squealed which got me confuse, is this Mr Gorgeous or Mr Gorgeous?


‘Idris, you’re here too early. I haven’t pre….oh!: he pulled her into a big bear hug.


I was busy gawking at her, she’s the mom! She looks like a woman in her late thirties!


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‘Wait mom?! Aren’t you his older sister?’ I asked bemusedly, she pushed him off gently and walked to me


‘My my! You must be the sea girl I haven’t stopped hearing about from the dummy over there’


‘Say what’ Mr Gorgeous said dumbly, I blushed and bowed my head sheepishly



‘And yes, I’m his mother, I’m just too beautiful and sexy to be old or don’t you think so Idris?’ She asked sassily swaying her large hips. Mr Gorgeous frowned. ‘Whatever, hello Sea girl, I’m Sharice and it’s nice to meet you in person’


‘Thank you so much ma’am but did you bore him at five?’




‘Shut up Idris, don’t interrupt us’ Mom snapped at him. ‘Now back to you hon, I bore him at nine months old’ she joked, we laughed while he cursed under his breath and went to sit down


‘It feels cool to meet my ex fiancé’s mother’


‘What do you mean by ex?’ He snapped


‘I mean what it means, deal with it dear because I’ve moved on’ I said smugly folding my arms


‘Then stop giving her the mother in-law treatment, she’s my ex’


‘So tell me about your new boyfriend, I bet he’s super hot and dreamy’ she cooed wiggling her brows at Mr Gorgeous, he huffed


‘Oh he’s so nice and sweet and very romantic, unlike my ex who keeps trying to kill me all the time, who starves me and beat me up’


‘I was angry!’ He exclaimed exasperatedly


‘Sure you were’ Mom said ironically. ‘At least you have new lips to kiss and a better….’


‘Mom this isn’t what you agreed to help me with! I should have known you were a traitor. I mean women, you can never understand them….’ He kept on ranting


about how she betrayed him, he talked so fast I heard nothing again. It’s cool to see this side of him



Cutie was right when he said Mr Gorgeous was the nicest and funniest guy he ever met


My future husband


Mom took me to the kitchen and we talked as we cooked, it was so fun because I’d never had an experience like that before, mom never let me near her kitchen. At the dinning table, we snubbed Mr Gorgeous and talked about cute and hot boys we’ve met all our lives which really annoyed Mr Gorgeous


Ha ha! He chewed his napkin in anger


After dinner, we sat down to see a movie, I clung to mom, hugging her because I’ve never hugged mine. It was a romantic movie and mom kept making taunting remarks at him through the handsome guy in the movie


‘Mom stop comparing me with him’ he yelled angrily, I grappled her arm because he was going to lose it again, she didn’t care


‘Why? Are you romantic?’ She asked calmly

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‘I can be romantic if I want to’


‘Oh pe-lease, tell me another lie I don’t already know. You suck at romance or handling a woman and that’s why you’ll lose her to someone better….oh wait! You already have’ I got confuse


‘She’s not leaving me ever!’


‘Yet you don’t want to accept it. Idris you’re being selfish and unreasonable, if you can’t handle her, then let her go’


‘Shut up Sharice’ he hissed in a deadly whisper. She looked at him and smiled. ‘I’m romantic, shut up’


‘Alisa honey, is he romantic?’



‘Nope!’ I popped, she smirked at him. ‘Nigel is more romantic. one time, he took me out and made…. ‘


‘Shut up, we are leaving’ he stood up


‘But I wanna stay and talk about boys all night’ he glared at me and I pouted. ‘I’m not talking to you’ I stood up. ‘Mom I’ll be upstairs’ I turned and walked towards the staircase, just three steps up and I was hoist over strong shoulder. I screamed. ‘Put me down Mr Gorgeous’


‘No’ he bounced me and walked out, mom trailed behind us with a smile. I don’t understand this people. He threw me into his car when we got out and locked me inside. ‘Mom why did you do this to me’ he said soberly. ‘You made it worse’


‘Yeah I did, it’s fun that way’


‘Remind me never to ask for help from you’


‘Oh you’ll be calling me back before you know it’ she smirked at him. ‘Bye daughter in-law’ she walked away laughing dramatically, he sighed and walked over to the driver’s seat


Best night almost






Mom didn’t help me, she made everything worse. Sea girl still won’t talk to me, she won’t spare me a glance. I don’t want to care but I can’t help it, what do I do now. I sighed and sat up from my bed, I picked up my phone and called her


‘Not even up to 24hours’ she said teasingly


‘How do I get her to forgive me?’


‘Simple, be romantic or just treat her right’


Dear God






I dragged my feet out of the bathroom with a yawn, I couldn’t sleep because I miss him. I sighed and sat on my bed. Honestly this isn’t Alisa, why does she cry because of him? I don’t know why I’m so confuse and disturbed. How I feel around him…..oh I know!


Yay! I’m in love!!!


I fell and rolled on my bed


‘I’m in love, in love


La la la la la la


I’m in love with Mr Gorgeous


And he love me too


La di di la di da


Mr Gorgeous loves me


And one day we will get married


Because we love each other


Amen’ I sang rolling on my bed, I shrieked excitedly


‘Your madness is almost at it peak’ he startled me. I screamed and rolled off the bed, falling with a thud.


‘I’m okay’ I groaned


‘Good morning Sea girl’


Should I ignore him?


Ah, I’m tired


‘What do you want?’


‘I want you to dress up and follow me’ he said with a nervous grin. He should stop grinning, he looks like a shark



‘Why?’ I asked standing up, his mouth fell open ‘what?’ I asked puzzled. He still kept gaping, I trailed his eyes to to na.ked thighs! Oh I forgot I slept in my pantie and a crop top. I used the bedsheet to cover myself. He gulped and nodded like a fool


‘Dressed…downstairs…please’ he stammered, turned and hurried out


Yay for my half na.kedness!!!!!




‘Tada!’ Mr Gorgeous said with a grin. ‘I made breakfast for the both of us, I also gave the chef a week off so for the next week, I’ll be the chef’ he announced gleefully. ‘Whatever you want to eat, just say it and I your humble chef will prepare for you’ he said with a gentlemanly bow. I giggled blushingly. ‘Yes! I made her blush! Progress’ he brought out a paper and checked something


This is funny


‘Let me help you with that’ he said sharply and helped me pull out my chair, I sat down and he pushed it back in. He dished my food and rushed to sit opposite me. I smiled and picked up my fork. He stared at me with big expectant eyes. I took a bite and froze. ‘So? Is it good?’


Awwwn! He’s so cute, I can’t crush his spirit


‘Please tell me it’s good because I spent all night making that stupid food. It’s not easy to turn


on a gas cooker or that electric one that electrified my fingers….’


‘It taste wonderful’ I lied with a grin


‘Yes!’ He checked the paper again. ‘Well eat, I don’t want to eat because I ate too many ingredients’


‘Heh heh’ I laughed nervously


I’ve killed myself


I ate the food with a tight smile, he watched me until I was done. He cleared the plate and I ran upstairs to my room, locked the door and ran to throw up. Never lie again


Chef for a week, Alisa will die of starvation




Mr Gorgeous took me for early morning ice cream, I was so excited until he got the waiter fired for staring at my chest and almost had Baldhead shoot the manager for complimenting my beauty. I was still so angry about that before he took me to Disneyland! Can you imagine! We bought tickets and I saw a lot of princesses and cartoons and then he ruined it. He almost hit Maui with a bat because he said Maui touched my ass when we were taking a selfie


Fine, that aside. He took me to an amusement park to make up for the Disney stuff. I rode a carousel, ferris wheel, a large scary track train, played games, took photos and then watched him tie a man at a stand to a pole


Why? He said I’m sexy and will look good on his bed


It was his park so the man suffered under the hot sun with pigeons eating from his body and pooping on him


My day couldn’t get any worst with his ridiculous jealousy and anger


In the evening we went to a water park and guess what he did, he refuse to let me step out of the car because to him I’ll be na.ked and people will see what’s his


‘Sea girl, wait I’m sorry’ he apologized running after me. I ignored him and continued running up the stairs. I reached my room breathless and shut the door. ‘Sea girl please, I know I overreacted but I was right’


He’s too egotistical


‘Please forgive me, I beg you’ I walked to my bathroom still angry. I came out later after a bath and he was sitting on my bed


‘Please leave my room’


‘Sea girl please, you know what they did was wrong. I don’t apologize yet I’ve been begging you…please’


‘All I want is to get this fundraiser done with tomorrow, manage the rest month with you and leave. You are annoying and wicked’


‘You want to leave me?’ He asked sadly.


‘Yes! You’re always doing things t….’


‘YOU THINK IT’S EASY!!!’ He roared and I screamed jerking back. ‘I’M NOT NICE, I’M NOT SWEET BUT I KEEP TRYING TO BE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY YET YOU KEEP BEING SO HARD ON ME’ I moved back just in case. ‘What is the difference between me and the first time you met me, am I not trying enough’ he whispered shakily. ‘Fighting with myself psychologically to keep my hate and phobia inside, to not hurt you again, it’s always leave me in excruciating mental pain but I keep trying. I don’t know what else to do because I don’t know how to do it’ he said softly staring at his feet like someone who was about to cry. It’s okay if you want to leave me, I understand. I’m not worth it anyways, I’m a wicked person like I was made to…’ He stood up. ‘Sorry if I ruined your day. I’ll see you tomorrow evening at the fundraiser’


I felt bad


He was right, he was being nice for me


He loves me!


‘Mr Gorgeous’ I called grinningly, he was about to open the door. ‘You love me’ I sang, he rolled his eyes



‘I don’t love women, they are wicked beast’


‘Did you said beast or breast?’ He glared at me and I laughed. ‘Accept it or not, we’re madly in love, you are desperately in love with me. I’m so cool, I know’


‘You’re insane’


‘Of course I am!’ He chuckled. I ran to the bed and flung myself on it. ‘You don’t need to say it because it’s hard for you but I’ll say it for you. “Sea girl, I love you so much” then I’ll say “awwwn, thank you Mr Gorgeous, you’re too kind and I love you too” this is the part where we kiss and make up for fighting, now come let’s pucker up’ I said making kissing sounds


He laughed and turned leaning on the door


‘There’s no way for me to convince you that I don’t love you, right?’


‘Nope, don’t even bother’ I popped. ‘Now come


seat on mama’s laps’ I chirped patting it. He laughed and walked to me and pushed me. ‘Aye! You want to kill me!’ I yelled when he sat on my stomach. ‘Get off me!!!!’


He laughed and added more weight


‘I found the perfect punishment for you’ he said laughingly. Oh my jingles! Mr Gorgeous have been laughing


I did it!


I did it!


Alisa you’re not useless, you made someone happy, you made his life better


He stood up and sat on the bed



‘I’m sorry, did I hurt you? Please don’t cry’ he said agitatedly. I cried more and hugged him. ‘I’m sorry’


‘Thank you’


‘For what?’


‘Helping me prove that I’m not useless, that I’m useful’


‘I don’t understand’


‘Nevermind’ I looked at him. ‘Stay with Me tonight?’


‘I don’t know Alisa, last time I almost lost control of m….hey! I got your name


right!’ He exclaimed joyfully, I pouted. ‘I hate your name, Sea girl it is’


‘Please stay’


‘I can’t, I might do something I’ll regret badly, something I never want to think about’


‘Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee’ I gave him my puppy eyes, he sighed with defeat


‘I can never say no to this face’ he smiled and pinched my cheeks. I giggled and laid on the bed. ‘Can you at least not tie a towel, I don’t trust my hands’ I turned on my stomach and hugged my pillow. ‘Ugh! Sea girl you’re tormenting me’ he groaned


I honestly don’t know what he’s talking about, all I know is that I want to sleep


‘This is going to be a long night’ he groaned


To be continued


Awwwn, how sweet


The fundraiser is coming next, what stunt do you think Alisa will pull off there?



Sharice sef neh


Don’t worry, why Mr Gorgeous and Sea girl are like this will soon be known


Next episode theme: this is your fiancée?



My Bossy Mr Gorgeous







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