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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous – Epilogue

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So what more of a happily ever could there be! All in jolly good times right mates? What should I say? Alisa did give birth to a son and cried that she will never go back to the labour room. She had tow more sons but the nineteen theory was murdered, buried and s house built on it grave. Hmmm, most of you will think Patrick ended up with Kiki but no, let’s say Kiki wasn’t ready for love or rather not ready to love him, she married her best friend and it really broke Patrick


Damien calls it karma for the hearts he broke but nevertheless, he found love in Amaya’s arms. Only them both can explain where that love grew from. I guess that concludes their happily ever after but you know a leopard never changes his spot. Patrick wasn’t that faithful and committed but again, who is Amaya


That’s the last of it all


The end I guess

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