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Episode 22




Chris sat in his office working, He was checking out some files, Suddenly He got fed up and closed the files, He stared at the files and said “Nothing is working out right now”. Suddenly a voice said “And what’s not working out” He raised up his head slowly, He was surprised to saw Adunola in his office, She gave him a bright smile “Adun” He Called her name, still trying to confirm if it’s really her, He stood up to her and held her two hands “Is this really you” He asked “Of course it’s me” She replied with a smile “Goodness you made me so worried” He said while he walked to sat on the couch in his office, Adunola smiled at him, she walked closer to him and sat next to him “Honestly am not joking, look at those files, I couldn’t sign them because I was so worried and sick about you, Like I wasn’t myself all these days” He said “Am sorry dear” She replied “Please don’t do this to me again, I mean I can’t Imagine myself without you, Honestly i don’t know what to do if you are not with me, I don’t know how my life is going to be if I don’t have you around me, let it be the first and last you are going to treat me that way” He said and licked his lower lip, Adunola smiled and Drew his head closer to her chest, she gave him a hug “Am sorry to make you so worried, am really sorry” She said to him, She released him from the hug while he stared at her and Drew her face closer for a kiss, “Chr….” She wanted to speak but he shut her up with a kiss, she broke the kiss


and said “This is your office, anyone can co….” He ignored her and gave her a deep


kiss, she tried to break the kiss but he deepened the kiss more and more, Without breaking the kiss he rested her back on the chair, Kissing her lips straight to her neck, Suddenly Drew barged in, while Chris quickly stood up from her trying to act like nothing happened “Oh am so sorry sir, i am really sorry sir” Drew apologized “Drew” *Chris called his name with his teeth clinched together so hard* “Atleast knock the door, Huh” He said with a fake Smile, Adunola couldn’t stop laughing on the couch while Drew quickly ran out of the office “It’s not funny” He said and walked back to his seat, Adunola smiled and stood up from the chair, she moved closer to him and gave him a back hug, He smiled and said “Let’s have dinner tomorrow” she smiled and said “No problem” He smiled….



Adunola’s friends came to visit her, they all sat on her bed in her room “Honestly am so jealous of you Adun” Bukola said “So Chris is sending you back to school and not just a school but where he graduated from” Bewaji asked ” Didn’t he graduated from Havard University” Bukola asked “Of course he graduated from Havard University, everyone knows about that” Bewaji replied while Adunola Smiled “Am so happy for you girlfriend” Bewaji said and gave her a hug “I will miss you guys” Adunola said “But how are you going to be seeing eachother” Bukola asked “Well it’s just for four to five years, besides he said he will always come for a visit, Remember their company is also there,So anytime he comes for business,he will visit me” Adunola said “Oh yes you are right, That’s great” Bukola said “And what about Alex” Bewaji asked “Well Alex is not Chris’s problem, because Mr Robert said he will be responsible for Alex’s studies and other necessary things, Infact Mr Robert called him this morning, He asked him to come and see him,am sure he is with him right now” Adunola replied “Like seriously am so happy for you, it is very obvious that your parents are blessing you in heaven” Bewaji said while Adunola Smiled and said “Thank you”….


Alex sat in the living room, waiting for Mr Robert, not too long Mr Robert came out with a guard while the guard Escuze both of them, Alex gretted Mr Robert while he told Alex to sat down “Oh, So this is Alex” He said “Yes sir” He replied “You are so handsome, I mean cute” Mr Robert said while Alex couldn’t help but to smile “Thank you Sir” He replied “Ok so you told me on the phone that you don’t want to change your school, why don’t you want to change it, do you realize that Chris is taking your sister to the USA” He asked “Ye…. Yes I know sir,

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bu….bu…but I don’t want to leave my school,I……I just want to finish everything


there Sir, That’s why I don’t want to change my school” He replied while Mr Robert looked at him and said “The way you speak is actually great, I like you already, You are now my son,yes you are my son,I like everything about you” Mr Robert said with a smile “Th… Th… Thank you sir” Alex replied “Uhmmm, well no problem since you don’t want to leave your school, you are free to come here at anytime, I will ask them to reconstruct one of those rooms In this house,They will also make some nice settings to it, Incase you feel like passing your night here anytime,You will just go straight to your room without any stress. Starting from today, I will be taking care of your expenses, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell me immediately, Oh! I almost forget this” Mr Robert brought out a car key and said “Follow me Alex” They both stood up and went out of the living room. They arrived at the compound while Mr Robert moved closer to a white



sport car, he opened it and said “Alex, this is for you, Just for your lecture to get easier, the car is for you,Just take it as a gift from a father to a son” He said to Alex. He gave the car key to Alex who was still lost staring at the car, He looked so confused and at the same time happy,Mr Robert smiled and said “Common don’t be surprise, just enter and check it out,It’s yours” Alex entered it slowly, He start the car,He looked so happy while checking everywhere in the car, Mr Robert smiled and muttered “Cute”


At Adunola’s house, both her and her brother sat down in the living room discussing “Oh, I can’t believe this, He gave you a car” She asked with a smile “Not only that , H….. H….. He also credited my account with one million naira,


H…. H…. He told me to use it for my expenses, He asked me about what am good


at, and I told him th…..that I love to paint and I love to draw, s….s….. So I told him


I want to b…..b….be an artist and he said no problem that he will see to that, So


that’s all about what happened today” He said while Adunola just looked at him with surprise….

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Adunola and Chris sat in the restaurant eating, He smiled at her and said “Your Visa is ready” Her eyes almost popped out, Chris smiled and said “Too fast or what” He asked “Yeah too fast, I mean, I wasn’t ready for it” She replied “Common it’s still next week” He said “I know but still am going to miss everybody” She replied him, He looked at her and Smiled “Don’t worry I will always check on you, It’s just a matter of time, in a blink of an eye you will also be a graduate student , Don’t worry Dear, am always with you” He said to her, she dropped her spoon and said “I want to use this moment to say this, Thank you Chris, I mean for everything, I don’t know how to appreciate you but believe me am so greatful for everything, Thank you very much,I really appreciate them” She said while Chris stared at her and said “You don’t need to thank me, I should do that, because if not for you, I will still be my old self, but you changed everything, you brought the best out of me, believe me you worth every single thing that is happening to you right now, because ladies like you are meant to be cherish and appreciate, I love you and I will never stop doing that” He said “I love you too” She replied with a smile,He moved closer to her and gave her a kiss…..




. … . … . …






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