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Episode 16

Adunola was busy brushing her hair, she just had her shower, Suddenly her phone rang beside her, she checked who the caller was, she smiled after seeing the name “Responsible Jerk” She picked it up and said “Hello” She Paused for awhile “What! you are outside?” She quickly ran out of her room, getting outside the house, she was surprised to saw Chris sitting on the car waiting for him, Deon and others were also behind him. Chris was surprised to saw her in a short night gown which was revealing all her laps, her long hair looking so wet. Adunola also got shocked, she forgot to put on something to her legs, but too late she is outside. Deon and others who saw her coming out quickly went back to the car leaving Chris alone, She smiled and moved closer to him “I thought you are at work, I wanted to call you that I will wait for you till you come back, but I am surprised to see you at home” He said while staring at her laps, Adunola saw his face and smiled “Actually my face is up not down” She said “Oh yeah , Sorry” He replied looking at her face, She smiled at him “Well I took the day off today cause of my brother, Alex is sick, so I had to stay with him for today” Chris made a smirk while she smiled and said “I know you don’t like my brother” He made a smirk again “He also don’t like me” He replied “Whatever, anyway why are you here tonight” She asked “When are you planning to answer my request, Like seriously Adun, it’s been two months,I Just want to have a dinner with you, why do you seems so difficult to get this way” He said “Because am not easy” She replied with a smile “Adun it’s just a dinner, please” He pleaded, she smiled and said “Ok fine next week” His eyes almost popped out “Next week, I was thinking of you saying right now, common I can’t wait till next week, that’s too far” He said “Maybe I should cancel it then” She said “Ok fine, no problem next week, Am ok with next week, So difficult” He said “Actually I want to check something in your room” He said “Wh… Which room is that” She asked “Your room of course” He replied with a smile “You are not goi…” Before she could finish her statement Chris already walked in straight to her house while she tried to stop him, She tried to block him, but Chris dragged her to a side with his hand and walked in straight, Getting to her room, Chris was surprised to be Welcomed by her pants and bras which are on the



bed, his eyes almost popped out, Adunola ran in, pushing him away, she quickly ran to her bed to packed her stuffs, She hid them to her back while Chris made a smirk and walked closer to her, She moved back while he also moved closer to her, Suddenly she fell to the bed, Her pants and bras flung up to the air,She quickly covered her chest with her hand,More like a defense position,Chris made a smirk and moved more closer to her, She almost fainted, Slowly He laid down on her, leaving a space in between them, He moved his face closer to her face,Acting like he was going to kiss her, Suddenly he said “I won’t do anything to you, because you are still rejecting me” He smiled and stood up from her,He adjusted his suits and said “I will be waiting for your reply about the dinner, Goodnight” He winked and smiled at her, He went out of the room, Adunola on the other side just laid down on the bed, Still in shock,After awhile She sat on the bed and said “Did he just make my heart skip,Am going to get back at you,Jerk” …


Chris arrived back home, He walked into the living room with Deon and others behind him, He met his father in the living room watching the TV, He gretted his father. As he was about to go to his room, his father called him back and said “You came back so late today” He turned to his father and said “I went to see someone” He replied “A male or a female” His father asked “Dad a female, besides why are you asking” He asked “Nothing,I Just want to know, Anyway No problem, I want you to cancel all your schedules against next week” His father said “Why are my doing that” He asked “Because I want you to meet the Governor’s daughter, we are having a dinner together” His father replied “Why am I meeting the Governor’s daughter, if I may ask” He said “Well I want you to meet her, is there a problem in that” His father asked “Look Dad, I have a dinner with someone that next week, and i hope that your dinner is not going to affect my dinner next week, I am not saying that am not going meet the Governor’s daughter, of course I will, but I don’t want it to affect the one I have, am a bit tired and i need to sleep, Goodnight Dad” He said and walked in straight to his room while his Dad just looked at him walking away…


In the class, Alex and others were receiving lectures, Suddenly his eyes went to Dara who was busy chatting with someone on the phone, She was smiling and at the same time showing her phone to her friends, After the lecture was over, Dara went out to received a call while Alex just stared at her, After awhile she came back to the class to carry her bag, She bid her friends goodbye and walked out of the class, Alex watched her till she went out of the class. Suddenly from the



window, Alex saw a black sport car waiting for Dara outside, A young guy came out of the car while both him and Dara hugged eachother happily. The guy opened the door for her while the guy also entered the car and drove away, Alex couldn’t help but to make a smirk and said “So Silly”…


Adunola and her friends on the street walking back home “Oh my God I can’t believe that you are going out on a date with Chris” Bukola said “So you will still give him the chance and you are acting like an iron woman then” Bewaji said “You ladies are funny, firstly it’s not a date,It’s just a dinner, Just dinner, and secondly what chance did I gave him, we are only friends, if not that he has been disturbing me all these while, Do you think I have time for all that, I just want to consider him that’s all, please don’t get me wrong” Adunola said “Hmmm, whatever! Atleast you are going to have dinner together, That’s what we call level one” Bukola said smiling “You are not serious” Adunola said while they all bursted into laughter…

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Chris was in his office arranging some files,Drew walked in and said “Sir I gave her the dress already” Chris smiled and said “She didn’t say anything,Like she didn’t reject it” He asked “No she didn’t sir” Drew replied “Good,and how is that restaurant I told Deon to book for me tonight” He asked “He already did that sir,He also told them that you are coming over by ten sir” Drew replied “Good,Now I want you to go home and bring me my red car please,I will be going from here” He said while Drew went out of the office immediately. Not too long Dave walked in with a black suit and shoes in his hands,He took them to the dressing room in his office,After awhile he came out and went out of the office……


Chris’s car on Adunola’s street, He was the one who drove himself. He was putting on a black suit with a matching shoes and tie, He looked so happy while driving, He turned on the music, while he sang along with the music. After few minutes he arrived at Adunola’s house, He called her on the phone while Adunola told him to give her some few minutes. Suddenly Alex came out of the house, the moment Chris saw him coming to his direction, He also came out of the car, he rested his back on the car waiting for him to move closer to him, Seeing that Alex’s hands were in his pockets, He also did the same, Alex stood at his front while they both stared at each other without saying anything “Hello” Someone Said. They both turned to the direction of the voice and saw Adunola in wine dinner gown, Her hair in ponytail, For the first time Chris saw her in full make up, Her red lipstick made her look so attractive, Her dress was very long that she had to use her hands to



adjusted it, It was a long sleeve with an off shoulders dress, She was holding an handbag which matched with her high heeled shoes. Her hips looked so great in the dress, She was looking so elegant that both Alex and Chris had to stared at her, She smiled and walked closer to them “Alex I will be back shortly” She said while Alex looked at Chris “Why are you staring at me, she said she will be back shortly, It’s not like am kidnapping her” Chris said to Alex while Adunola Smiled, Alex moved closer to his sister and gave her a warm hug, Chris made a smirk and said “Don’t worry, I will make sure I win you” Alex stared at him while Adunola quickly said “Ok guys, can we please stop it, Alex don’t worry I will be back shortly, Go inside please” She said while Alex gave Chris a dead look before he walked in to the house “He look so scary” Chris said while Adunola just smiled at him. He assisted Adunola to the car while he also entered the car and drove away…..


Chris took her to one of the best restaurant in town,They were both discussing and at the same time smilling while eating. After they finished eating, Chris took her to a flower shop and bought her a very nice flower, From there He took her to the jewelry store, He bought her a silver necklace, At first she rejected it, but Chris had to forced her and said “Adun it’s just a gift,Just for tonight please” She had no choice but to allow him to put it on her, She smiled while Chris winked at her…


Chris brought Adunola back to her house, They both came out of the car and stood at the front of the car,Chris sat on the car while Adunola stood at his front, She smiled and said “Thank you for today, i really enjoyed myself” He smiled at her “Honestly this is nothing, It’s just that i don’t know when you are going to stop rejecting me” She looked at him “Yeah you are rejecting me all these while, If you give me the chance I will do more than this” She looked at him and said “Chris I don’t understand what you are trying to say” He went for her hand, Holding it and staring at her, Suddenly his second hand went to her waist, He Drew her closer to himself and said “I know you understand me, It’s been eight months Adun” He said “Like seriously I don’t understand you” She replied. He paused for awhile, Staring into her eyes while she also did the same “I don’t want it to get so late, I have waited and studied my feelings for all these eight months and I realized one thing” He said “A…. And what’s that thing” She asked “If you give me the chance, I want

to love you” He replied….





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