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Episode 9




” Am not afraid to die” words from a brave. But deep inside, he wouldn’t want to die.


” My dead? How? Mom ! Dad!, this joke is too expensive ” I muttered out with fear. My mother buried her face down, with unspoken tears running down her face. My father cleared his thought and said slowly to me.


“Son, I wish it’s a joke, but sooner or later, death will eventually come…”



” …just stop dad!!! What are you saying? That am going to die? Forget it dad, I just escaped the death and mom stop crying, nothing is going to happen to me” I cut in.


I watched as my mom wiped away her tears with the edge of her rapper.

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” listen to me son, its an omen of something very terrible. You are walking towards your death son. You are engaged with death. What have you been doing? What have you gotten yourself into? Speak up !! Tell me the Truth!!! ” my mom shouted. And for the first time in my life, she raised her voice on me. I wasn’t a brat, but I have always receive something they called mother’s love. She brought me up with so much love, she has always been my guide and my second best friend.


I felt like opening up to her, but I didn’t want to do it in front of my dad.


” can I have some minutes with you privately mom?” I requested. My dad looked into my mom eyes, then he excused us.


” mom… Am sorry, I went to a party with my friends, but things turned out bad, some bunched of girls led by someone I would call their leader, attacked the party before we could go in, fortunately we were spared. Few weeks ago, I met with leader at a club house, she has interest in me…and she collected my number, but it’s seems she doesn’t recognize me. The night you messaged… I was expecting to meet her, but I couldn’t due to the message I got from you, could that be death am walking into?” I asked.


” I don’t know son, but do all you can to stay away from her, I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to bury you with my hand. So please do this for me ” she said with tears.


” you won’t lose me mom” I said then I embraced her.




I returned back to school the following week, some students were shocked when they see me, well I later learnt that I have been declared missing. I narrated my stories to my friends and also the well wishers, that cared to know why.

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Whenever I remember my adventure in the evil forest, I always have this feeling of success and luck.


After an hour of insipid tutorial, joy came running at me with some great speed. She threw herself on me in front of all the departmental mate, there was a humming, but she care less about it.


” I heard the story from your best friend Agatha, are you really okay? ” she asked. ” yes… I am. But my best friend wouldn’t have tell you that ” I said .


” yea, she won’t have, I actually lied that… I liked you and that…I really care about you ” she said shyly.



” hmmm, she told you because you said the true, not because you lied. She knows when someone is lying ” I said with a






” shut up … Whatever… So you think I like you?” She said trying to form an anger.


” I don’t think you like me, I know you like me. You said it yourself to my Beastie ” I replied with a smile.


” whatever ” she muttered.


” can we have lunch together? ” I asked. She replied by nodding her head happily.


We walked hand to hand to the school canteen but we met David and his goons along the way, he seems uncomfortable seeing joy with me. I tried to ignore him but he wouldn’t let the sleeping dog lie. He and his friends organized themselves and they blocked our way.


” hey!!, what are you doing with my girlfriend? And why are you holding her hand as if she’s your wife” he shouted.


” David get out of my way” I retorted.


” and what if I don’t?” He said showing up his muscles. The easiest way to get rusticated in the university is through fighting. And am not ready to face the panel. But the son of a b—h in front of me is igniting the anger in me. I was about hitting him, when joy quickly get between us.


” Ay please stop! And you David, don’t you have any shame, instead of you to work on your GP. you are here fighting over a lady. Your GP is so low that even if it’s converted to MTN credit, its can’t flash another MTN number!!!. I want this to be the last time you will try this rubbish with me or Ay ” she said and walk angrily away from him dragging me along . after walking a mile away from them, i decide to speak up. The way she’s holding my hand is getting too awkward


” joy stay calm. Your adrenalin is high, you are dragging me ” I said with a low voice.


” am sorry ay, that idiot just got on my nerves” she said. I took my hand down to her hair then I caress them slowly.


” its okay, let go to my place ” I said then she agreed.




We board a bike which conveyed us to my villa. One thing I love about my Villa, its always a very quite place to live and the neighbor’s there are understandable, although we are all students.


She entered and she was like ” wao, nice place ”


” what will you like to eat?” I asked, knowing fully well that I can hardly boil an egg.


” whatever you cook, I will surely eat it” she said. I changed my cloth, then I head into the kitchen.


” Ay you can do this, yes you can, yes I can” I said to myself immediately I entered the kitchen. I remembered a cooking manual Agatha gave to me sometimes ago, I quickly fetch for it and place it on the table. I read through jollof rice preparation and I began following the steps, but it was kind of difficult. After some minutes joy joined me in the kitchen, she has removed her top leaving only her underwear, which reveals her pointed nipples. A br3ast like hers don’t need a bra to hold them up, they stand firm.


I tried hiding the cooking manual but she caught me.


” stop hiding the manual, I’ve seen it.” She said. “Hmm…I was just checking the…” I stammered.


“…checking what? Four figure table? Logarithm of jollof rice? Common leave there let me do the cooking” she said, then she collected the spoon from me. I watched as she prepare a palatable delicious rice, we ate together after the food was done, I must admit, she’s really a good cook.


After we are done eating, she rested her head on my legs and we began gisting.


” Ayo I wanna tell you something ” she said.


” if its about your craft members, am not ready to listen ” I said.


” it’s not that, its something special, its not right for me to say it but I just have to ” I said with a smile. I turned my ears to her, saying ” am all ears”


” you are a really good guy you know, and I have always wanted to tell you this, I like you a lot, and I sometimes wish you are mine, I tried to protect whenever you seems to be in trouble, its all because I admired you ” she said.


” joy… Sincerely speaking, I don’t know what to say am flattered ” I said.


She moved her head up then engage her lips with mine, the kiss was so warm an intriguing. I felt her hand on my manhood and slowly i began getting erection . her br3ast was against my chest and I can feel the rapid hardness of her br3ast. I sensed she want me,




so I took my time with her.


I grabbed her two pointed balls and began messaging them softly, I removed her under wear revealing her beautiful sets of grapefruit. I moved my head down to her left br3ast then I began s*cking it, I shifted my head to the right br3ast after I’ve softened the left br3ast .



I moved my hand down and shifted her skirt upward. She wore a pink tight that shows her p—y shape. I pull it down then I play with her p—y tips, she was enjoying it, so I insert in a finger, her p—y was quite tight so I couldn’t insert more than two fingers. She jumped on me after a while, then I guided my d–k into her p—y, the feeling was great , perhaps its been long that I have had s3x. She was riding me slowly like a horse, and I was enjoying every bit of it. I turned her over and took over position. I spread her leg wide, then I plug in. I wasn’t in mood for a fast s3x, so I go slowly on her, and I guessed she enjoy it being slow. After going like this for about 45 minutes, I c-m.


” can you still go for another round? ” I asked her. ” sure” she nodded.


I know this time around it won’t be slow, I positioned her on the unbeaten doggy style and penetrated from behind. I was bleeping her with full speed and force. And all she could give was a good sound track. I removed my d–k from her p—y then placed it in between her two pointed br3ast, the br3ast are too good to be ignored .


We later changed position to missionary style. Missionary style always give me the opportunity of a deep penetration. I inserted my long d–k deeply into her p—y, then I began banging her this way, till we both released.


She cleaned up in the toilet and waited still around 5 pm in the evening before leaving. I really enjoyed her stay and am sure she enjoyed herself too.




After seeing her off, I was heading back home when two ladies on a bum shorts standing by a range rover car, signalled for me to enter the car with a pistol pointed at me. I obliged without hesitation, I wouldn’t want to underestimate them.


I was drove to a very beautiful big mansion. I began wondering who might own such a big house.


I followed them in, and I saw yemi sitting majestically on the sofa.


” welcome home my baby” she said as made to hug me.


” do you really have to send for me with a gun?” I asked with some borrowed anger.


” am sorry dear, have missed you a lot and I think maybe you are avoiding me” she replied. ” something happened, that was why you didn’t see me” I said.


She gave me an unexpected kiss then she dragged me along with her to the swimming pool.


” you are spending the night here with me, so don’t think of ever leaving me, go change your cloth and let swim” she said.


I remembered how my mother warned me against her, but right now there’s nothing I can do.


After swimming together for about 30 minutes, we left the pool for dinner, the table was already set, a full chicken was at the center of the table staring at me.


I must admit that she’s living like a president .


After eating, she brought out a black label wine and we began drinking, I wasn’t suprise when I saw her smoking.


Around 10 pm she was already drunk and she began undressing herself in front of me.


My spirit doesn’t go with her, so I began looking for excuses and ways to run away. An idea struck me so I followed it. I lied to her that I want to use the toilet, so with that, I was able to find my way out of the building, I met three ladies armed with Ak47 at the main gate.


” she wanted the three of you upstairs.” I said and the three of them ran upstairs to meet her.


They actually fell for my trick. I opened the gate and I head out


I saw a Benz car parked outside the gate, as I began moving, the car began following me, I noticed this so I increased my pace. I board a bike then I told the bike man to run very fast. I got home then I locked myself in. I don’t know why the car was following me but I know it has to be a reason, but am thankful for the bike man.


Around 2 am in the night I heard a knock at my door.




To be continued….

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