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I woke…


I saw the sun shining beautifully above, I look around and I realized that I’m inside a small hunt. How I got there was unknown to me. I was still battling with my thought when a lady on white rapper , entered in.


” Am I in heaven?” I asked immediately the lady entered.


“No you are still in hell ” she replied. I look closely at the lady and I realized that it’s no one but mojala.


” how did you find me? ” I asked.


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” half dead, If I weren’t there in time, you would have been chewed something that received 40 percent Of the shot, the substance didn’t let you die instantly, it’s buy me time for me to reach you. Or don’t you remember anything? ” She asked.


” tell me something, so you knew that he’s going to shoot me and you let me go receive some random bullets, now he have both the tears and the forest water, so you think you are saving me? you should just have let me die, cos I’m dead without those two items ” I muttered out angrily.


Mojala smiled, as if all I said was an infant cry.


” let me tell you what you don’t know, I’m mojala the spirit of the forest, I’ve seen this day long before you are born. I have eye that see the past and also eye that sees the future. I knew you will come to me one day, cos this gift of eye will be pass onto you. The moment you entered this village, I transformed into human cos I knew the hunter you will approach, I took the image of one of his daughters, I even tested you, but you pass the test. I was the one that gave you the charm that you chew. You would have been dead if not for the charm, cos he shot you with a very powerful gun that can kill any spirit in this forest. I knew he will betray you, but I want you to witness how cruel the earth is. Someone you trust can betray you for anything that will profit him. You think he have both the tears and the water, no way I will let that happen, he went home with just an ordinary water and also the tears, I exchange it with a sea water. All he have with him is nothing, do you know still blame me for saving your life ” she said. I



slowly lay down flat on the bamboo I am sitting on then smile happily to myself. I always knew I have a great destiny and a life of adventure.


She gave me some herbs to drink which gave me some strength, the gun actually made 3 holes in my stomach region but mojala was able to stitch the wounds together. She gave me the forest water and also the mermaid tears, she later give me two small calabash and ask me to wash my face from the water inside It. She said one contain the gift to see the past and the other contain the gift to see the future. I was washing my face from one of the calabash which contained the past gift when I heard a gun shot. I looked at mojala and I found out that she’s has been shot, I look at the direction the fire came from and I saw Akanji aiming back at me, I felt like attacking him that moment but mojala held my hand and ask me to run. She was hit at the chest by the bullet and I knew she won’t survive it cos she’s already bleeding from the mouth. I couldn’t wash my face with the second water which contained the future gift so I pour it down on the floor and I hurriedly pack the forest water and the mermaid tears and speed away from the hunt. I hate to leave mojala behind, but I can only make her happy if I didn’t let Akanji have both the items I’m carrying.


Akanji came running at me, and shooting his gun at some intervals whenever he have a clear view of me. I knew I can’t outran a hunter that’s very familiar with the forest, so I remember I have a mind map in my head, so I activated the map and search for possible short cut out of the forest. I began moving fast following the short route being shown in my head, and I was out of the forest before I knew it. I saw a lorry heading to the city, so I quickly jumped in and hide myself among the people in the lorry . The lorry was miles away when Akanji erupt from the forest, he shouted at the lorry driver to stop but he couldn’t hear him because of the distance, he tried running after the lorry but he failed. I made a sigh of relief then thanked my star.


There was this small boy that will be around age 10 or 12. He kept staring at me and I wondered what he might be looking for in my eye so playfully I stare back into his eyes, but something strange happened when I stared into his eyes. I began to see his past from the very first day that he was born to the recent. It was a strange sight, I did the same for the woman sitting next to me and I also see through her past, that was when I realized the gift to see the past has been bestowed on me.

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” thank you mojala, I will make sure you don’t die in vain, I will avenge your death” I said to myself.


I returned back to school quite late in the evening, I hurriedly move into my room and lock the door from behind. Some people might thinking I’m in for ritual because of the pot I carried in, but before they start saying rubbish I quickly shut the door at their faces. My final year exams is about two weeks to go and I’m yet to engage myself in reading. I sat down on my reading table and quickly digest in some books into my head. I planned traveling to my mother town tommorow to appeal to the death that is aiming for my head. I didn’t tell my parents about my movement, sometimes as a man you have to make some decisions alone.


I woke up as early as 4 am in the morning, then I head to the bus stop. I went by the early bus and I arrived there at around 1pm. I head to the family house, where I was welcomed warmly. It’s seems they knew more about me than I do myself. Without wasting time I asked them to take me to where they buried the first male child in the family. No one could take me there, they said his body was not buried but was thrown inside a bush, I was shocked when I heard that, but when they added that his spirit lives within the bush and no one dare get near the bush.



“I’m going near the bush tonight ” I said. They tried to stop me but I’ve reached a stage in life that I can’t be stopped.


Around 9 pm in the evening, I carried the necessary things then head to the bush, on my way to the bush, I met a little girl which said some things to me.


“you seek for death, surely you will find it, but only if your eyes are opened ” she said then she went her way. It sounds more than a parable to me, I realized she’s trying to pass a message to me, which I interpreted slowly.


I was almost close to the bush when I remembered what the little girl said. For no reason I close my eyes and I began to work like a blind man. I felt the presence of someone, I wanted to open my eyes but something told me not to.


” open your eyes !!” came a voice from someone I can’t identify, but I refused, insted I closed my eyes more tightly. He repeated the same words continuously with more aggression but I went deaf to all of them. I was expecting the whoever that was speaking to attack me or force me to open my eyes but nothing happened, that was when I flashed back to when a mad man uses his hand to cover my eyes from seeing a passing death and also what the little girl told me. His powers lies on his gift, which is his eyes, he kills not by physical contact but by whoever that look into his eyes. talking to him is my only way out, cos he’s definitely blind to the world and the truth.


” I came in peace, I’m just like you, the difference is that I’m a living, I can feel your pain, I know how it feels to be killed and thrown into a bush as an abomination. It’s okay to be angry, I will be if I’m in your shoes. You want a revenge for what you they did to you… But you are blind not to see that you’ve made a curse on our bloodline. A curse was being made, that will wipe us all out, you were the first to be born male with the gift,then years after I was born. This curse Is on me, and on the male generation to come, you can’t just let them win, let them believe that they are wrong and we the male are not an abomination, I need you to see the truth, the curse was made not by you, but you are being use to manifest the curse. You are the only key that can end this curse. With the forest water and the mermaid tears this curse will be broken, and after when this has end, your soul will be in peace. Think it over, the decision you made now will speak for centuries. ” I said then I stretched out the forest water and the tears. After about some minutes, both the mermaid tears and the forest water dissappeard. A strong wind blew pass my face, then after some time it stopped. I opened my eyes slowly to see, But the first thing I saw was a person that looks so much like me. He took a little bow before waving his hand at me, and before I knew it, he was gone. I felt a tranquility, and I felt freedom, then I knew the worst is over.


I head back to the family house, I saw alot of people crying, I guessed I’ve been presume dead since no one has ever near the bush and live to tell the story, but I did. I guessed bad news travels faster, they’ve already inform my parents and I met them there both crying but all of them were shocked to see me return. I live to tell the story cos I was born a legend to live the world of Adventure.


I returned back to school to prepare for my exams, with the help of Ayokemi my lecturer girlfriend and also with the help Joy, I was able to catch up and cover all the course outlines before the examination date. I did my final year exams and I came out with a good grade. Topster Stories. I graduated from the University with an optimistic mind, I remember how many we are on our matriculation day, But on our convocational day,



not everyone survive the journey, I lost friends too, but I’m glad to still have people that cares about me.


My best friend and my friends.


Before going for my youth service, I remember I have an unfinished business with someone, which is Akanji the great hunter. No way I’m going to let him go free. A month after my convocation, I packed all the necessary things I’m going to be needding for a revenge mission, after considering all these factors, I head to his village.


Shooting him dead will be so easy, so I look for a good way to kill him slowly rather than just a rapid death by gun.


When I got to the village, getting an apartment was quite easy, I rented a small mud house then I furnished it quite well for my comfort. And beside I’m not going to be in the village for just a revenge, I’m going to be bleeping some village p—y as well. I made a life destroying plans for Akanji, I started by taking away his joy. He had 8 daughters, and by the news reaching me, I was told they were all virgins. Fortunately for me his oldest daughter wedding is some weeks to go. I made an inquiry on her and I was being giving her name which is bimpe. I studied her movements for some days then I made my move, she was coming from the stream one evening when I approached her. I talked to her as every gentlemen will and she fell for me. I asked her to come see me the following day and she agreed.


The following day, I placed a small camera at the edge of my room then I await her arrival. Few minutes after 2 pm, she knocked on my door. I ushered her in then I entertained her with what I got. We talk for some time then the talk began getting intimate. When I noticed this, I stood up and put on the camera, then I returned back to her. I made my first move which I know is very difficult to resist, let alone someone that’s yet to be tamed.


My hands walks magically to her wrapper, then I slowly loosen it, hereby exposing her fresh ebony village laps outside for me to see. I rob and move my hand slowly on her laps given it some inches away from her p—y region. She closed her eyes as she dance to the tune of sensation. I wouldn’t want to go in fast cos she’s a virgin so I took certain note of some features she’s embedded with, her boobs are quite big and without wasting a seconds, I attacked them with force, they seems to be held with a local bra, which prevented me from having a succulent grabs. I removed the bra as fast as I can then I engaged my mouth directly on her nipples. She let out a local voice that almost turn me off, but I reconnected back quickly. After working on her breast for some minutes, I decided it’s time I left her have the full intake of my d–k.


removed her paint without looking down, then my d–k find it way into her p—y. I t—-t in deeply into her honey pot, but I observed something, her p—y was quite wide and deep to be a virgin. I t—-t in again and I found out that I’m f—–g a big hole and not a virgin hole.


” I thought you are a virgin? ” I asked with a surprise.


” just continue doing it, I’m not a virgin ” she said in the process, and also spreading her leg more widely apart for my d–k to enjoy a smooth ride.


” so who disvirgined you ” I asked again.


“the village fisherman, Alao” she said swiftly.



“very well then ” I said then I continue banging her, since she isn’t a virgin I expected, so I banged her like a slot, not minding whether she’s screaming or not. After everything is done, I gave her some few money then she left. I checked the camera and I found out that it captured all the sex scene, my face didn’t show there, but her’s did. I made some copies, and also process some into a disc.


I waited for the wedding day before carrying out my moves, but before then, I’ve engaged myself monitoring Akanji movement, and luckily for me I discovered some new secret about him. In several occasions I’ve caught him talking secretly to the wife of village warlord. The village warlord is known as balogun. He’s a very powerful man and also a well respected man. According to the news I heard from the neighboring villagers, I was told that he don’t play with his wife and seeing Akanji gallivanting around his wife is a call for war. I followed him well, then I realized that he’s having an affair with the balogun wife. No one dare tell balogun cos they were all afraid of Akanji. Since there’s no one brave enough to tell balogun about Akanji mischief, I took the step but at first I need to have a strong evidence to convince balogun to believe me. I was able to plant my digital camera inside balogun room with the help of one of the balogun maid that I was bleeping. She agreed to help me on a condition that I will follow to the stream to fetch water, so that she can boast of me as her boyfriend in front of her friends, which I found very easy for me to do cos she will be introducing me to another new p—y doing the process.


She returned the camera back to me the following day. I checked it and I watched a full sex video of Akanji and the balogun wife. I held on to my promise with her and I followed her to the stream as I promised. When we got there she introduced me to all of her friends who kept staring at me consistently with a green light. I smiled cos I know I’m about to bleep more p—y. I was about leaving when I saw a teenage girl sitting beside the river, she seems to be talking to something inside the river, so I approached her. I sat down beside her not saying a word, I looked at the direction she’s staring at in the water and I saw a very large fish that looks so familiar like a sea shark. the river was quite big but not big enough for a shark habitance. No one needs to tell me that it’s not an ordinary fish.


” is that your pet? ” I said pointing directly at the fish . She didn’t say a word, so I added more it.


” do you want me to call the fishermen to kill it for you? ” I said silly, I know that will hurt her to speak.


” You dare not do that, I will eat you up as you stand ” that came directly from the big fish inside the water. I wasn’t surprised when I heard the fish talking cos I knew there’s every possibility for it to talk.


” oh really? Why don’t you come here on land and challenge me? ” I said in Jessie J voice.


” you come inside water and see if I won’t tear you apart…”


“you come here on land and see if I won’t turn you to pepper soup. ” I cut in abruptly. The fish uses it tail to splash water at me, and without giving it a second thought, I picked up a stone then made to trow it at the fish when I was being stopped by the girl.


“please don’t harm my friend ” she said. I looked directly into her eyes and without knowing I began to see her past. It was quite a sad view so I stopped myself from seeing further.


” I saw your past and it’s quit a sad one, I’m sorry about your parents death, anyway I’m Ayo” I said stretching out my hand forward to her.


I’m Anike, are you a spirit? ” she asked with a puzzled face.


“No, I’m not a spirit. I’m a human with gifts ” I said then I made to move.


” can I follow you? I have nowhere to stay ” she yelled after me. I couldn’t turn her down, so I let her follow me.


When we got home, I gave her food to eat, after she’s done, she began talling me her life story. It was a sad one, unfortunately there’s only little I can do to help her.


I explained my mission to her, and she promise to join hands with me.


The wedding day arrived, I gave her a copy of the sex video I had with Akanji daughter to Anike, which she delivered to the groom and the grooms family exactly some minutes before the commencement of the marriage. The video came in as a bomb. A marriage turns to frighting ground between the grooms family and the bride family. They started by exchanging chronic insulting words then later advanced to exchanging blows with each other, I watched happily as Akanji joy turns to a battle ground. I knew my identity will soon be expose, but before that will happen, I made arrangements for my final move.




To be continued…





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