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Episode 19


© Simrah Saeed





I paced to and fro unable to believe what I just head ..


Ryan getting married tomorrow?


That’s not possible, he can’t get married to another woman..


” Calm down Elle ” Chuks said

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How did you expect me to be called when Ryan just slipped out of my hand ” I yelled


He dragged me into this mess, he brought this upon me ..


He convinced me to leave Ryan and I did..


Ryan was a loving and caring boyfriend, he loved me so much and I took the advantage of that and left him for his best friend because of greed ..


There’s always a way out babe ” he said convincingly .. I wish I never listened to him


You caused all this Chuks, you led me into leaving the only man that ever loved me ” I face palmed myself trying hard not to cry .


I just realized Ryan’s worth when I was with him


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C’mon babe don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy the times spent with me ” he said


I did but you don’t love me, we don’t love each other ” I snapped


Remember Janelle, I didn’t force you to me, you left Ryan just because of your love for money, yes! I did convinced you but you were too blind to see I was jealous of your relationship ” he yelled


What? He’s been using me ? He made me left Ryan just to break him ?


His friend?


What kind of best friend are you?” I asked while he chuckled


Best friend? You call that Best friend ? Despite I had everything I wanted in life and Ryan doesn’t, he was loved by many, everyone wishes to see him, heck! Some people worshiped him while they neglected me and expect me do what clap my hands? How did you expect me to be happy when he got all the fame ? ” He yelled disgustingly


You ought to be happy for him Chuks he’s your best friend ”



Don’t mention that again , he’s not my best friend Janelle, I hate him ” .. I never knew I hate him this much untill now …


I lost my Ryan because of money ..


How do I get him back? I can’t face seeing him married to another lady


Can we forget that mother fu.cking bastard and have some fun?” He asked huskily spanking my butts before slamming me to his hard chest kissing me roughly..


I gave him a sounding slap pushing him to the floor


I won’t let him use me anymore, even if I get together with Ryan, I will not be his tool again . Never !


I picked up my phone glaring at him ..


Ass hole !


He groaned standing up while I made my way out of his house ..


I will help you get Ryan all to yourself on one condition ” I froze in my spot on hearing that..


Is he really serious?


Will he do it for me ?


Thou I believe he can help me get Ryan because he’s been doing that for people as a gangster


My face brightened up as I turned to him immediately..


Really? ” I beamed


Yes and like I said, with a condition attached ”


Just name it Chuks ”


I want to have you right now .I want to f**k you Janelle. Now! ” He said



This is a very easy condition Chuks, I will give you any style you want. Anything to get Ryan back ”


I said jumping on him


Good girl ”


He kissed my earlobe down to my neck bone as his hand slipped into my shirt pressing my n**le while I moaned in pleasure. Sincerely I love it when yeah touches me..


He’s a pro ..


He gently placed me on the bed with him on top of me as his hand finds it way to my panties rubbing my c**t


I don’t care about anything…


He can have me as many times as he wants so long Ryan won’t get married to any dogged face tomorrow








✨ Tamara ✨



Yes Dad , mum Mariah (Ryan’s mom) got everything prepared before Nina and I arrived ” I said to dad placing my head on his thigh .


Mum Mariah is really petting me like a year old baby ..


Imagine she brought the body therapist last week to help me keep fit


And she brought in the beauticians yesterday when the wedding isn’t that day..


I wonder what she wants them to he doing here till tomorrow…


Getting married to Ryan might be the best choice I have ever made ..



You know, I have dreamt about my wedding being the gossip headlines but not too fancy..


I guess that’s not going to be possible as far as Nina and mum Mariah are with me ..


Imagine the money they spent at the shopping yesterday like it’s nothing to them ..


I almost scream my lung out but who am I to object when they practically shut me out ..


They strictly told me to keep quiet and just watch..


Both are crazy ..


Like mother like daughter ..


It’s okay, I’m going to miss you baby” dad said in a sober tone Aww! He shouldn’t cry else I will be forced to cry with him ..


I will miss you too Dad ” I pouted hugging him with my hands


My happiness is that, you are finally getting married to someone I can trust you with, I can’t let you fall into a wrong hand baby ” he said


even if I have spoken with Ryan a few times, I bet he’s a good guy.. His charisma speaks volumes ”


Yeah, I believe so too. He loves me dad” I muttered shyly


I can see that he…”


I’m sorry to interrupt you sir, someone’s here to see you ” the gate man cuts in ..


Who?” Dad asked


I wouldn’t know sir ” he replied politely


Let him in then ”


Right away sir ” he said going out if the room


Are you expecting someone?” I asked


No baby, maybe it’s a business partner who heard about your wedding. You know people have been trooping in and out if the house since your wedding was announced ” he said


I see reasons with him thou..


Ryan my amor! I miss him already. It’s been only a day I last saw him but I still miss him ..


I can’t wait for tomorrow to walk through the aisle with the love of my life beside me .


Only this is enough to get me all excited..


” He’s here sir ”


I raised my head to see the ‘ someone ‘




Luis ?” I called.. Goodness!


I sat up immediatetly to see clearly and it’s true, I wasn’t mistaken. It’s him ..


His face still wore the killer smile he always have on his face ..


I wonder if he’s a smile addict ..


He smiled at me before facing dad


” good afternoon sir ” he greeted .


Dad narrowed his eyes at him with confusion..


” Afternoon son , please sit ”


Luis sat opposite us quietly like he isn’t the one disturbing me with jellybean this and that few day back



Did you know him Mara ?” Dad asked


Y..yeah, he’s a friend ” I replied


Right son, are you here to see Mara?” He asked Luis


You both sir ” he replied.


I relaxed on the couch staring at him..


Okay! This isn’t funny!


Okay! Why did you want to see us and who are you exactly?” Dad asked .. Luis adjusted his position clearing his throat..


I’m Luis, only son of late Nicholas Owen ” he introduced..


I glanced at dad, his expression was unreadable..


Who’s Nicholas Owen bearing dad and I’s last name?


Yeah dad’s name is Gavin Owen while I’m Mara Owen as you know..


I can’t really tell why dad chose I bear his father’s name although I don’t see anything bad in it ..


And Luis? I thought he told me his parents lives in South America or could it be that he lied to me ?


That was the last time I saw him. You wouldn’t blame me, it was the next day Nina tricked me to their house and instead of spending a day, I ended up spending a week .


Well, their parents insisted ..


After I was back, I got no time for anyone. I was busy thinking of how my life will turn out to be after marriage.


I glanced at dad then at him who sat without uttering a word waiting for Dad to digest what he just said ..


” What’s going on dad ?” I asked , it seems I’m the only one confused



” Nicholas Owen? My brother ” dad said teary


Brother ? He never mentioned he has a brother..


This is weird


You are my brother’s son, the very one I searched for for years. Where’s he please, I need to see my brother.. God! ”


He said this time with tears in his eyes .. standing to hug Luis Gosh! He’s too fragile like a woman …


Wait! I don’t get it, Luis is my cousin? How? When ?


I’m sorry uncle but dad is late , he died in a car accident with mum and non of them survived it even when they were rushed to the hospital” Luis explained


This is sad! It isn’t easy loosing your both parents….


Even as dad is alive, I miss the warmth of a mother ..


I never knew her except in pictures..


But why did he lie to me?


Dad broke into fresh tears….


I’ve never seen him this broken before


What the hell?


” Please Dad stop crying please ” I patted him ..


I hate to see him in tears , it makes me weak too ..


He wiped away his tears forcing a smile .


I know it’s fake …


Mara baby, this is Luis. He’s your cousin, I believe that.. he looks so much like Nicholas my elder brother..” dad said ..


But dad , you never told my about him why?”



Because I believed that i will find them one day and present his family to you as a surprise ”


I’m sorry Mara , he’s your only brother. Please accept him ”


And Luis, I promise to take care of you as my son till my last breathe ” he said smiling at us ..


From now on, you will leave here with me ” he announced..


Luis and I stared at each other


Dad! I’m still confused, I want to know what happened” I popped out


I will tell you about it Mara but some other times , all I can say now is… Nicholas and I were separated since childhood.. I was 10 while he was 14. Mr Rick’s and his wife adopted me to ease our family financial problem. The last time I saw him was at our father’s burial and ever since, he just disappeared into the tin air ” he narrated


Luis, Mara is my daughter and your sister ” he said


Luis stood up and hugged me ..


I couldn’t help but hug him back ..


You have a lot of explanations to do brother ” I whispered to him while he chuckled


I know sis , I will explain everything to you and anyways, I got your wedding invitation card” he said sarcastically while I hid my face in embarrassment


I’m sorry Luis, I’m really sorry ”


It’s okay sis, congrats in Advance… ”


Thank you ” I said hugging him again as dad joined us for the family reunion.. Oh my God! I have a brother……….


Best news ever







I do ” I replied glancing at Ryan who stood beside me .. We both smiled secretly..


Do you Ryan Nathan take Tamara Owen as your lawful wedded wife ?”


I do ” he replied almost immediately which made me chuckle.


Is he that desperate to have me as his wife ?


We read our vows as everyone clapped


” As the priest of this day, I here by pronounce you as Man and Wife ”


” You may kiss your bride ”


Ryan unveiled me holding up my chin with excitement written all over him ..


The moment his lips brushed with mine, we heard a loud gun shots….


You became frightened as I clutched to Ryan ..


Everywhere became scattered as people ran for their lives ..


The gunshots was coming towards us ..


We need to run Mara ” Ryan said picking me up on his shoulder but a gun was shot at us …. No!!!!!!!






Mr Flirt

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