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Must Read: Lonely – Episode 3

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Episode 3




Mummy: Amanda, get inside.


Chuku reluctantly left me and I made fast steps into the room. On a second thought,I came back and hid behind the curtain.


Mummy: What’s the talk about going to Tansi? Who made that decision in this house?


Chuku: Mummy,I had told daddy about it and he supported the idea.


Mummy: Did he also support that Amanda goes?


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Chuku: Yes mum. In fact, he said that we all can go to Tansi. He…..


Mummy: If you all go to Tansi, who would stay with me? The house will be so lonely and dead. You know I need company especially now that your father is no more. Maybe you and Chine can go while Amanda will go to Esuti or IMT.


Chuku didn’t say anything. There was silence in the sitting room.


Mummy: Daddy talk to me now.


Chuku: Till we get back first. Amanda also has to make a decision you know.


Mummy: But…..


Chuku: Mum please don’t stress it. I’ll be inside.


I quickly walked down the corridor to my room. I prayed like I had never prayed before,asking God to see me through.


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I didn’t mind going to any school so long as I was going to further my education and get a degree.



Our journey back home wasn’t bad. The driver drove us and we didn’t say much on the way. As soon as we entered our compound, I knew I was back to being the slave. We all got down and was waiting for the driver to come open the boot when mum called for our attention.


Mummy: Drop all the luggage downstairs. We’ll be having a meeting now.


Chine: But mum, I’m hungry. Can’t we at least eat something before the meeting.


Mummy: Don’t worry dear. Its going to be a short one.


Chuku looked at me and smiled. I was too nervous to smile back? Instinct told me I was the reason for the meeting. He came to me and patted my shoulder.


Chuku: What’s the matter?


Me: Nothing. I’m fine.


Chuku turned to know if anybody was close but he saw mum opening the door while Chine stood behind her complaining of something.


Chuku: I know you’re worried about this sudden meeting. You have to always believe me, I’m here for you and I’ll always be. You need not worry about mum and her daughter. You’ll be safe okay?


I nodded, trying hard to fight the tears and stop them from falling.


I lifted my box and dragged it into the house. Mum and Chine were already seated. I quickly dropped my box where Chine had dropped hers and took a seat. Chuku entered shortly and the meeting began.


Mummy: First of all, I want to thank you all for the good behaviour you all put up in the village. It shows you all are now matured enough to know between right and wrong.


Thank you very much for not disgracing me at the village.


Chine : Don’t you trust me mummy. I knew that those wicked men and women at the village will be monitoring all our movements so that they’ll have something to gossip about when we return, but I’m glad there plan didn’t work at all.


Mummy: That’s my girl. Now, to the reason why I called this meeting, I’ll go straight to the point.


I adjusted in my seat, waiting for the worst.



Mummy: Amanda!


I swallowed hard. Here it comes.


Me: Ye…..yes mummy


Mummy: I want to state how the affairs of my family will be ran from now onwards. If you’re not happy with it, you can pick your box from that spot and walk out,I’ll be kind enough to give you transportation fair although I know that you made new boyfriends at the village who gave you enough money.


Chine chuckled and my eyes got wet.


Mummy: Did you get me clear?


Me: Yes mummy.


Mummy: Good. From today, you’ll be seeing to all the domestic chores in this house; cleaning, washing, mobbing, drying, cooking, every damn chores. Did…..


Chike: Mummy please wait.


Mum: I’m not talking to you. Will still get to your part.


Chuku: But mum, if she handles all the chores, what will Chine be doing?


Chine: Mummy tell Chuku not to call my name there again. Is it bad if I don’t do anything?


Chuku: You should be ashamed of yourself. Look what is coming out from your mouth. At your age, you can’t do any thing. Spoilt brat. If its to have boyfriend now, you’ll know how to do that one. Emulate Amanda for once and……


Mummy: Now shut up both of you. Nobody is going to speak anymore until I’m done. Do you get me?


Nobody said anything. Was I talking before?


Mummy: As I was saying, Amanda will handle all the domestic activities of this house. After this meeting, you’ll go back to your former room, pack out everything you have there and move them to the boys quarter.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I raised my head in shock. I was alarmed. I never knew it would get to this. Tears ran down my face and I began to miss daddy.



Chuku: Why? Why will she move to the boys quarter? Has the rooms in this house finished? What will you do with all the rooms here? Mummy this is wickedness. It is not fair.


Mummy: Are you done speaking?. Nobody will flaunt my orders in this house not even you Chuku.


Chuku sprang up immediately like he’s being bitten by something.


Chuku: I’m sorry mum but I’m going to flaunt your orders this time. Amanda is not moving to the boys quarter but if she must, I’ll also move in with her.


Mum sprang up immediately and launched an attack towards Chuku. He stood his ground and looked on as she approached. She raised her hand to give him a slap but somehow,she missed the target. I quickly went between the two of them and knelt down.


Me: Mummy please. Don’t say anything anymore. I’ll move to the boys quarter. Don’t fight because of me. Mummy, I’ll do anything you say don’t just fight anymore please.





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