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Must Read: Lonely – Episode 20

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Episode 20




Mrs k: Is that why your face looks that way? You should know that those words are empty threats. Look how beautiful and healthy you’ve become. They’re just jealous of your progress.


Me: Thanks mum. But I wish to get back my things, my money, my house, I wish to get everything back.


Mrs k: No my child. There are some decisions you shouldn’t make while angry. Come to think of it, is there any proof to back up your claims to those properties?



I never thought about it. I didn’t even know where daddy’s lawyer lives or where his office was. Did I even know his name?


Mrs k: I want to assure you, so long as you’re with us, you’ll never lack anything. You’re my child and I’ll treat you with so much love and care. By the time all these is over, you’ll get back everything that you’ve lost in greater digits.

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Her phone rang and she picked it.


Mrs k: ……Tuesday?….. I’ll be there…..just book a flight for me….thank you.


She ended the call and looked at me with a smile.


Mrs k: Hope you heard what I said to you?


Me: Yes mummy.


Mrs k: I’ll be travelling on Tuesday.


Me: I heard that. Hope everything is fine.


Mrs k: Yes. They’re done with the designers I ordered from London. I just need to go and check if they’re complete.

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Me: What about your manager? She should be handling all these things. You shouldn’t be travelling all the time.


Mrs k: I know my dear. She’s on maternity leave.


Me: Oh! I forgot.


We spent more time discussing till Ken and Kamsi came back. I excused myself and went into Kamsi’s room.


Kamsi: Hey BF


Me: Hi!


Kamsi: I got you grilled checked from KFC. Ted and I went out.


Me: Oh! Thanks very much.


I opened her bag and brought it out. I made to go out but she stopped me.


Kamsi: Can I talk to you for a minute?


Me: Sure. Why not.



I came back into the room and sat on the bed.


Me: What’s it all about?


She came and sat down beside me.


Kamsi: Its about you and Gospel. What’s happening.


I heaved a sigh


Kamsi: Do you both have time for yourselves at all? He’s always at the other side of the house or out of the country. What’s happening?


Me: Kammy I don’t know. I really don’t know if I offended him in some way. He doesn’t pick my calls anymore neither does he return it. Maybe its because he’s used to seeing me in this house.


Kamsi; Don’t say that Amy. But,do you mean that you both don’t have a problem or disagreement?


Me: None that I know of. And I’ll be lying if I say I’m not disturbed about it.


There was an unusual silence in the room.


Kamsi: Call him now.


Me: He won’t pick it.


Kamsi: Use my phone.


She passed me the phone and I dialled Gospel’s number. He picked it immediately


Gospel: Hello sis


Me: Its me.


Gospel: Amanda?


Me: Yes. Good afternoon.


Gospel: Same to you. Can you call me back? I’m busy at the moment.


Me; That’s always your excuse. Do you ever have time for me these days?


Gospel: I said I’m busy. I’ll call you back once I’m done.


He hung up before I could say any other thing. Tears flooded my eyes and I let them fall.



Kamsi: Don’t do that. We’re going to his quarters now.


There (our) compound housed four mansions. Gospel has one which is the first. The second one which was the smallest housed the servants,cooks and drivers. Mrs Kalu, Kenneth, Kamsi and I stayed in the third one which was the biggest. The fourth one was still empty. Plans are being put in place for Kenneth to move over.


I had never being to Gospel’s quarter before and hearing Kamsi say it now caused me to shiver in freight.


Me: I’m not going. I can’t go.


Kamsi: Why? He can’t make you fall for him and then start treating you like trash.


I won’t let him do that.


Me: Kamsi let it go. It’s his life after all


Kamsi: And what about you? How do you feel? Amanda get up. We’re going there now, except you want me to inform mum about it.


Me: Okay. I’ll go with you.


My heart was beating fast, missing several beats and making me swallow hard. Mum was no longer in the sitting room and I was grateful. We walked out of the house and met Rita, she was the second cook.


She greeted us with a smile.


Kamsi: Is my brother around?


Rita: Yes but he has a visitor.


Kamsi: Its alright. Thank you.


We continued walking towards his house till we got to the door.


Me: Don’t you think we should go back since he has a visitor?


Kamsi: We’re here already.


Kamsi opened the door and we walked in. There was nobody in the sitting room but we confirmed that he had a guest because there was a Handbag on a sofa and a heel beside it. My heart started beating faster than before.


Me: Kamsi please let’s go.

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She didn’t speak to me. I saw the frown and anger on her face as she raced up the stairs that led to Gospel’s room I guess while I followed in hot pursuit.


She pushed the door to a to open before I could get to her but I noticed that she froze on the spot. I came closer and took a look. I gasped in shock at what I saw..







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