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Episode 14




Kenneth: Can I say that this room is tensed? I don’t like how you both are silent.


Kamsi: You’ll never be comfortable in a quiet place. We’re both worried about what they’re both discussing in the doctor’s office and you’re here talking trash.


Ken: Did I call your name sis? Anyways, Amanda, have you eaten anything?



I nodded, still placing my hands in my chest.


Ken: Eh?

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Kamsi: This is no time for that question and answer Ken. You……


The door opened and Mrs Kalu walked in with the doctor.


I stared into there faces but it was just plain,no emotions.


Mrs Kalu sat down and the doctor asked me to lie down and I did.


Doc: Like I told you,we were able to collect some sperm samples as evidence which we’ll keep safe in case she needs to file a report.


Mrs k: I heard when you said that. But is there no way the culprits can be found with those samples?


Doc: I’m sorry madam. Our hospitals are yet to get the equipments for that. I even doubt if its here in the country.


Ken: What nonsense? Stuffs like these are easy to trace in the states. I…..

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Mrs k: Kenneth you’re not in the states. I’ll advice you keep quiet for now.


Ken: Sorry doc.


Doc: Its okay young man.


Mrs k: So doctor, you said you’ve ran all the necessary tests right?


Doc: Yes madam.


Mrs k: And she’s not pregnant or infected?


Doc: Not at all madam. We just found some traces of staphylococcus in her but we started treatment even in her unconscious state.


I heaved an audible sigh of relief and everyone in the room looked at me.


Doc: Its okay Ander. You’re fine.


I nodded with a smile and Kamsi started rubbing my arm.


Doc: She’ll be free to go home by next week.


Mrs k: Thank you doctor.


Doc: You’re welcome.



He left the room and Mrs Kalu smiled at me.


Mrs k: You’re fine my child.


Me: I’m also very lucky mum.


Mrs k: That’s why you shouldn’t bother about anything else because God is always by your side.


She looked at her wristwatch.


Mrs k: Its late now. Ken and I will be on our way. I’ll be travelling to China tomorrow to get some supplies done but Ken and Kammy will be here for you. Once he drops me off at the airport, he’ll get you and Kammy breakfast and some change of clothes. Gospel will also be home tomorrow.


Me: Thank you madam. God bless you a lot.


Mrs k: He will. And before I come back, make sure you’re used to calling me mummy and not that madam.


I smiled and thanked her again.


Mrs k: And if I don’t come back and you’re discharged, don’t hesitate to follow them home, is that clear?


I looked on in confusion. Who are the them?(forgive that blunder)… Hope its not Chine and her mother? She read my confusion and redirected it.


Mrs k: I’m talking about my children.


Me: Oh! Thank you mum.


She stood up and approached me, gave me a peck and left the room. Kenneth did the same, promising to come early tomorrow.


Kamsi: Those people. Very wicked species of human beings. You won’t believe what they told us.


Without being told, I knew she was referring to the two villains at home.


Me: Tell me please.


Kamsi: Gospel had gone to school to look for you that Monday but you were not there so he went to your house. He asked after you and your mother told him that you went out on an errand. He called your line but it was switched off so he left.



He kept going from your school to your house every day till that Saturday when I followed him to your house. I insisted I’ll go to your room and wait for you till you return. I went to the BQ but your room was locked. That was when they told us that you had invited a guy to your room and when she found out, she was beating you and you ran away.


Me: Why will mummy say something like that ?


Kamsi: That’s not all. Chine started telling us how you flirt with every guy in the neighbourhood, how loose you were. I didn’t believe that but Gospel was already mad. We got home and he vomitted everything to mummy.


Me: Now I understand why he spoke to me like that when I called him.


Kamsi: But you don’t have to worry. I believe mummy will tell him everything tonight and if he doesn’t apologise to you, I’ll disown him.


I was forced to laugh.


Me: Kammy you need to help me cause I doubt if I can walk properly. I just remembered how I could barely walk that night.


Kamsi: Its alright. Let me help you up.


She helped me stand up on my feet and pleaded with me to close up my legs. I did and it hurt. She kept on pushing me to try. After some minutes, I started walking round the room, but I was limping.


Kamsi: At least, your legs ain’t open.


She guided me to and fro. I stood at the window and looked out into the dark night.


My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.


Kamsi: Come in.


Ted walked into the room. He was no longer with the same clothes I had seen him with so I guessed he had gone home. Like he did that evening, he was with a bag.


Kamsi: Hi.


Ted: Hi.


He dropped the bag and walked up to us.


Me: Ted, meet my best friend, Kamsi….Kamsi,



that’s the guy who had hit me and brought me here,Ted.


Ted laughed at my dry joke.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Kamsi extended her hand and he shook it.


Kamsi: Nice meeting you Ted.


Ted: Pleasure is all mine.


He turned to me immediately.


Ted: Your friend is gorgeous.


We laughed and Kamsi thanked him.


Ted: Amanda, I’m glad you’ve got someone to keep you company tonight. I went home to change my clothes and bring you dinner.


Me: That’s very kind of you Ted.


Ted: I also had plans to spend the night here but since your gorgeous friend is staying behind, I’ll have to leave now. I’ll see you tomorrow.


Me: Now that’s funny. Did you think I’ll let you suffer by spending the night here?


Ted: I….


Kamsi: Its settled now. I’m here so thank you very much


Ted: That’s what I expected to hear Miss gorgeous. I beg to leave you two now.


Me: Thanks. But, the food, don’t you think it won’t be enough for my friend and I?


Ted: Oh! Like I said before, I thought I would spend the night here so I had packed dinner for two.


Me: Okay. Thanks alot.


Kamsi: Thank you.


Ted: You’re welcome. Let me leave now.


Kamsi: I’ll walk you to your car.


Ted: That will be nice.



They both left the room while I dragged my feet to where he dropped the bag. I had faith that if I continue practising, I’ll be able to walk perfectly in some days.


Kamsi and I ate away on the plates Ted had brought. It was so delicious with the right spices, it was in a lunch box so we guessed he made it himself. Kamsi wouldn’t stop talking about how handsome Ted was and then how fluent his speech are. I knew without being told that she’s got it hot for him. She even told me they’d exchanged numbers at the car park.


After eating and putting away the lunch box, she opened the cupboard and got out bread which had crunches label and greased it with butter generously. I was even surprised at the amount of provisions Ted had brought me. Being with Kamsi, I always eat plentiful and excessively. Even now, we ate a good quantity of the bread before we showered and talked some more. Gospel had called before we slept and I refused to speak with him.


The next morning, just after Kamsi had helped me shower and put back the hospital cloak on me, Ken came in. I looked at the clock and it was some minutes past 8.


Me: Good morning.


Ken: Yes dear. Good morning.


Kamsi just waved and entered the bathroom.


Me: You’re early. Didn’t you drop mummy anymore?


Ken smiled and I realised I had taken the first step in accepting that I was now part of the Kalus’ family. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


Ken: Her flight was scheduled for 7:30. So sis, I dropped mum off before coming.


It was my turn to smile.


He handed me the minibox he was carrying and helped me open it. There were towels, clothes and some slippers.


Me: We’re not living here are we?


He laughed out loud



Ken: Now I knew you would say that. I didn’t know which of them to bring so I decided to come with as many as possible for you to choose from.


Me: Nice. But I don’t see any food with you.


He hit his forehead with his palm.


Ken: Give me twenty minutes. I’ll be right back.


Kamsi came out,changed her clothes and made tea for us while we waited for Kenneth and Ted.


Ken was the first to come back. He bought rice, meat and fried fish. We all ate and chattered away. We were busy with our meal when a knock came and the door opened. Ted walked in with the doctor and we all greeted them


Doc: Ander how are you?


Me: I’m very fine doctor


My mouth was filled.


Doc: Of course I can see that.


We all laughed and he checked my pulse.


Doc: Do you still feel pain anywhere?


Me: No. Just my thighs.


Doc: Its normal. With the injections and drugs you’re taking, it’ll disappear in a couple of days. You’re really a very strong woman.


Me: Thank you sir.


Doc: I’ll leave you all now. The nurses will come to you soon.


Me: Okay.


Everyone in the room thanked him before he left. That was when I took a closer look at Ted and realised he was carrying a bag. He noticed me staring and frowned his face.


Ted: Its wrong to stare I hope you know.


Me: I’m sorry.


Ted: Good. So you all didn’t tell me there was a food party going on.



We all laughed.


Ken: Join us then. There’s still enough in the cooler.


Kamsi: Yes. We’ll have yours later.


Ted: If you all insist.





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