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Must Read: Lonely – Episode 13

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Episode 13




The phone rang immediately and I picked it with a smile.


Gospel: Amanda if this is you, please speak up. Tell me where you are this minute. This silly game of yours has got to stop now. How can you leave home for weeks without informing anybody? Is that how you are? I thought…….


He spoke more and more, trying his best not to call me names. My smiles had turned to a sour frown as I began to think of all the bad things mummy must have said to them. It was enough that they sent people to rape me, and now,I’m being called names?


Me: I’m at the hospital. I Comforter of the afflicted. That’s where I am.



I hung up, not letting him reply. If he wished to come, fine. If he believed my mummy over me, it’s fine as well.

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I clutched the phone close to my heart,not knowing that I was crying till Ted walked into the room. He tapped my shoulders and I looked up


Ted: Don’t you think you should stop crying and thank God for your life? Do you think its everyone who gets lucky in situations like this? You should be grateful for life. You should be grateful. Wipe those annoying things let’s pray. The Almighty has being waiting for you to thank Him.


I dropped the phone on the bed and wiped my tears. How did I forget to thank God? This was unlike me. He held my hands and prayed fervently. I prayed along, telling God how grateful I am for being alive at least. I don’t know how much damage had being done to me,but I prayed that it won’t be much.


Ted: Amen.


Me: Amen.


He sat down and looked at me.


Ted: So who did you call?


The tears formed at the back of my throat and I swallowed hard. I cleared my throat and made a promise to myself that I won’t cry anymore.

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Me: A family friend.


Ted: How close are you two?


Me: Very close.


Ted: What about your parents?


I stared at him. Why was he asking me a lot of questions? What difference will it make anyways?


Me: I’m an orphan.


He paused for a moment and murmured some words.


Ted: Its a pity. What about a guardian?


Me: I think its best we shut them out of this question and answer. To me,they don’t exist.



Ted: That’s bad. Very bad. Why would you say that?


Me: If you know my story, you’ll hate them more than I do.


Ted’s phone started ringing and I handed him the phone. He spoke for some seconds before handing it to me.


Kamsi; Amanda!


Me: Kammy


Kamsi: Jesus Christ,where are you?


I found her question funny. Was it me or Jesus she was asking about our location?


Kamsi: Please speak to me


Me: Comforter of the afflicted.


Kamsi: Doing what?


Me: What does one do in a hospital? How can you even be asking me that? Anyways, whenever you want to see me, I’m here. If I’m discharged and no one is here to take me home, I’ll just hand myself over to an orphanage.


I hung up and Ted frowned at me.


Ted: What’s wrong with you? You shouldn’t talk that way.


Me: I know. I know. I was always quiet yet they did this to me. I’m going to speak up now. I’m going to spare no word while talking to any of them


Ted: No child of God does that. He’s always faithful to they, who put there trust in Him. He’s preparing you for something great my dear. He didn’t ask you to be weak neither did he ask you to be harsh. Take whatever life offers you in good faith. If you don’t mind, tell me your story.


I spared no word in telling him everything. I told him what I had always gone through, then Father’s death, Chuku’s death as well, the rules, the Kalus’ visit, the kiss, the floggings and then the rape. I barred my mind to him.


Ted: Jesus Lord!


The door swung open and there stood Kamsi, Kenneth and Mrs Kalu. Kamsi came into the room in quick steps and hugged me while Kenneth and there mum stepped in and I greeted them. A look around the room told them I was in the intensive care



unit. Ted stood up and greeted Mrs Kalu before he excused himself and left the room. The older lady sat down while Kamsi sat on the bed with me. Kenneth stood beside his mum. I saw concern in there eyes and I was glad that I had them.


Mrs K: How are you my child?


I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

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Me: I’m fine.


Mrs k: We heard you ran away from home. Where did you go?


I kept quiet.


Ken: Amanda please talk to us. Don’t hide anything from us. We’ve being worried about you. Nobody will shout at you. Just tell us okay.


Kamsi: Yes Amy, tell us.


I was surprised that the tears hasn’t started falling yet. I looked at each of them on there faces, something I never did before except with Kamsi. I think this experience really killed the timidity in me.


Without mincing words,I told them all that happened that Sunday after they left.


The room was silent for a while before Kenneth spoke up.


Ken: I knew that something was wrong. I knew those two devils were up to something. Mum, what’s stopping you from calling the police? I wonder why Gospel isn’t in town.


Did he just call his girlfriend a devil? And talking about Gospel, God knows where he had gone to.


Mrs k: Amanda my child, who was that man that was with you here?


Me: He’s the guy that hit me.


Mrs k: okay dear. You said you got conscious today?


Me: Yes mum.


Mrs k: Its alright. Gospel will be in town by tomorrow. He travelled to pH for a meeting. I don’t want you to call any other person. We’ll take care of you till you get better and I promise you,you ain’t going back to that house.



I thanked her with all my heart. We were talking about something I don’t remember when the door opened and the doctor walked in.


Doc: Oh! Good evening madam


Mrs k: Good evening doctor. How do you do?


Doctor: How do you do too. I’m elated her family members are here already. Are you her aunt?


Mrs Kalu looked at me and smiled before turning to the doctor.


Mrs k: She’s my daughter.


Doctor: Eh? Amanda…..


Mrs k: But she has not being staying with me. But from this moment, I’m not letting her out of my sight anymore.


Kamsi and Kenneth smiled and the doctor nodded.


Doctor: Okay. Please, follow me to the office. I’ll love to discuss one or two things with you.


Mrs k: No problem doc. After you then.


I watched them leave and so many thoughts came to my head. I have always seen Nigerian movies and talks like this always confirmed that the girl is pregnant. “God please help me, I don’t want to be pregnant”.


I closed my eyes and prayed silently while Kamsi held on to me.





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